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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 243 - The Novice Breeder (3)

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Chapter 243: The Novice Breeder (3)

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He watched as Ming Shu sat down; she didn’t seem to want to bother with him. He slowly walked back to his own seat.

More and more students started coming in. There were both humans and vampires.

Besides those special ones, normal vampires and humans were still very obedient and got along quite well.

However, when five a.s.shole-looking vampires came in, the entire cla.s.sroom turned silent. It was eerie.

They were afraid of these vampires.


Ming Shu’s table was shaken. She looked up and stared at the vampire, who was wearing

“Have you forgotten what I said to you this afternoon?” The vampire in kicked Ming Shu’s table. “Where is the thing?”

Ming Shu recalled that this bunch of people was collecting protection fees from the Host. The protection fee for vampires was, of course, blood.

The Host didn’t even have enough blood for herself. How would she have extra to give them?


The vampire in kicked the table again and it fell to the floor.

“I’m talking to you! Are you deaf?”

Ming Shu got up and smiled. She lifted her legs and kicked toward him. The vampire didn’t expect Ming Shu to retaliate and wasn’t prepared for it. He took the full brunt of Ming Shu’s attack.

The vampire in crouched in pain. Ming Shu took the opportunity and grabbed his elbow, throwing him over her shoulder.

She stepped on the vampire, who hadn’t had the time to react, and looked down on him, smiling. “You want some blood? I can give you some right now!”

The cla.s.sroom was silent. Only her voice echoed throughout the room.

The vampire in got knocked onto the floor in a matter of seconds. His sidekicks behind him were stunned.

“What are you all standing there for? Get her off me!” the vampire in sungla.s.s shouted at them.

The rest of the vampires rushed over and wanted to drag Ming Shu away.

Ming Shu grabbed a book and threw it at the vampire’s head.

It seemed a spell had been casted on the book. It was really hard when it struck their head.

The sidekicks were subdued just like their leader.

Everyone was in a daze.

What was happening just now?

Was this the same cold cla.s.smate that was always being bullied? What was her name again?

Everyone looked at each other. No one remembered her name.


The book spun twice in the air and hit the face of the vampire on the floor. The vampire howled in pain.

“Still want some?” Ming Shu bent down and smiled at the vampire in

The vampire was a bit stunned from the beating. He looked at Ming Shu’s face and felt a cold shudder in his heart.

He shook his head quickly. “No, I don’t.”

Ming Shu bent forward and found some palm-sized bags in his pocket. They had the Rose School’s crest on them; this should be the food distributed by the school.

Ming Shu took it blatantly and searched the other vampires too. After confirming that there was none left, she carried the food to the side. “Put the table back.”

The vampire in was very upset as he picked himself up and put the table back in its original position.

Then, they supported each other and left the cla.s.sroom. When they reached the door, the vampire in shouted, “You just wait!”

Ming Shu looked at him and smiled. She bit the blood bag.

The vampire in shivered and left the cla.s.sroom messily.

Ming Shu sucked… This blood wasn’t as good as the one Xia Fu gave her.

The food given by the school was all artificial blood. Or rather, all the food given to vampires was artificial blood. The treaty didn’t allow vampires to drink human blood. It was against the law.

Vampires could only get artificial blood if they worked and earned money; for students, they had to study well. If they don’t make any mistakes, they would be able to get food every day and not go hungry.

After a few hundred years, the vampires’ and humans’ curriculums became the same. Five years to University Entrance Exam and three years to a simulation exam.

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Everyone was equal in an exam.

“Junior year.”

The homeroom teacher thought for a while and still couldn’t remember her name. He coughed. “You are in seventh grade now and want to jump to junior? Are you sure?”


The homeroom teacher was speechless. “Wait a while, I don’t have the junior’s exam script.”

The homeroom teacher called to ask for the script. He looked at Ming Shu with a weird kind of concern, as though he knew that she wouldn’t be able to pa.s.s.

Ming Shu didn’t have any place to stay in the school. She normally walked around the area and waited for school to start in the morning.

However, Ming Shu didn’t want to live this kind of life. She needed to find a place to stay.

She hefted her bag and walked out of the school. She saw Xia Fu standing at the gate with his backpack slung over one of his shoulders. He was carrying a black bag and looking at the pa.s.sing students indifferently.

The sun at dusk shone warm lights on him. His handsome features looked as though they were carved meticulously.

The school uniform looked as if it was personally made for him.

Quite a few students looked at him but no one dared to approach him. They walked around him and turned to look back.

This wasn’t love, it was fear.

When Ming Shu walked out, Xia Fu moved and walked toward her. “Let’s go back.”

Ming Shu took a while to understand what he was trying to say.

Ming Shu instinctively touched the food in her pocket. “Xia Fu, thank you for saving my life. I will repay you when I have the chance. However, we don’t have any relationship now.”

The one you saved wasn’t me!

However, the blood that he gave her was really delicious. I would repay you for that.

Xia Fu stared and her and didn’t say anything.

Ming Shu: “…” What is the meaning of this?

I’m not coming with you!


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