Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 23 - Gossip Queen (Complete)

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Chapter 23: Gossip Queen (Complete)

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Before leaving, Ming Shu stopped by Li Shaonan’s house and beat him up—he deserved it for showing off in front of her earlier. Since she was going to leave, she’d better beat him as soon as possible.

Walking out of Li Shaonan’s house, Ming Shu felt her life bar was totally empty; she was in urgent need of feeding now.

[Guest, are you going back to the system s.p.a.ce now?]

“Who said that?” I’m not leaving this world.

[…] You just beat someone up, doesn’t that mean you are leaving? Am I wrong?

Apparently the Harmony System had mistaken her. She never intended to go back so soon, and what she meant was to leave that place.

The place where Jiang Xun was.

She bought plane tickets overnight and transferred between multiple airplanes, carrying a fake ID card and acquired from a forger. Finally, she was wandering on the streets of a foreign country.

Ming Shu looked at the strange crowd.

Luckily I’m clever. With the money I saved before and my beautiful face, all the delicious food in this world will be mine!

But those gold handcuffs with diamonds… what a pity!

Ming Shu would occasionally pay attention to the domestic news. Afterward, Ning Keqing met with Li Shaonan several times. But compared to his first love, who was n.o.ble and generous, she became more and more like a shrew.

In the end, she completely annoyed Li Shaonan after beating his first love.

Without Li Shaonan’s protection, plus her resentful heart, Ning Keqing could no longer be tolerated in the circle.

She didn’t want to leave the entertainment industry, though. In order to obtain an acting role, she fawned over some investors. But before she could climb up, it was exposed.

Surrounded by negative reports, the investors pushed Ning Keqing to the front as a shield in order to protect themselves.

Some said Ning Keqing killed herself in the end, but others said she was sent to a mental hospital. No one knew the specifics, and there were no fixed statements online.

As for Jiang Xun, he had been chasing after her all this time!

Therefore, Ming Shu transferred from one place to another like a refugee. Before she could settle down to eat some warm food, Jiang Xun would appear, catching her alive.

And he always wanted to imprison her, repeating the small dark room drama.

Such a n.o.ble ident.i.ty as mine, am I someone that you’re ent.i.tled to play with in a small dark room?

I’m not going if the room isn’t decorated with gold and diamonds.

Usually, if Jiang Xun didn’t disturb her meal, Ming Shu would ignore him. She would run away when Jiang Xun caught up with her; if Jiang Xun blocked the way, she would fight.

But just like glue, Jiang Xun was too sticky to throw away.

It was slightly suffocating.

Ming Shu looked back and saw Jiang Xun following not far behind; she sighed in her heart. Jiang Nian, Jiang Nian, what crime have you committed to deserve this? To incur such a terrible and persistent psychopath?

I just wanted to eat something quietly, how is it so hard!

She turned around and walked back toward Jiang Xun. Standing in front of him, she said, “Don’t follow me. You’ve tried so many times, which time did you trap me successfully?”

She was tired of the dark room drama. Why couldn’t he just change his methods?

He dreamed of chasing a girl with such poor creativity? Prepare to be single for the rest of your life!

“This time will definitely work,” Jiang Xun answered in a stubborn tone.

“…” Psychopath . “How will you catch me this time?”

Jiang Xun fell into silence. Ming Shu waited for a while, but received no answer. Perhaps this psychopath was planning some major trouble in his mind.

Jiang Xun’s obsession with her seemed to have been deeply rooted in his blood: he would never stop until he got her.

Ming Shu dumped Jiang Xun and got ready to leave this place, searching for the next ideal city.

However, on the plane, she was to tragically meet Jiang Xun again. Ming Shu smiled as she gnashed her teeth. After getting off the plane, she’d find a remote place to kill him. He was so annoying.

Ming Shu sat in front of Jiang Xun. Even blocked by the seats, she could still feel his dour gaze trying to wrap her and imprison her.


He wants to separate me from my snacks!!

He’s daydreaming!

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The plane took off. Ming Shu felt some buzzing in her ears, which was normal.

The plane was falling faster and faster and the whole cabin was drowned with screams.

Ming Shu grabbed the chair’s armrest, her expression hardly changing.

I haven’t eaten all over this world, and now I’m going to die…

Jiang Xun suddenly bent down to hug Ming Shu. “Niannian, I like you.”

That was the last sentence Ming Shu heard. When she woke up, she was standing in a room made of clouds.

This was where the system drew her into the world before.

She was back?

Wasn’t she told that she could use the Host’s body until her death?

[Jiang Nian’s life lasts right to that day in the original plot.]

“…” Liar !

A screen fashioned from a white cloud floated in front of Ming Shu, several lines on it.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 3000

Extension Task: Completed

Very brief information. Compared to other system novels, this was the most simple she’d ever read.

Ming Shu struck her hands through the cloud-screen and the cloud dispersed immediately. But a moment later it reappeared again next to her.

Evil technology!

“Was Jiang Xun killed?” Ming Shu suddenly asked.

[No.] The Harmony System answered. [But his legs broke, so he had to spend the rest of his life sitting in a wheelchair.]

“Oh.” Ming Shu seemingly didn’t care about Jiang Xun at all. “What do we have to eat in the next world?”


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