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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 229 - Gathering for Cultivation (29)

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Chapter 229: Gathering for Cultivation (29)

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When Yan Yin woke up, it was already midnight.

He could see the stars and galaxy above him. The night breeze brushed against the leaves, making a soft and pleasant sound.

His back was numb. He couldn’t feel any pain.

However, he was very cold.

His limbs were all freezing as though he was placed on a block of ice.

Yan Yin didn’t see Ming Shu. He was left in the center and there were disciples surrounding him.

How could she abandon me when I’m already in this state?

Does she have a conscience at all!

Yan Yin wanted to get up when he felt someone holding his waist and pulling him up.

Yan Yin looked back. Ming Shu had appeared behind him and was looking at him with a smile on her face.

“I thought that Senior Brother would not be able to pull through tonight.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.” Yan Yin was very cold. His body was stiff as he said, “I will not die in front of you.”

I will not die.

Not only that, I will continue to appear in front of you until you fall in love with me.

Ming Shu smiled and sat down. “That is hard to say.”

Yan Yin felt some warmth beside him and moved closer without even thinking.

His icy hands touched Ming Shu and she shivered in cold. She pushed his hands away in disdain.

“Cold…” Yan Yin spuat out a word.

“Yang Zhi!” Ming Shu shouted. Yang Zhi, who was standing guard, immediately ran over. Ming Shu ordered, “Bring some warm clothes over.”


Yang Zhi had a storage bag. He took out two thick outerwear pieces. Ming Shu wrapped Yan Yin with the outerwears.

Yan Yin: “…”

Does she have any heart!

Okay, she doesn’t.

Yang Zhi went back to the disciples’ area with a bit of worry. Some of them had not rested yet. They were all wearing troubled expressions.

“Senior Brother Yang Zhi, was the thing that attacked us from the evil clan?”

“Who else can it be? Is Master Yan Yin’s injury not obvious enough?”

“The evil clansmen always minded their own business and never disturbed us before. What is the use of attacking us now?”

Although that was what they said, would the evil clansmen and the various sects be able to stay in their own lanes and not disturb each other?

Sometimes, a cultivator would kill a devil and other times, a devil would attack a cultivator. However, it didn’t lead to any big issues and hence they proclaimed that they were both minding their own business.

Yang Zhi pushed back the fear in his heart and consoled them as a senior brother: “Those that are guarding, please be more alert. The rest of you can get some rest first.”

Everyone looked around hurriedly and found a location to get some rest. There was a weight in everyone’s hearts. Most of them couldn’t sleep and tossed around in worry.

“Will Master Yan Yin be okay?”

“Should be…”

Yun Yao sat off to the side. She could hear the conversations of her seniors and juniors.

She glanced in the direction where Ming Shu and Yan Yin were. Her eyes were filled with hatred and loathing.

“Senior Sister Yun Yao, why not get some rest? I can help you stand guard.”

Yun Yao retracted the hatred in her eyes and rejected the disciple. “It’s okay, you can go sleep.”

“Okay… okay, then.”

Yan Yin was in better condition the next day. Although his limbs were still cold, he could move by himself and his face was not as pale.

Yan Yin was already lazy. Now that he was injured, he outrightly asked for a horse-drawn carriage and sat in it comfortably.

Yang Zhi wanted to go back to the sect but Yan Yin disagreed. He felt much better and wanted to finish the mission a.s.signed to him first.

Yang Zhi couldn’t refute Yan Yin as his position was lower.

They could only continue their journey to their destination.

Before this, they didn’t ride on their swords because of Ming Shu. This time, they decided to fly with their swords.

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The question was…

He looked behind himself instinctively. Because of cultivation, they would look bigger than normal people of the same age. Ming Shu looked like a 16- or 17-year-old girl. She didn’t look like a child at all.

Yan Yin grunted softly. “In the mortal world, you can get married at fourteen years of age. You are fourteen years old this year, right? You have reached the age of marriage already. How am I a pedophile?”

Some people even groomed their wives from young.

“I am still a child, you beast.”

Yan Yin: “…”

How did I become a beast!

I didn’t touch her.

Do you think that I want to do this?

I was forced!

No matter what Yan Yin said, Ming Shu kept calling him a beast and made Yan Yin so angry that he wanted to strangle her to death.

Yan Yin was tired from standing too much. “Junior Sister, can you let me sit down for a while? I am so tired.”

His character was an ultimate lazy sloth.

“Okay, I can dig a hole for you, I can even make a stone tablet for you for free.”

Yan Yin: “…” Doctor! Someone is mistreating the patient! Catch her, catch her!

“Do you hate me so much?”

“Yes.” I hate you for not hating me!

“Even though I saved you before?”

“Saving me doesn’t mean that I won’t hate you. There is nothing contradictory about these points.” Do I have to like you just because you saved me? What logic is this? I do not like emotional blackmail.

Yan Yin couldn’t continue the topic. He kept quiet for a while and turned to look at the other people who were far away.

His gaze fell on Ming Shu’s face. “Junior Sister, who do you think are the people who attacked us?”

Ming Shu raised her head and looked at him. She smiled. “You know who they are.”

It wasn’t a question. It was a statement.

“You are very smart. I am starting to like you more and more.”

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