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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 228 - Gathering for Cultivation (28)

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Chapter 228: Gathering for Cultivation (28)

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Yang Qi intended to let people break out from the weak point, but then they found it was a trap. As soon as they got there, more arrows flew out to them.


The arrows in front of Yang Qi suddenly broke; a cold light flashed in from the outside, and then the arrows in the air broke one after another, falling to the ground.

Not far away, the girl stood with her hand holding the sword.

The rain of arrows broke through the air, and the wind blew past her skirt, sending it flying.

Along with her weaving the sword, the sword-light flashed, and the arrows flying over at an extreme fast speed were all cut and fell down.

Just at this time, several arrows, different from these ordinary ones, suddenly shot at Ming Shu from behind.

Ming Shu didn’t seem to notice that as she was blocking the arrows in front. When she sensed it, the arrows had already approached behind her.

Ming Shu was capable of blocking them, but when she was about to turn around and cut off the arrows, a few arrows came at her left side as well, accompanied by huge power fluctuations.

Under the impact of the invisible power’s airflow, her body lost balance a bit. Then when she turned around, it was too late.

But just at this emergent moment, her whole person fell into a warm embrace.


A dull sound of a sharp weapon piercing a body.

Ming Shu saw a blue figure in front of her eyes; a hint of a certain aroma floated into her nose, as well as a faint blood scent.

Yan Yin hugged Ming Shu and landed on a branch after avoiding several rounds of arrows. He took Ming Shu’s hand to wave the Taiyan Sword.

The strong and powerful sword aura swept through the forest, which sent the leaves surging, and countless green leaves were cut into pieces by the power, dancing in the sky chaotically.

The rain of arrows disappeared all at once, and the surroundings fell silent once more.

If it weren’t for the broken arrows on the ground, they would suspect that what they had experienced just now was only their imagination.

After quite a while, some disciples started breathing heavily.

The arrows came in a sudden attack, and then left in a sudden retreat. They didn’t even see who was shooting those arrows.

Ming Shu felt that the one who held her in his arms was falling down, and she subconsciously reached out to catch him.

Yan Yin’s half-face was pale, and he was shot with an arrow in his back.

The arrow was different from those on the ground. It was surrounded by black Qi, and it was slowly disappearing.

Ming Shu closed her mouth tightly and landed on the ground while holding him in her arms. She asked in a normal tone, “Why did you save me?”

Yan Yin blinked, and his voice sounded a little weak. “You’re so fierce toward me, can’t you treat me better? I’m wounded.”

Ming Shu smiled. “I didn’t ask you to save me.”

If she stabbed him now, would it be a little unreasonable?

[Guest, he will die if you give him another stab wound.] The Harmony System had to remind Ming Shu.

Yan Yin sighed. “Chut, you don’t appreciate it, if I knew I wouldn’t have saved you.”

“Unfortunately, this world has no place for regrets.”

Are you angry now!

Yan Yin was obviously not angry. He relied on Ming Shu, and his face was getting paler, seeming to have no strength to speak.

Ming Shu didn’t think that Yan Yin should be so vulnerable. But looking at the black Qi lingering around his wound, she was a bit uncertain.

“Master Xuan Ji, Master Yan Yin…” Yang Qi first ordered people to go around and check the forest before taking the rest of the disciples back over to this side. Seeing the state of Yan Yin, his expression suddenly changed. “It’s… it’s devil’s breath.”

The other disciples’ expressions also changed after hearing his.

“Hold him.” Ming Shu wanted to hand Yan Yin over to Yang Qi, but Yan Yin pulled her clothes and didn’t let go.

Ming Shu kept silent for a while. “Fine.”

She reached out to take off Yan Yin’s clothes, revealing the wound in his back. The arrow had completely disappeared, leaving only the deep wound with visible bones, the black Qi still lingering around it.

Yang Qi was frightened at this horrible scene. He quickly placed his hand above the wound, trying to force the devil breath out.

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But the devil breath wasn’t forced out, instead, it infiltrated deeper.

Ming Shu put her hand on his waist to prevent him from falling. She leaned into Yan Yin’s ear. “Yan Yin, you better not give the show away. If I find that you deliberately got yourself wounded, I will make you regret your life.”

Yan Yin didn’t react, and he seemed to have fallen asleep.

Ming Shu reached out to touch his mask. Her fingertips slid through the cold mask, pinching the edge and gently lifting it up.

Yan Yin sighed and pressed down her hand, then he said in a weak voice, “Junior Sister, if you see my face, you will be responsible for me.”

Ming Shu removed her hand. “Have you heard what I just said?”

Yan Yin formed a bitter smile. “At that time, if I didn’t save you, it might be you that got injured. I just didn’t want you to be hurt.”

But in fact, Yan Yin was complaining helplessly in his heart again.

I saved you, and you suspect me?

It’s no better than saving a dog! This psychopath!

F**k, I’m so angry!

Deep breaths! Calm! Now I’m a wounded person!

He turned his face to one side. “Whatever you want to think, anyway…”

He stopped talking and finally fell into silence.

When Ming Shu took a look at him again; his breathing had been stabilized, and this time he seemed to be in a real sleep.

Ming Shu reached out to touch the wound lightly. Yan Yin seemed to feel the pain and cuddled closer into her arms.

Ming Shu stared at Yan Yin’s half-face exposed in the air, her eyes becoming empty.

Even the Harmony System was not quite sure what its Guest was thinking at the moment.

When the Guest fell into this state of vacancy, it couldn’t completely perceive her mood.

After a long time, Ming Shu came back to herself, and she rubbed her belly, looking up at the darkening sky.

So hungry.

She hadn’t eaten anything since they were attacked by the arrows.

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