Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 233 - Gathering for Cultivation (33)

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Chapter 233: Gathering for Cultivation (33)

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While those people were howling on the ground, Ming Shu caught her breath. Luckily, none of them were at the level of Nascent Soul. If not, it would require her a lot of effort to put them down.

Ming Shu kicked the person nearest to her. “Get up.”

That person shivered in fear as he got up and looked at the girl in front of him.

How can one person have such outstanding combat skills! Is she still a human!

The main point was, she didn’t use many magic arts at all. Most of the attacks were built upon her Qi.

He heard that the highest level of cultivation and the purest form of power was the Qi within the earth.

“Go and get some food for me.” Ming Shu signaled with her chin. She gave a sweet smile and said faintly, “Come back quickly. Don’t even think about running away. It is not hard for me to catch up to you.”


The person was stunned, but when he recalled the scary experience just now he immediately nodded his head and ran out.

Ming Shu found some ropes nearby and tied the rest of the people up. She then went to sit down beside Yan Yin.

She didn’t even want to move a finger now.


So hungry.

However, she still pa.s.sed the items she found in the secret chamber to Yan Yin. “This should be the thing you’re looking for. See for yourself.”

Yan Yin looked at the boxes in front of him and reached out to start searching. He chose a box.

The box opened and Qi seeped out of it. The Qi was very rich. The humans all got excited.

The Xuan family was very rich. Before they were exterminated, they were on par with the various large sects. Hence, their treasures were all very rare.

Yan Yin swallowed the pill and closed his eyes to recuperate. He didn’t bother with the people that were tied up.

Ming Shu glanced at him and muttered, “Are you not worried that I will just leave?”

The person who went to find food came back. Ming Shu ate the food and regained some strength. She stood up and sat at a platform.

“So, what are you all trying to get by searching so fervently for me?” Ming Shu gave a quick look at the evil clansmen. “You all don’t have to say anything.”

The evil clansmen: “…” Why can’t we say anything? Are you looking down on the evil clan!

No one spoke.

The devil that had a different appearance from the rest couldn’t bear it anymore and sneered, “Aiya, why is no one saying anything? Are you afraid that she will find out about your filthy intentions?”

That devil seemed to be the leader. His coat was not black, but slightly grey. He also looked more handsome than the rest of the devils.

Elite devils just had to look different.

The elite devil said, “Let me tell you…”

“Shut up!” the human leader who had a square face shouted with a fierce expression.

“Please, you have been caught already. Even if you keep quiet, do you think that she will never find out?” The devil continued provoking them.

Ming Shu bit into the slightly sour fruit and mumbled, “Okay, if you all don’t want to talk, we can play a game. If you all answer correctly, I will free one of your people.”

The elite devil didn’t reply, but he had accepted Ming Shu’s suggestion. A strange smile appeared on his handsome face.

“First question, were you all the ones that sneak attacked us in the woods?”

The elite devil frowned. “What sneak attack? If you are talking about the ambush, we are the ones who did it. However, we only wanted to catch you.”

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The humans denied it too. “I don’t know what sneak attack you are talking about.”

These people’s IQ was quite low.

The square-faced man sneered and said bluntly, “There was news that you were on the same side as the evil clansmen. If evil clansmen are freed, normal humans will suffer. We need to get rid of anything that could cause danger for the sake of everyone’s safety.”

“The Xuan family deserved to die for the sake of everyone?”

Ming Shu’s tone was light-hearted. However, everyone felt a chill run down their spines.

“You colluded with the evil clansmen,” the square-faced man accused.

“So you all were the ones who killed the entire Xuan family?”

“That has nothing to do with us.” The square-faced man continued denying it. “We are chasing you because you colluded with the evil clansmen.”

“Oh, then who are the ones who exterminated the Xuan family? Ghosts? The extermination is such a big thing. You all were not shocked over it and even tried to kill me. Do you think I am stupid?”

The square-faced man showed a long face.

Yan Yin was injured. He thought that Xuan Ji was easy to deal with. He never imagined that Xuan Ji could still triumph with so many of them here. If he knew, he wouldn’t have been so outright in his attack.

Ming Shu smiled. “I am asking one last time, who killed the Xuan family?”

All the devils turned to look at the square-faced man, silently casting their votes to him.

Ming Shu threw away the apple core. She had an answer.

“Last question, how did you all find me?”

The elite devil’s eyes darkened. He didn’t want to answer this question.

The square-faced man kept silent too. He was thinking about how to turn the situation around.

Ming Shu waited indifferently. I have a lot of time.

The elite devil spoke after a while. “Finding you was a bonus. We were looking for the devil king and noticed his aura in the Yin Sect. After that, you all came out and the devil king’s aura got stronger. When we chased it, we realized that it was you. You know what happened after that. However, I don’t know how they found your location. You have to ask him.”

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