Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 235 - Gathering for Cultivation (35)

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Chapter 235: Gathering for Cultivation (35)

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The atmosphere was somewhat depressed.

The time here seemed to stop.

Yan Yin looked at the jade bottle for a long time. Then he asked in a dry voice, “Do you believe in me?”

“Why should I believe in you?” Ming Shu asked back. “You inexplicably approached me, you knew who killed the Xuan family, and you sent news secretly to Baihu Sect, let them hunt me down and try to kill me.”

Yan Yin said softly, “It was not me.”

Ming Shu kept silent.

Yan Yin stood up, with his deep blue robe undone, and he walked in front of Ming Shu. “Some things I can’t explain to you, but I never sent news secretly to others.”

Ming Shu smiled. “This jade bottle comes with a fragrance, which can be traced by a kind of spirit worm. You are the only one who has this in the entire Yin Sect, so if it was not you, do you think it was me?”

“I admit it. I am indeed the only one who has this jade bottle.” Yan Yin took a deep breath. “But I have never given it to anyone.”

Ming Shu stared at him and didn’t speak.

“Junior Sister.” Yan Yin bent over and knelt on one knee, then his cold fingers covered Ming Shu’s hand while looking up at her. “I like you and I wish for you live a happy life. I will never harm you.”

He led Ming Shu’s hand to his mask, and then gently removed it with her hand.

His clear eyes and eyebrows were gradually revealed.

It was an extremely good-looking face. The heaven and the earth seemed to be eclipsed at that moment.

Yan Yin looked at her nervously. “I just want to show my face to you alone.”

He got up and approached Ming Shu. His voice was very low. “I didn’t do it.”

Then his pale lips fell on the pink lips of Ming Shu.

Her lips were soft and warm.

Like marshmallows.

And with a touch of a fruity scent.

She didn’t move away…

Yan Yin was shocked by this, and he stared at the girl who was close at hand. His shocked face was now reflected in her clear eyes, which also seemed to be accompanied by some intoxicating ripples, and he felt like he was going to sink into their depths.



His heartbeat was inexplicably accelerated.

Yan Yin put aside everything else and closed his eyes. He tried to hold her waist and slightly press his body toward Ming Shu’s, gently kissing her harder.

It was all because of her smell, which was familiar, strangely…

He didn’t dare too much, fearing that Ming Shu might beat him. After a short while, he released her.

The air flowed again, and the warmth on his lips disappeared instantly. Yan Yin felt somewhat lost. He stared at Ming Shu’s even redder lips and wanted to try again.

Ming Shu’s gaze hadn’t changed, as if the person who’d just been kissed was not her.

What’s this reaction?

“Junior Sister…”

Ming Shu calmly put the mask back on his face, then pushed him aside and stood up. “If you can’t give me an answer in one day, then please don’t appear in front of me again, and we will be even.”

“What if I can?”

Ming Shu turned back and smiled slightly. “Then I can try to save your life.”

“Can I… exchange for something else? I don’t want to be even with you.”

“Using your life to bargain?”

Yan Yin nodded.

“Bargain for what?”

Yan Yin said carefully, “I… want to be with you.”


Ming Shu turned around and walked toward the inside of the hall. After taking a few steps, she came back and picked up the roasted meat.

Yan Yin: “…”

What does that “oh” mean? It is yes or no?

Ming Shu closed the gate of the hall, then her expression finally relaxed.

She promised to save his life… which was undoubtedly no different from being with him.

Did she hate Yan Yin?


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At first she just thought that he was purposeful, but later she couldn’t see it; instead, she felt something that she wanted to avoid.

Yan Yin walked straight to the hall where he stored elixirs at ordinarily. There was no one in the hall. Yan Yin walked past rows of shelves and went to the last row.

At a glance, everything displayed on the shelf was clearly exposed.

He had a total of five such jade bottles. He gave one of them to Ming Shu, and he got one himself.

So there should be three left on the shelf, but there was now only one left.

Two were missing.

The jade bottle was filled with high-level elixirs that ordinary people didn’t need. Usually, no one dared to come here, so he just put them on the shelf conveniently.

But now two bottles had been taken.

This caused him to be misunderstood by her, thinking that he sent information to others secretly.

Almost destroyed my business!

Yan Yin’s face darkened and he waved hand fiercely. The back shelves fell down along with his movement, making loud noises, and all kinds of bottles dropped to the ground, smashing into pieces.

Disciples outside who heard the noise rushed in quickly. Seeing Yan Yin standing in the middle of a mess, their expressions changed, frightened. “Master… w-what happened?”

Normally Master rarely lost his temper and looked like a lazy and kind person. But the disciples of Lihun Peak were clear that if the master lost his temper, it would be absolutely terrible.

Yan Yin turned around and asked coldly, “Who came in here during recent days?”

“No… no one.” The disciples didn’t know what was going on and stuttered in reply. “No one came in.”

This hall was specially for storing elixirs. Except the disciples of Lihun Peak, others were not allowed to come here.

What on earth was going on?

“Think carefully, was there anyone who came in?” Yan Yin stared at them. “If you can’t think of anything, you will all go to the external division.”

“Master…!” one disciple exclaimed.

Yan Yin glanced over and that disciple didn’t dare to continue.

All disciples in Lihun Peak were gathered. Those who guarded this hall were senior brothers who had been on the peak for a long time. Yan Yin was more or less familiar with the temperament of these people.

“Master… there was really no one else who came in.”

Nothing was found after a round of inquiry.

Yan Yin leaned against the door. “Are you saying that it was you stole the things?”

“W… what?”

Everyone was frightened. What did they steal?

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