Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 231 - Gathering for Cultivation (31)

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Chapter 231: Gathering for Cultivation (31)

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There was something moving in the darkness, raising gooseb.u.mps.

Ming Shu stood within the darkness. She was in a daze.

Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Just as she was moving away from the devils, the entire world started shaking and she fell into this dark place.

It happened in a matter of seconds. It was too fast, I haven’t recovered.


Yan Yin’s painful groan brought Ming Shu back to reality. She felt her way toward Yan Yin. Her hands touched a cold mask.

She moved her hands down and grabbed his shoulder. “Are you dead?”

Yan Yin gritted his teeth. “Sorry to disappoint Junior Sister, I am not dead yet.”

How can a genius like me die just like this?

Ming Shu helped him up into a sitting position. Yan Yin leaned against Ming Shu and she could feel the warmth from his body—


It was so cold it reached into her bones.

A sudden light appeared in front of Yan Yin. He felt a bit uncomfortable from the sudden brightness. It took him a while before he saw what was producing the light. It was a colorful riceball.

The light was also colorful and it was not piercing to the eyes.

Yan Yin gasped and looked at Little Beastie. “What is this?”

Is it a colorful spirit pet?

He had not seen this breed before.


The light immediately turned off and the entire area was engulfed in darkness again.

Little Beastie jumped on the spot as it shouted, I have said that I am not a dog, not a dog, not a dog! I am not doing this even if you give me a complete Manchu-Han banquet!

Ming Shu accurately grabbed Little Beastie and pinched it twice forcefully. Little Beastie exploded in anger. The light on its body started shining again.

Wuwuwu, I want to run away. The trash-picker is always bullying me.

Little Beastie rolled to one side to quietly be a lightbulb. Meanwhile, it scolded Ming Shu mentally for her unethical actions.

Yan Yin sized up Little Beastie. “Even your pet is so temperamental.”

Ming Shu patted his head like a kind mother. “Just like you.”

Yan Yin: “…”

Is she saying that I am her pet?

Don’t hold me back. I am going to strangle her.

“What is this place?” Yan Yin controlled his anger and changed the topic. He was afraid that he would break character if he continued.

“Welcome to h.e.l.l.”

Yan Yin was speechless. Stupid!

Ming Shu brushed off her clothes and got up. “Can you walk?”

“No.” Yan Yin didn’t have any energy in his body.

“Oh, then I will be leaving.”

Yan Yin stared at her. “Is this how you treat your rescuer?” Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?

“I didn’t ask you to save me. You jumped over yourself and now you are blaming me?”

“So I am wrong to save you?” Yan Yin got angrier. He got back some of his energy and grabbed Ming Shu’s wrist. “Are you so against people treating you well? Are you planning to push away everyone that treats you well? Do you have a heart?”

Ming Shu was stunned for a while, then replied in a low voice, “Why is that your business?” You don’t know how to make nice food.

“Ha, it is none of my business.” Yan Yin didn’t care if he violated his character setting. He sneered and pushed Ming Shu away. “We will part here.”

He got up with much effort and sucked in the cold air.

F**k, he got injured for her and she didn’t feel anything at all. If this kind of person can become a girlfriend, I will stream myself eating a keyboard.

Yan Yin took a deep breath and walked into the darkness. I am not going to do this mission anymore.

His arm suddenly felt warm. He leaned back and the light source started moving over.

The girl’s clear voice sounded. “How can you purge the devil’s aura in you?”

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“None of your business.” Yan Yin tried to shake her away.

Ming Shu was following Little Beastie. Yan Yin was curious about Little Beastie’s ident.i.ty, but Ming Shu either didn’t reply to him or insisted that it was a dog. The conversation ended when Little Beastie exploded with anger again.

After walking for a very long time, they finally saw a light.

The exit was an opening in the rock. There was a forest outside and you could see mountains shrouded in mist in the distance.

“Hey!” Ming Shu called.

There was no reply from Yan Yin.

She turned around and looked at the person lying on her shoulder. Yan Yin was really near her and when she looked back, her lips touched his cheek and stopped in front of his lips.

Ming Shu stopped breathing. Although she didn’t touch them, it was a really close call.


Ming Shu turned her head back and widened the distance between them. She put him down indifferently. Yan Yin’s face was pale and he seemed to be in pain.

Ming Shu inspected his injury. The devil’s aura was starting to spread.

She reached into his clothes to look for his medicine. There were many bottles of various shapes and sizes. Ming Shu found the bottle he used before. There was not much elixir left inside and the effects were not visible.

Ming Shu sighed. What should she do now?

She kept the other bottles and was just preparing to stuff them back into his clothes when she glanced upon a jade bottle. She opened the jade bottle and smelled it. This was the only elixir that had a fragrance.

Similar to the one that he gave her on Lingjian Peak.

“Junior Sister… are you going to be responsible for my body?” Yan Yin suddenly caught her hand. His voice sounded very tired.

Ming Shu controlled the emotions in her eyes and stuffed all the bottles back into his sleeve. “Why not take off your clothes and let me take a look at you. I might consider the problem after that.”

Yan Yin: “…”

“Also, so many people have seen it before. If you really want them to be responsible, you will have a lot of people surrounding you and you must not gender-discriminate anyone.”

Yan Yin: “…”

He should just continue acting as though he fainted.

“The devil’s aura is spreading.” Ming Shu pulled his clothes back. “Do you know how to clear the devil’s aura?”

Yan Yin raised his hand and touched his back. “Go to the Xuan family.”

Ming Shu looked at the mountains in the mist. They were near the Xuan family stronghold.

Somehow, Yun Yao managed to send them here.

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