Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 240 - Gathering for Cultivation (Complete)

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Chapter 240: Gathering for Cultivation (Complete)

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The news about Yun Yao’s bracelet spread and she was chased immediately after she left the Yin Sect.

“Little girl, stop retaliating. Give the item to us and we will treat you nicely.”

“If you serve us well, you might be able to have a good life in the future.”

“Hahahaha, don’t run away…”

Yun Yao eyes were filled with hatred as she tried hard to run away. She was not going to give up her bracelet. It was hers.

She needed to live.

She needed to get revenge.


Yun Yao b.u.mped into something very cold and stepped back.

She looked up and saw a man in black. His face was very handsome and he was smiling down on her.

“Who are you!”

The people who were chasing Yun Yao caught up with her. They saw that she was stopped by someone and thought that the person wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the item. They shouted at the person instantly.

The man waved his sleeve effortlessly. Those people immediately grabbed their throats and struggled a while before falling to the ground.

The man bent down and stared into the eyes of the frightened Yun Yao. “Little girl, it’s time to return my things to me.”

Yun Yao’s eyes widened. She remembered this voice.

Although the tone was different, the voice was the same.

It was the evil clansman, the Black Coal, that was in the cave.

“I didn’t take anything from you. The blue-sea stone is with Xuan Ji!” Yun Yao’s voice quivered.

“I mean…” The man’s finger touched her forehead. A string of black smoke seeped out and entered the man’s body. “The thing that belongs to me.”

Yun Yao felt something disappearing in her body. Her power and life…


Yun Yao tried to struggle, but she couldn’t move. The bracelet started to get warm. She looked down at it in fear. Kacha— the bracelet broke and fell to the ground.

Why… why is it like this?

“I heard that you bullied Xuan Ji?” The man continued smiling. “Take it as me repaying her. Little girl, have a nice dream.”

Yun Yao’s life slowly disappeared. Her breath was taken away and she breathed with difficulty.




The man looked at the corpse and then stared at the Yin Sect.

“Devil King.”

A few devils suddenly appeared.

The man put his hands behind his back and walked in the opposite direction of the Yin Sect. “Back to the devil world.”

“Devil King, our plan…”

“Give her some face.” The man smiled. “I have waited for a few hundred years. I don’t mind waiting a bit more.”

Ming Shu and Yan Yin became a couple. The sect leader and peak masters were against it while the other disciples were green with envy.

Ming Shu, who created a miracle by becoming a peak master, was now a couple with Yan Yin of Lihun Peak.

This was not a case of climbing up in status.

This was a case of shooting up in rank.

The only thing was that she was not very powerful. She hadn’t even built her foundation.

The sect leader talked to Ming Shu about this issue for a long time. Even Lin Jin had built his foundation. The sect leader was really angry.

Yan Yin didn’t really care. She was very powerful without any foundation.

Especially when she talked back at him.

Yan Yin hurriedly ran into Ming Shu’s room. “Junior Sister, have you seen my elixirs furnace? I left it in the main hall yesterday.”

Ming Shu laid on the table. When she heard the voice, she supported her head with her chin on the table. “I moved it outside.”

Yan Yin: “…” He had a bad feeling.

True to his feelings, he saw that the furnace was filled with ashes. He didn’t know what she did with it.

Yan Yin was calm.

Very good.

Now there was a reason to not make elixirs anymore.

The sect leader on Wuying Peak: “…” Are you all kidding me?

Yan Yin and Ming Shu were a formal couple now. They needed to live in the same room, but Yan Yin was a bit worried.

Ming Shu allowed him to hug and occasionally kiss her, but there was no further progress.

Ming Shu carried a fruit that looked like a watermelon in and saw Yan Yin leaning by the bed, looking at her affectionately. He was wearing very little clothes.

She could vaguely see his chest. It was somewhat alluring.

She raised her eyebrows slightly and smiled. “Are you not cold?”

It was snowing outside.

Yan Yin’s mouth twitched. F**k I am already dressed like this and she doesn’t have any reaction at all!

He pulled his clothes back on and climbed onto the other side of the bed.

Ming Shu didn’t eat the fruit. She put it away nicely and climbed onto the bed, too.

Yan Yin used to hug her to sleep every night. She lost her big-sized bolster. Ming Shu poked Yan Yin.

Yan Yin turned around and hugged Ming Shu. He was very obedient and did nothing.

After a while, he started becoming disobedient.

“Don’t play around.”

Yan Yin didn’t reply to Ming Shu and struck: “Junior Sister, I feel that I have to play my role as a partner.”

Without waiting for Ming Shu’s reply, Yan Yin kissed her.

Yan Yin’s action was overbearing and had a hint of fierceness. Ming Shu didn’t like this feeling. She struggled a while, but couldn’t escape. She decided not to move anymore. “Do you think that you can be reckless in front of me now?”

Yan Yin’s body went stiff.

The room turned silent. There were only the sounds of falling snow outside the window.

Yan Yin got off her and hugged her. He said in a low voice, “Sorry, I will not do it again.”

“I hope that you will ask for my opinion and not just do what you like.” Ming Shu’s voice was calm. “I believe that this kind of thing can only be done between two people that love each other. If you don’t mind, I have nothing to say. We are a couple and I don’t hate you. It is not unusual to do something intimate. However, I am unable to like you more as of now.”

Yan Yin kissed Ming Shu’s forehead. “We will do it when you like me.”

Ming Shu didn’t reply. She leaned against his chest and listened to his heartbeat. After a long time, she closed her eyes. She placed her arm on his waist and went to sleep in a comfortable position.

Yan Yin, you don’t love me much at all.

After this episode, Yan Yin never had other thoughts again and continued to live happily with Ming Shu.

Ming Shu’s batch of disciples went from forming foundation to Golden Cores… and rose up all the way. Only Ming Shu didn’t have any foundation. However, Lingjian Peak became the favorite venue for cultivation.

Yan Yin was against this, but he didn’t dare to stop Ming Shu from taking bribes. He could only close one eye.

“Junior Sister, today is Zi Luo’s Dan Achievement Ceremony. Are you going…” Yan Yin opened the door and realized that there was no one inside.

He felt a bit strange. She should be in her room at this time.

“Master Yan Yin.”

Yan Yin turned back and saw Lin Jin not far away,

Lin Jin was an elite disciple now and was more mature than before.

“What is the matter?” Yan Yin asked.

“Master is waiting for you at the back of the mountain.” Lin Jin’s expression was not good. He looked as though he was hiding something.

Yan Yin’s heart felt heavy and he ran out of the door without any hesitation.

The entire sect was engulfed in a happy atmosphere due to Zi Luo’s Dan Achievement Ceremony.

However, Yan Yin found it offensive to his eyes.

Ming Shu sat lazily on a flat stone at the back of the mountain. She smiled slightly when Yan Yin appeared beside her.

“Yan Yin.”

Yan Yin took a deep breath and walked to her. “Why are you here? And you still mad Lin Jin… notify me.”

Although he knew that she and Lin Jin had nothing going on, he still felt uncomfortable.

Ming Shu leaned against him. “I said goodbye to Lin Jin and left the last moment for you. Are you touched?”

He felt that she was a bit weird lately, but she didn’t say anything and he decided not to ask.

“Touched for what? Your time is mine.” Yan Yin grabbed Ming Shu’s hand and held it tightly.

Ming Shu suddenly pushed him onto the stone and took the mask off. Yan Yin’s face was revealed.

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Yan Yin looked down. He didn’t look at her.

This was the information that the Qing Sword gave her.

The sect leader heard what Zi Luo said and made some prediction. His face changed.

“Yes.” Jun Qing didn’t have much of a reaction. He rubbed Zi Luo’s head and said in a cold voice, “This is the destiny of someone who shouldn’t have appeared here.”

As everyone was gathering and watching the unusual happenings on Lingjian Peak, Yan Yin walked over, carrying someone.

“Junior Brother…”


He didn’t see any of them and went straight up Lingjian Peak.

The minute he went up, the Taiyan Sword let out a loud sound.

Lingjian Peak had closed once again.

The sect leader sighed.

This was the shortest life for a Taiyan Sword owner.

When would Lingjian Peak be opened again?

Yan Yin didn’t do anything there. He stayed on Lingjian Peak everyday and accompanied the corpse that wouldn’t decay due to elixirs. He was like the walking dead.

Ming Shu asked the Harmony System to fast forward. The image suddenly changed to the moment when the evil clan attacked Lingjian Peak.

Zi Luo was injured and Jun Qing was holding a boundary with some other people. The evil clan had gained the upper hand.

Among the evil clansmen, the man in black stood at the front and pointed his sword at Lingjian Peak.

Just as the evil clan was about to destroy Lingjian Peak, a blue figure appeared at the bottom of the mountain. The silver mask was still shining brightly and the figure stared silently at the man in black.

“You can attack anywhere but here.”

The man in black sized Yan Yin up. “She is on the mountain?”


The man in black smiled. “I will give some face to my rescuer.”

He waved his hand and the evil clan retreated.

The man in black looked in Jun Qing’s direction. “Jun Qing, we should settle our feud. Three days from now, we will have a fair battle…”

Yan Yin didn’t continue to listen to him and returned to Lingjian Peak.

On the day of the final battle, the whole world seemed to have collapsed.

All that was left was darkness.

In a room built from metal, all kinds of equipment started making loud sounds.

A youth in a transparent capsule opened his eyes. There seemed to be a storm in the depths of his eyes and it made people scared of him.

He hurriedly opened the door of the capsule and walked out.

The white metal door opened and a few workers entered. “Lord Nine, you…”

The youth lowered his head. “I am fine.”

The workers looked at the numbers which had returned to normal and then looked at the pieces of equipment that stopped beeping. One of them said, “Lord Nine, your emotions fluctuate a lot. You need to go to the psychological therapy room.”

“Yes.” The youth nodded. “I know.”

He looked down and walked out. Once he left, the workers inspected the machines.

“Hmm, Lord Nine completed half of his mission…”

Everyone crowded around. The progress of the mission bar was at 50%.

Lord Nine’s failure rate was as high as 90%. Most of the failed missions did not reach 50% at all.

The workers looked at each other and whispered, “There is something wrong with Lord Nine. We need to report it to the chief.”

“I feel that there is something wrong with him too.”

“No… Lord Nine destroyed the world again.” One of the workers pointed to a gray pointer on the screen.

Everyone: “…”

They stared at each other again and decided to tell on Lord Nine.

Lord Nine’s destructive ability was too scary.

Even if you couldn’t finish the mission, you didn’t have to destroy the world! The repair department will come and look for us again later!

The youth walked through a metal pa.s.sageway and opened one of the doors. He locked himself up in the room.

His memory was cleared when he woke up. However, he had tried to keep some of the memories this time.

This was very strange.

Something had happened during this mission.

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