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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 236 - Gathering for Cultivation (36)

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Chapter 236: Gathering for Cultivation (36)

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Yun Yao came back a mess. Hearing that Ming Shu had returned, her expression changed a bit.

As soon as she entered the sect, disciples from Wuying Peak blocked her way and took her to see the sect leader at Wuying Peak.

In the hall, Yan Yin was sitting at a lower position, holding his chin to look at something. But his eyes were empty, not focusing on anything at all.

The peak masters of Jinlan Peak and Xingxiang Peak were also present, but she didn’t see her own master.

Yun Yao calmed her mind and went forward to salute. “Sect Master… Uncle Masters.”

The sect leader nodded with a serious look. “Report your situation, why didn’t the rest of the disciples come back with you?”

Yun Yao was surprised. “Other Senior and Junior Brothers haven’t come back? I… I don’t know, we got separated.”


Yun Yao averted her eyes and didn’t dare to look at Yun Yin. She struggled in her heart and didn’t answer the question until quite a while later. “We were attacked by the evil clan, and Uncle Master Xuan Ji left me in their encirclement…”

“Ha.” Yan Yin chuckled.

Yun Yao immediately shut up. She didn’t know whether Yan Yin knew that she pushed him out back then. But she was sure he knew that she told those Senior and Junior Brothers to leave.

The sect leader glanced at Yan Yin, then said to Yun Yao again, “Then what?”

Yun Yao had to bite the bullet. “I finally broke out of the encirclement and escaped.”

The sect leader squinted his eyes. “Is that true? Why did I hear that it was you who led the other disciples to flee and left Junior Sister Xuan Ji and Junior Brother Yan Yin in the encirclement?”

Yun Yao shook her head quickly. “No, no, I didn’t.”

“Yun Yao, what’s the relationship between you and Baihu Sect?” The Jinlan peak master couldn’t help but raise his voice and question.

Yun Yao was confused. “No relationship… I don’t know anyone of the Baihu Sect.”

The expression on her face didn’t seem like she was pretending.

“If you don’t know anyone, why did you send information to Baihu Sect secretly?” the Jinlan peak master continued in a cold and angry tone.

Send information? What information… Yun Yao was totally dumbfounded, and she could only shake her head. “I didn’t send any information, Uncle Master, what are you talking about? What’s wrong with Baihu Sect?”

The Jinlan peak master threw out something from his hand, which bounced about on the ground with crisp noises and then stopped at Yun Yao’ feet. “This was found in your room, how can you explain it?”

Seeing the jade bottle, Yun Yao’s face became a little pale. She had thrown it away! Why was it appearing here?

“I… I don’t know, I have never seen this kind of thing…”

Yun Yao strongly denied it, and some cold sweat began appearing on her forehead.

Yan Yin waved to gather spiritual power, just as he had done in the external division before. The spiritual power flew straight into the sky and then fell in pieces.

Everyone present started shining, but the lights in Yun Yao were the strongest.

No one noticed that Yan Yin’s face became even paler.

“I can recognize every elixir of my Lihun Peak.” Yan Yin took back his hand. Then he rested his eyes on Yun Yao as if nothing had happened, and his voice was also the same as usual, the tone lazy. “The elixir’s essence in you is so strong, how do you explain that?”

Yun Yao’s heart sank.

She had already acted very carefully.

A quick brainstorm was going on in Yun Yao’s mind, then her eyes lit up. “Last time when I was building my foundation, my master let me take an elixir for Foundation Establishment.”

Yan Yin chuckled again. “There’s only one elixir for Foundation Establishment.”

Yun Yao: “…”

She subconsciously touched the bracelet on her wrist, and in her heart became more anxious. The thing in the bracelet always snuck out to steal elixirs. She couldn’t stop it at all.

When she found the jade bottle, she felt it might be a problem, so she threw it away immediately.

Yun Yao felt her brain was a total mess now. Faced with the pressuring gazes of so many people, she became even more panicked.

Finally, she kneeled down with a thump. “Sect Master, Uncle Masters, I know I was wrong, I stole the elixir, but I never sent any information to the Baihu Sect.”

Yun Yao’s face was filled with guilt and her statement was well-founded. She voluntarily admitted that she had stolen the elixir, but denied that she had sent information to Baihu Sect.

Ming Shu lay on the roof of the great hall of Lingjian Peak, while Lin Jin was sitting next to her and endlessly talking about what happened today.

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“That Yun Yao is really powerful, she actually went to Lihun Peak to steal elixirs. Master, how did she do that?”

Ming Shu nodded.

Lin Jin then went down the mountain together with all the disciples who had been cultivating in Lingjian Peak for a long time. Some of them were reluctant to leave, but after being told that it was Ming Shu’s order, they could only follow it.

On the mountain…

Ming Shu and Yan Yin looked at each other for a long time, in silence.

The night wind blew over the hills.

The dark clouds covered the moon, leaving only the stars twinkling from time to time.

“Come in.” Ming Shu broke the silence and turned to walk into the hall.

Yan Yin stepped up and followed, and he said lightly, “It’s the Chihuo peak master who colluded with Baihu Sect…”

Yun Yao did steal the elixir, but she didn’t give the jade bottle to Baihu Sect. The Chihuo peak master happened to see her throwing the jade bottle away, so he picked it up.

Later Yan Yin carried out a thorough investigation in Lihun Peak. Fearing that he might be exposed, the Chihuo peak master put the jade bottle back into Yun Yao’s room, trying to frame her.

But it was not that simple to steal something from Yan Yin. He could know anyone who had touched his elixirs.

The specific situation was still under investigation, but the current results had been enough to prove that Yan Yin had nothing to do with sending information to Baihu Sect.

Ming Shu closed the gate. This hall had been very empty all this time. There were a few swords thrown on the ground casually. The door of the side hall was open, and there were more things inside, but it was still empty compared to the room of an ordinary person.

Ming Shu went straight into the side hall. And after Yan Yin got in, she closed the door. There was a screen in the room that divided it into two parts.

The light in the room was a little dim. Yan Yin suddenly felt the air was a little heated.

Ming Shu poured a consecutive three cups of tea and drank them all. Then she put down the teacup in a rush.

“Take off your clothes.”


Yan Yin responded with a dumbfounded face.

So direct?

No foreplay?

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