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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 238 - Gathering for Cultivation (38)

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Chapter 238: Gathering for Cultivation (38)

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Yan Yin would be tortured like this every night. Soaking in cold water was almost like killing him.

Ming Shu would grab his food whenever unhappy.

He had never seen a patient being abused like this before.

… Although, he was not hungry.

He still also needed to supplement the spiritual power.

Fortunately, he could stay sober in the water after a few days. However, Ming Shu only cultivated with him in the first few days, then she stopped afterward. Even when he couldn’t manage it on his own, she just came in and hugged him.

Ming Shu leaned on the tub and looked at the wound on Yan Yin’s back. “The devil’s aura has almost been cleared out, but you need to stick to this everyday, so that the devil’s aura in your body can be entirely removed.”

Yan Yin turned back. “Junior Sister, you really won’t consider being with me?”

Ming Shu put a coat on him and said lightly, “The method of dual cultivation, do you know anything about it?”

“Isn’t it the mutual improvement of cultivation level?”

Ming Shu smiled mockingly and turned away.

Yan Yin felt that Ming Shu’s expression was a little bit strange. He watched Ming Shu leave, and all kinds of thoughts flashed in his mind.

Yan Yin soaked in the water for a designated time, then he immediately put on clothes and went to look for Ming Shu.

But he didn’t find her around the entire Lingjian Peak; instead, he met Lin Jin who came to deliver things.

“Master went to catch the spirit deer,” Lin Jin could only answer in a low voice as he was stopped. “The master seems to be eating more than before, and she looks tired everyday…”

Yan Yin frowned slightly. She is very tired?

She looks quite energetic every day when she argues with me.

Yan Yin didn’t go to find Ming Shu then, but went to the Wuying Peak’s Library Pavilion. His aggressive look scared the disciples of the Library Pavilion a lot.

“Master, what are you looking for? Perhaps I can help you?”

“Master, please don’t mess around, it’s very troublesome to tidy up…”

“Master, you can’t move that…”

After Yan Yin turned the Library Pavilion into a mess, he stepped on the scattered books and walked to the disciple, who was almost crying. “Are all the books of the Yin Sect here?”

The disciple shed tears silently in his heart. “Yes, Master.”

When could he tidy all this mess!

“Oh, right, there are also some books with the sect leader.” The disciple felt that the pressure around him was getting more and more terrible, so he quickly added this.

The sect leader wondered why Yan Yin suddenly wanted to read books, but he still let him go to where he kept books.

“The investigation on the evil clan’s business has been almost done. Baihu Sect found that the evil clan wanted to use the Xuan family to break the boundaries between the devil world and the human world, so they slaughtered the Xuan family without authorization, but this is just a high-sounding excuse.”

“Baihu Sect has always had a grudge against the Xuan family. The hatred worsened in this generation, so when Baihu Sect found this opportunity, they went out of their way to kill the Xuan family and take the resources.”

“I didn’t expect that someone in our Yin Sect would collude with Baihu Sect… alas, for so many years, those senior and junior brothers, I actually can’t understand them now. This investigation has caught many disciples in the Yin Sect… We will prepare to notify other sects.”

The sect leader told Yan Yin about all that had happened recently.

“Junior Brother, recently Lingjian Peak is closed again. I heard that you were in Lingjian Mountain, how is Xuan Ji doing?”

“She is the blood descendant of the Xuan family, and she may need to be present when…”

“Junior Brother, are you listening?”

Yan Yin was concentrating on a book, not listening to the sect leader at all.

The sect leader picked up the name of the book at a glance and couldn’t help the twitch at his mouth. “Junior Brother, why are you reading this book? Who do you want to tie with to become a Taoist couple?”

His junior brother was extremely lazy, now suddenly he was interested in the method of dual cultivation?

Yan Yin closed the book, and his fingertips tapped on his mask a few times, then slipped onto its lips. “Senior Brother, if she agrees, I don’t mind becoming a Taoist couple with her.”

“Who?” The sect leader was curious. He really wanted to tie with someone and become a Taoist couple? I didn’t hear about who he is close to recently.

Yan Yin took the book and went out. His voice carried over after a while. “That one on Lingjian Peak.”

The sect leader was shocked and almost lost his balance.

How did the two little ancestors get together?

Yan Yin delayed in Wuying Mountain for nearly a day. When he went back to Lingjian Peak, the twilight was heavy and the sky was burning with sunset’s glow.

Ming Shu ate roast meat outside the main hall, and Little Beastie squatted next to her, holding a bunch of bones and staring at Ming Shu with piteous eyes.

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But seeing Yan Yin come over, Little Beastie immediately raised all its hairs and looked like a fierce tiger.

Keep calm, I can win this.

Yan Yin entered the room; the cold water was already waiting for him. Ming Shu sat beside the tube and began to eat again, while Little Beastie was nowhere to be seen.

He walked toward the tub while undressing.

The clothes fell to the ground one by one, and when he approached the tub, there was no extra fabric on his body. He even raised his hand and took the mask off.


Yan Yin stepped into the cold water. Even if he had been used to this temperature, suddenly soaking in still felt chilly.

Ming Shu clapped her hands and came over there, holding a bowl of water.

“Drink this.”

Yan Yin looked up at Ming Shu. “What’s this?”


Yan Yin took the bowl and his finger deliberately touched the back of Ming Shu’s hand. “As long as it’s given by you, I’ll drink the poison.”

Ming Shu didn’t change her expression at all, only signaling him to drink.

Yan Yin: “…”

The mission target always ignores me.

Is my charm so terrible?

Can’t you give me a shy expression?

It was indeed a bowl of water, but was suffused rich Qi , which was obviously different from ordinary water.

He finished drinking in one breath and felt like he had ice cubes inside his whole body.

Yan Yin’s lips were slightly open, and he was breathing a little heavily. Then a darkness suddenly blocked his vision and his mouth was touched by another’s lips.


Yan Yin widened his eyes to look at the person in front of him. Ming Shu also opened her eyes slightly, and there seemed to be a smile within them, yet there seemed not to be one…

Yan Yin forgot to breathe.

A warm breath slid down his throat, then he felt his entirely cold body suddenly begin to warm up.

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