Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 232 - Gathering for Cultivation (32)

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Chapter 232: Gathering for Cultivation (32)

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Mount Xuan.

Ming Shu stepped on the Taiyan Sword and looked down at the buildings. The Host’s memories started to overlap with what she saw.

When the Taiyan Sword reached the ground, the first thing they saw were skeletons.

There were stains of blood on the ground.

Even if they did not experience what had happened, they could tell that something tragic had occurred here before.

“What now?” Ming Shu asked Yan Yin and turned around.

Yan Yin was looking at Ming Shu. This was her family. She appeared too indifferent, as if she didn’t care at all…

This was not how a normal person would react.

But, she would become the big boss in the future. It seemed normal if she was a bit heartless and cold-blooded.

Yan Yin coughed and said weakly, “Let’s go to the Dan Pavilion. If we are lucky, the thing might still be there.”

The Dan Pavilion was deep inside the Xuan family stronghold. The Host didn’t go there often but she still remembered the general direction.

The door of the Dan Pavilion was wide open. There were dark red stains on the stairs and the building was badly damaged. There was a fight here as well.

Ming Shu went in and looked around. There was no sign of the box that Yan Yin was talking about.

“It might have been taken away.” Yan Yin leaned against the stairs. “Junior Sister, if I die, will you miss me?”

“Die?” Ming Shu suddenly bent forward. “In your dreams.”

I have not gained my Hatred Points yet. Why would I let you die?

The target is always in need of help. What can I do?

“Have you really fallen in love with me?” Yan Yin raised his hand and touched Ming Shu’s cheek. His eyes were filled with happiness. “Unfortunately, I am dying soon.”

“Don’t touch me.”

” Cough, cough, cough… ” Yan Yin started having a spasm. His hand fell as he grabbed his chest. He was not able to breathe properly.

The devil’s aura had seeped out of his clothes.

Ming Shu frowned and went forward to hold him up. Her warmth made Yan Yin feel better.


Ming Shu cursed softly but still hugged him. The devil’s aura crept up on Ming Shu and started to spread through her body.

Ming Shu looked at the dissipating devil’s aura around her and was lost in thought. There was a way to save him, but she was quite unwilling…

“Wait for me here.” Ming Shu suddenly let go of him and walked in the opposite direction of the Dan Pavilion.

She went straight to the main hall and found a hidden stairway. She went down the stairs and into a secret chamber. No one had been here and it still looked the same as what the Host remembered.

She started searching through the cabinets. The things here were all treasures that the Xuan family had acquired over many generations.

Ming Shu took a few boxes and walked out of the secret chamber. She closed the hidden door before walking back.

The minute she walked out of the main hall, Little Beastie’s shout could be heard.

Trash-picker, if you don’t come now, he will be taken by someone!

Ming Shu frowned and looked in the direction of the Dan Pavilion. She ordered Little Beastie to take care of him and hurriedly ran over.

Little Beastie was still shouting.

Did you just ask me to protect someone!

Trash-picker, has your brain been eaten?

You never asked me to protect someone before!

Little Beastie was not happy with this order. It was such a precious dog… no, precious animal. How ccould it just protect someone like this?

Not doing it, not doing it!

Give me ten complete Manchu-Han banquets and I will not do it then, either.

Ming Shu was stunned for a while and said, “You don’t need to protect him. Just make sure that no one comes near him.”

How is this different from protecting him?

“What is the difference between a dog that watches the house and a bodyguard?”

Trash-picker, do you believe that I will just leave now?

“Complete Manchu-Han banquet.”


Little Beastie shut up.

Ming Shu smiled with closed lips. However, she was a bit hesitant.

Why was she saving Yan Yin?

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Based on her personality, she should be watching him die and gaining some Hatred Points now.

” Sigh , so many people are looking for me. Why didn’t you all send me an invitation?”

Everyone turned to look in the direction the voice was coming from.

A girl in a purple robe was standing on the steps and smiling at them. The buildings behind her seemed to be lit up.

“Xuan Ji!”

The evil clansmen shouted. The humans also ordered people to capture her.

“Grab her, don’t let the evil clansmen lay their hands on her.”

The Taiyan Sword appeared in the air; she stepped on it and flew toward Yan Yin.

“Fighting and killing are no good. Please be more civilized.” Ming Shu jumped down from the Taiyan Sword and waved it as she turned around.

The two people that were closest to her were thrown aside and smashed into the roof not far away. They rolled down and hit the floor hard, vomiting blood all over.

Didn’t she ask us to be more civilized?

Which part of your attack was civilized?

Ming Shu looked at the shocked bystanders and smiled. “Don’t worry, I don’t kill people. They won’t die.”

Everyone: “…” So your civilized way is not killing people?

“Charge!” The humans waved their hands as if Xuan Ji had killed their father. “Kill Xuan Ji!”

Ming Shu felt helpless. Where did all these enemies come from?

“Wait wait wait!” Ming Shu shouted, but the people ignored her. This was different from what the television shows played.

Ming Shu was forced into combat. These people wanted her life and their blows were all fatal.

The evil clansmen took the opportunity to close in on Yan Yin. They wanted to use him as a hostage.

Little Beastie squatted at the side and seemed to have no intention of acting. The evil clansmen immediately flew forward.

Just as they were about to catch Yan Yin, a flash of light appeared in front of them. Two of the devils’ faces started seeping out the devil’s aura. They fell to the ground and cried out in pain.

The Taiyan Sword flew back into Ming Shu’s hand. She opened her fingers and then the devils’ aura started seeping out even faster.

Yan Yin saw it. They were tiny needles that were formed using Qi.

All the needles pierced into the devils’ bodies and their aura started to dissipate uncontrollably.

This move…

He had never seen it before.

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