Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 245 - The Novice Breeder (5)

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Chapter 245: The Novice Breeder (5)

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“Yuan Xi you are late again!” The homeroom teacher pushed up his unhappily. “How many times has it been this month?”

Yuan Xi muttered, “I’m not a vampire, I can’t teleport.”

“What are you saying!”

“Nothing, Teacher.” Yuan Xi stood straight and her voice was loud. “The school bell hasn’t rung yet. I am not considered late.”

The homeroom teacher was speechless. “Come in.”

Yuan Xi sat in front of Ming Shu. The moment she came over, Ming Shu had the urge the bite her. There was an attractive smell on her.

Ming Shu swallowed.

Yuan Xi might have noticed Ming Shu’s gaze. She turned around and smiled at her and whispered, “Are you a new student?”

“Quiet!” The homeroom teacher slammed the podium. Yuan Xi put her finger on her lips and turned back.

Ming Shu stared at Yuan Xi’s neck.

This is the female protagonist!

No wonder so many people want to bite her. She wanted to bite her, too. This was a moving piece of delicious cake.

Ming Shu was deep in thought when her wrist was suddenly grabbed by someone. It was cold.

Xia Fu was in the same position as before. He just stretched out a hand and held her wrist. After that, he slowly held onto her palm.

Ming Shu: “…” I didn’t plan to bite her. Let me go!

Ming Shu pulled her hand away. Xia Fu didn’t continue pursuing her hand and just knocked on the back of it. He warned her against any thoughts of sucking blood from a human.

“There are two new students with us today,” The homeroom teacher looked at Ming Shu. “One of them is with us already. Let’s invite her to introduce herself.”

Ming Shu went up to the podium. The atmosphere below was very sinister. She ignored it and smiled. “Wei Xi, vampire.”

The golden-haired girl, who was the fake female protagonist, was staring at Ming Shu with a weird expression. No one knew what she was thinking.

The homeroom teacher didn’t feel that the introduction was awkward at all. He continued, “Wei Xi jumped grades from seventh grade. If she can’t keep up with the curriculum, please help her. Okay, you can get down now.”

Ming Shu had just returned to her seat when a guy reported at the door.

He was in casual clothes and had one of his hands in his pocket. His facial features were refined and he looked a bit flirtatious. His flirtatious eyes had a hint of playfulness in them.

His red hair was like a huge flame. Such a tacky color, but with his handsome face, it became beautiful.

Everyone took a deep breath.

Then, the girls started screaming.

“So handsome!”

“OMG, this is the transfer student they were talking about a few days ago, right? Ahhhhh, he is so handsome. I’m going to suffocate soon.”

The homeroom teacher waved his hand. “Come in. Everyone keeps quiet. This is our second student. Please introduce yourself.”

The guy whistled and gave a flirty look. “h.e.l.lo ,everyone, I am Yun Ce. I just came back from overseas and hope to have a good time with all of you here.”

The girls started screaming again. You could also hear jealous tones from some of the guys. All in all, it was more lively as compared to when Ming Shu was up on the podium.

“Find a seat.” The homeroom teacher rubbed his brow. Seriously.

“Yun Ce, sit beside me.”

“Here, here.”

Yun Ce moved his gaze away from the excited crowd and looked at the seat beside Ming Shu. He walked confidently to the seat and said, “Can you please give up your seat?”

This was directed at Xia Fu.

Xia Fu had no reaction.

The entire cla.s.sroom turned quiet.

Ming Shu stood up. “You can sit here.”

I am afraid that I will pounce on the female protagonist one day if I continue sitting here.

I should sit further away.

Yun Ce raised his eyebrows. He didn’t accept Ming Shu’s kindness and blinked at her. “I am talking to this student. I like window seats.”

The homeroom teacher couldn’t help it. “Yun Ce…”

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Yun Ce still looked playful, but his tone held a hint of firmness. “Teacher, you told me to choose a seat. I have chosen my seat. I want to sit here.”

Everyone: “…”

OMG, this little new girl is so violent.

Some people were shouting and asking Ming Shu to stop hitting their handsome G.o.d.


“Teacher, hurry up and stop her!”

“Who are you? Why are you hitting people? You guys, go stop her!”

The cla.s.sroom turned into a mess. The homeroom teacher just looked on without any intention of stopping Ming Shu. In the end, it was Xia Fu who pulled Ming Shu away.

Ming Shu stopped and stepped on Yun Ce. Her smile was vicious. “Return me my food.”

There was still the smell of blood in the air. He guessed what food she was talking about.

Yun Ce wiped his face. “Isn’t it just a bit of blood? How much do you want? Let me get up first.”

Ming Shu was never kind to anyone who wasted her food. She didn’t give in. “Return it to me now.”

Yun Ce: “…”

Okay, okay. I will return it to you, okay?

He just had to meet a lunatic the minute he arrived.

Yun Ce searched for his phone and called someone. Very soon, someone sent the blood over.

“Are you satisfied?” Yun Ce pushed Ming Shu’s leg away and picked himself up from the floor. He patted the invisible dust off his clothes. “Take it as I am unlucky today. I shall not argue with you.”

Ming Shu immediately became gentle as though the person just now wasn’t her at all.

Everyone: “…” This speed of changing face is 6666.

Yun Ce stared at Ming Shu again. He didn’t want Xia Fu’s seat anymore. He turned around and got the seat beside Ming Shu, sitting down like a boss.

This episode ended with all the girls scolding Ming Shu out of “love.”

Xia Fu and Ming Shu’s tables were broken. Some student offered to carry the new tables in. Ming Shu stuffed the blood that Yun Ce gave her into her bag.

Xia Fu glanced at Yun Ce. He seemed to know him, yet didn’t. Yun Ce looked at Xia Fu provokingly before taking out a book and starting to read.

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