Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 250 - The Novice Breeder (10)

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Chapter 250: The Novice Breeder (10)

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Ming Shu added, “By the way, I won’t take fake ones.”

Everyone’s mouths twitched.

How could they have fakes. Only those black-hearted merchants would do that, okay? They were from a serious department!

They may sometimes need blood to bait the Dark vampires out, so they carried some blood in their cars. Some of the staff quickly counted out eight bags of blood and give them to Ming Shu.

The bag package looked familiar to Ming Shu.

It was the same as that of the blood Xia Fu gave to her.

Ming Shu smiled. “Thank you.”

“You… you’re welcome, you deserve it,” the other party replied stiffly.

They had done this much with human beings, and usually after the human received the reward, they would encourage them to do more such things. But now, faced with a vampire, could they encourage her to continue to sell out more vampires?

Something seems not right!

Ming Shu put the blood bags into her schoolbag, then took back her school uniform and led Yuan Xi away.

Yuan Xi was still a little dumbfounded. She only felt that Ming Shu’s hand was very heated, but… vampires should have no temperature. Why was her hand warm?

Mi Li stood nearby, and she watched Ming Shu and Yuan Xi leave with gloomy eyes. “Stupid trash, can’t even handle this tiny issue.”

Wei Xi…

She hadn’t thought about how to deal with her, and now she came to spoil her business.

Mi Li glanced at the Dark vampires that had been caught, snorted, and turned away.

Shortly after she turned around, the few captured Dark vampires suddenly dissipated into the air as if exposed to the sun.

Everyone: “…”


What happened?

They still felt quite confused after returning to the department office.

“Head Zhou, what happened today doesn’t seem normal.”

“Right, it’s quite strange, and it’s also our first time seeing a vampire sell out her own kind. But the little girl looks very weak, how is she so powerful?”

“Vampires can’t be judged from their appearances, probably she was a few hundred years old.”

“You’re right…”

The man who was called Head Zhou was walking in the forefront, and he frowned. “I’ll go to report the news. You should first finish today’s daily report.”

“Yes, sir!”

Many people came and went in the department. Head Zhou went to the upper level, then he stopped in front of a room and knocked on the door.

Knock knock!

“Come in.”

Head Zhou pushed the door open.

The room was very large. It could be seen from the arrangement and decoration that the owner of the room was a tasteful person. Every item seemed to have been carefully designed.

Behind the office desk sat a middle-aged man with gray hair.

Right, a middle-aged man with gray hair.

He was the minister of the department: Xia Yin.

“What’s the matter?”

“Minister, we encountered something a little strange in today’s mission.” Head Zhou reported everything to Xia Yin.

Xia Yin tapped the desk with his index finger, and his low voice echoed throughout the room. “Students of the Rose School?”

Head Zhou nodded.

They were in Rose School uniforms.

“Okay, I understand. Carry on with your own business now.”

Head Zhou opened his mouth, yet he didn’t know what to say, so finally he just left the room.

Head Zhou returned to the downstairs office and listened to a group of people discussing.

“How is Chief Head Xia here today, and staying for a whole day? This is a miracle.”

“I finally see Chief Head Xia, and I’m so happy today.”

“But why did Chief Head Xia come back?”

“I heard that he was going to carry out the practice of the fifth realm, so he should be starting to prepare?”

“The fifth realm? Chief Head Xia is so powerful, I heard that he’s the descendant with the best talent in the Xia family these past hundreds of years…”

Head Zhou felt a little remote.

The Xia family were vampire hunters and they had ancient, secret skills. The rumors said that the highest level of vampire hunter was the ninth realm.

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Xia Fu was still very young, and he was going to break through the fifth realm…

Head Zhou: “…”

What is this girl thinking!

“Chief Head Xia had me deliver things to you.” Head Zhou pointed to the box.

The opposite girl was a little confused. “Who?”

“Chief Head Xia,” Head Zhou said again, but then he changed the t.i.tle. “Xia Fu.”

“Oh.” Ming Shu looked at the box in his hand and took it casually. “Where is he?”

“This…” Head Zhou didn’t dare to answer this, and could only say, “Chief Head Xia has something to do.”

“Well, thank him for me.” Ming Shu held the box and retreated into the apartment, then slammed the door closed.

Head Zhou: “…”


It was his first time seeing such an arrogant person… no, arrogant vampire , with such a tender, smiling face.

The box was full of rations. Ming Shu counted them, and according to the number he gave her daily before, this was enough for about a week.

Ming Shu squatted down and meditated for a moment, then moved the box into her bedroom.

Knock knock!

Someone was at the door again.

Ming Shu wore a standard smile and went to open the door.


Yun Ce’s handsome, roguish face suddenly appeared before her.

Ming Shu blocked the entrance and smiled. “What can I do for you?”

This man came to me in the middle of the night, he must be planning evil things. I must protect my rations.

“Just now I saw someone standing at your door, who looked like he was from the Vampire Supervision Department, are you okay?” Yun Ce looked into the room, taking advantage of his height. Ming Shu didn’t know what he was trying to look for.

“Of course I’m okay. If you hadn’t come to bother me, I’d be even better.”

“Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, this is hurtful. As your cla.s.smate, I saw a stranger at your door and I wanted to check in on you, am I in the wrong?”

“You should worry about your red hair.”

“…” What’s wrong with my red hair!

Was it his fault he had red hair?

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