Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 234 - Gathering for Cultivation (34)

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Chapter 234: Gathering for Cultivation (34)

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Ming Shu didn’t have any interest in who reported the news to the Baihu Sect. Anyway, whoever dared to show up and cause trouble in front of her would all be killed.

If she couldn’t kill them, she would commit suicide and then kill them all.

One question answered, one devil was released. Ming Shu kept her word and really released several devils. But the elite devil was not released, and he told those several devils to go back and pa.s.s on the information.

Ming Shu didn’t stop them.

She sat on the steps, pinching Little Beastie while waiting for Yan Yin.

The devil’s aura leaked out of Yan Yin’s body little by little. The elite devil changed expressions frequently, and he stared at Yan Yin as if studying a complicated object.


Yan Yin spat out a mouthful of blood. The surrounding devil’s aura dispersed, but then returned to his body quickly.

His body weakened and began to tip over.

Ming Shu just watched. She didn’t stand until he fell to the ground, and she walked over slowly to help him up.

Yan Yin wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth, smiling weakly. “It seems this is my destiny.”

Ming Shu frowned.

The elite devil said at this time, “Don’t waste your effort. The devil’s aura in his body belongs to the devil king. Although I don’t know how he got it, he’ll only meet a dead end, unless…”

He smirked. “Unless you find the devil king.”

Devil king, the king of the evil clan.

It was because the king was missing that the evil clansmen’s world was restricted by humans, and access was limited.

At night, the entire Xuan family stronghold seemed gloomy.

Even the bonfire couldn’t drive away the cold.

“Junior Sister, I’m cold…” Yan Yin pulled at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu pushed him off and threw clothes to him.

“It’s dirty.”

Yan Yin complained. She robbed the captives of these clothes, don’t think he didn’t see it.

“Then you stay cold.” I’m not cold anyway.

Yan Yin continued in a low voice, “Junior Sister, I don’t know how long I can live.”

Ming Shu stared at him, then hugged him rudely. “You’ll be strangled if you dare not keep your hands clear.”

Yan Yin’s lips turned up. But fearing that Ming Shu might notice it, he quickly hid the smile. He reached around her waist and rested his face against her neck.

The smell of her…

So familiar.

“If I die, Junior Sister, take me to the end of the world.”

Ming Shu turned up her nose. “The end of the world does not exist.”

Yan Yin whispered in complaint, “Junior Sister, can’t you be romantic?”

“Sorry, I can’t. I just want to eat snacks now.”

Yan Yin: “…”

I’m already weak like this, you actually remember to eat? Can you care about me!

Yan Yin lay in the arms of Ming Shu, sharing her warmth. He didn’t want to speak as he was afraid that he might be angered to death.

Ming Shu’s fingers rested on his shoulder, touching it unconsciously from time to time. She looked at the writhing flames. “You knew what the devil’s aura in your body was from the beginning.”

“Right.” Yan Yin paused and explained, “I have seen it before.”

Because he knew what the devil’s aura was, he knew that it was useless to go back to the sect.

“Why did you come here?”

Yan Yin kept silent for a while. “I heard that a long time ago, the Xuan family collected a Jinhuan elixir, which could bring the dying back to life. I thought it may also be able to purify the devil’s aura.”

“But… it should be gone.”

The elixirs Ming Shu gave him were also very precious, but not effective.

He could also exchange for another medicine through the system, but he thought that he may take this opportunity.

He found that Ming Shu’s att.i.tude toward him changed a little. Whether it was because he saved her life or something else, he still had a chance.

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I can win!

When Ming Shu arrived, the sect leader was interrogating the square-faced man and the others.

Ming Shu went up to give a fierce beating to the square-faced man without saying anything. The sect leader hurriedly ordered people to stop her.

The square-faced man was a little confused, and full of pain.

“Junior Sister, what are you doing?”

Ming Shu vented out heranger now, and she smiled. “I want to ask him something alone, Senior Brother, can you go out for a while?”


The sect leader hesitated and looked at Ming Shu, who was clearly coming with Greek gifts. “I’ll give you a quarter of an hour, don’t use violence.”

Ming Shu crossed her arms before her chest, smiling harmlessly: “I’m a reasonable person.”

The sect leader: “…” I really didn’t see that.

The next day…

As Ming Shu had just roasted some meat, Yan Yin climbed up the mountain out of breath, followed by some disciples from Lihun Peak.

“What are you doing here?” Ming Shu protected the roasted meat and stared at Yan Yin alertly.

Some imperceptible coldness gathered at the bottom of her eyes, which frightened Yan Yin somewhat.

It seemed she had been like this since they left the Xuan family. She looked not at all strange on the surface, but the way she looked at him was always cold…

Yan Yin held back his confusion and let the disciples put down the luggage. After they left, he lay on the chair. “The Qi in Junior Sister’s place is rich, I want to rest here.”

“Go back to your Lihun Peak!”

“Junior Sister…” Yan Yin looked at Ming Shu with an extremely pale face, and he moved his lips: “In my last days, I want to stay with Junior Sister.”

Ming Shu chuckled. “I thought your purpose was to put me to death.”

Yan Yin was stunned and his heartbeat seemed to stop.

“Junior Sister…”

Pa !

Ming Shu put the jade bottle on the table next to him, and her tone was very light. “Is there anything you want to explain to me?”

It was the item dropped by the square-faced man, which was exactly the same as Yan Yin’s elixir, with the same faint scent.

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