Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 247 - The Novice Breeder (7)

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Chapter 247: The Novice Breeder (7)

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“Xia Fu, don’t think you can hide the truth.”

Mi Li didn’t fight with Xia Fu. She only said something inexplicable and then left the cla.s.sroom.

Ming Shu immediately followed her out. Xia Fu didn’t stop her and just looked at her, then he met Yun Ce’s gaze. The two silently looked at each other for ten seconds and then moved away at the same time.

Ming Shu decided to give a beating to Mi Li. They should first lay the foundation of their relationship, which might make it easier to gain Hatred Points later.

Mi Li left the school directly, followed by Ming Shu. When she pa.s.sed an alley, Ming Shu swiftly covered her head with a bag and gave her a fierce beating.

The bag was just for convenience. After she finished, Ming Shu removed it from Mi Li.

“You…” After seeing the person who beat her, Mi Li glared at Ming Shu with her beautiful eyes and showed a very angry expression. “Why did you beat me, are you crazy?”

She actually followed her.

And beat her!

Before, Yuan Xi, that b.i.t.c.h, was laughing and talking with her.

In her previous life, she was killed because of Yuan Xi. In this life, she would absolutely make Yuan Xi pay the price.

“No, I’m just giving you a present in return for your welcome on behalf of the vampires in Cla.s.s 7.” Ming Shu smiled. “Do you like it?”

Mi Li suddenly understood the sentence Ming Shu said before—” I hope you don’t want to kill me in the future.”

She wanted to kill her right now.

Of course, Mi Li didn’t even touch a finger on Ming Shu in the end. She was restrained with the bag and wasn’t rescued until several hours later.

Mi Li got in a black Bentley with a dark face.

The man in the car had a strong aura, and the back of Mi Li’s neck was pinched as soon as she got in. Mi Li knew that it was his habit, and she didn’t resist; instead, she leaned against the man obediently.

“What’s going on?” The man’s voice was low.

Mi Li rubbed her painful arms and said quietly, “There’s an advanced student who joined the cla.s.s today. I felt she was very strange, so I wanted to test her. Who knew she would follow me and beat me.”

Then he asked, “What is strange about her?”

Mi Li thought for a moment. “I don’t know, she’s just very strange, like… like she comes from the same source as me.”

Right, the same source.

The man kept silent for a while. “What is her name?”

“Wei Xi.”

Mi Li clearly felt that after hearing the name, a huge pressure swelled inside the car, leaving her breathless.

She grabbed the man’s clothes and shivered.

Even if she had stayed with him for some time, Mi Li couldn’t figure out the man’s temperament.

“Kill her.”

Mi Li stood in the noisy street, and her body was still cold. There was the last two words that the man said to her.

She didn’t know if she’d made him angry.

Or… if it was the name Wei Xi.

Ming Shu didn’t go back to the cla.s.sroom. She wandered around outside and especially chose the lonely alleys that ordinary people didn’t dare to use.

“Boss, look over there…”

“It’s a vampire.”

“Vampires might also work, she looks very weak.”

“Boss, I’m a little scared, it’s our first time.”

The vampire man who was called Boss nervously swallowed, then slapped the one who was talking before. “What are you scared of? No one is here, do you want to eat or not? This little loli looks well-behaved, even though she is a vampire, she might be sold for a good price, in order to have enough food. Let’s do it!”

The vampires looked at each other for a while, then they decided to fight!

They carefully approached Ming Shu.

Ming Shu revealed a smile and suddenly turned around, and her eyes fell exactly where they were hiding.

Then a crisp voice immediately sounded in the alley. “Hey, you, do you want to be CEOs, marry beautiful, rich, and fair ladies, and reach the peak of your life?”

The vampires froze.

Had they run into a con artist?

If there was such a good opportunity for them, did they need to spend all day waiting here to do this?

“Don’t listen, catch her.”

The several vampires rushed out simultaneously.

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Then t strange screams came out from the alley.

Ming Shu smiled. “Take you to dinner.”

Ming Shu thought for a while again and added, “Those bad rich kinds, we’ll go kill them for the public good.”

The errand boys: “…” Our boss’s smile is so creepy.

Then the poor, unacknowledged Queen, Her Majesty, together with her errand boys, managed to rob a blackhearted vampire.

The errand boys were very worried that the blackhearted vampire would come for revenge later. But Ming Shu didn’t seem to feel anything, unless she thought the blackhearted vampire had delicious rations.

The diluted rations were really unsavory.

After successfully feeding her errand boys and letting them go home first, Ming Shu came back to her house.

“Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, you came back so late?” A roguish voice rang from the end of the corridor.

Ming Shu looked up and saw Yun Ce leaned against the door frame, looking at her with a vague smile. The door next to him was open, and apparently he was the owner of the s.p.a.ce.

Ming Shu: “…”

Didn’t they say a house was difficult to find?

“Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, do you want to join me for dinner?” Yun Ce invited.


Food for human or vampire?

Wait, I won’t be easily bought!

“No.” Ming Shu took out the key to open the door.

Before Yun Ce could continue, his expression changed and he looked in the direction of the stairs.

Xia Fu had returned.

Yun Ce’s eyes became complicated, filled with depression and bitterness… as well as some other unfathomable emotions.

Ming Shu: “…” Did Yun Ce fall in love with Xia Fu secretly?

Xia Fu walked up the stairs with a bag and her schoolbag unhurriedly. He walked through the corridor interlaced with lights and shadows, then stood in front of Ming Shu and handed the bag over. “Dinner.”

Ming Shu choked.

Is my rescuer going to raise me?

“Thank you.”

Yun Ce watched Ming Shu take Xia Fu’s bag, and his eyes darkened. He turned into the house, smashing the door closed.

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