Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 227 - Gathering for Cultivation (27)

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Chapter 227: Gathering for Cultivation (27)

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Yan Yin insisted that he had never said he knew who the murderer was. It was unknown whether the sect leader believed him or not, but the final decision was that he and Ming Shu had to go down the mountain and go to the Xuan family site to investigate.

Originally, Ming Shu had to stay in the sect for her safety.

But common people just couldn’t find where the Xuan family’s stronghold was, and they couldn’t bother Jun Qing, so they had to let Ming Shu lead the way.

Ming Shu was not very willing to do this. She didn’t want to investigate anything, she only came to this world to collect Hatred Points.

But in the end, she agreed after considering for some time.

Down the mountain seemed to be more delicious food.

Of course, in addition to Ming Shu and Yan Yin, there were many other disciples joining the trip, including—the fake female protagonist.

Ming Shu didn’t know how this plot was going to develop, but Yun Yao was on the team. Some on the team were dissatisfied with her, while some tried to befriend her.

Even if she failed in the Foundation Establishment, she was still a supreme-spirit root owner and a disciple of the Chihuo peak master.

“Master Xuan Ji, we’re about to leave, but Master Yan Yin is still sleeping. Can you wake him up?” A disciple in a black robe walked to Ming Shu and pointed to the figure in blue nearby.

These people would never dare to disturb Yan Yin’s sleeping.

He might kill them.

Ming Shu glanced over there. Yan Yin was lying on a rocking chair with a leaf covering his face, and a silver-white mask showing through a corner beneath the leaf.

Ming Shu walked over, lifted her skirt, and raised her foot to kick him.

“Get up.”

The rocking chair tilted to one side, and Yan Yin almost fell down from it.

Everyone in the distance covered their eyes. “…” Oh my G.o.d, so cruel, Master Yan Yin will definitely kill Master Xuan Ji, right?

The leaf on Yan Yin’s face fell gently to his shoulders, then slowly fell to the ground.

The long eyelashes on the mask trembled.

The eyes opened slowly.

A pair of pupils suddenly appeared in the sun, like a sedimentary dark jade, pure in nature.

He blinked quickly, and his voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e as he just woke up from a nap. “Junior Sister Xuan Ji, can you be a little gentler when you wake me up?”

“I’m not gentle?” Ming Shu smiled.

Yan Yin stretched out. “Quiet like a flower reflected in the water, moving as if the wind to lift the willow, this is gentle. Junior Sister Xuan Ji, do you think you are so gentle?”

In addition to her smile, which looked gentle, her manners were completely the opposite of gentle.

Ming Shu gave the rocking chair another kick.

Yan Yin took advantage of this movement to stand up and avoided falling down. His height was much greater than that of Ming Shu, so now he looked at Ming Shu from above and said, “You see, you are not gentle at all.”

Ming Shu smiled even more brilliantly. “Then I’ll show you what is gentle.”

Yan Yin suddenly became alert. Sure enough, the next second the Taiyan Sword rushed at him.

Everyone: “…”

Sure enough, they had a fight.

They hadn’t even set out yet!

Could they have a peaceful journey?

Yan Yin was afraid of losing face in front of these people, so he led Ming Shu to the woods next and was successfully beaten fiercely again.

He lay on the ground, and as Ming Shu was preparing to stand up, he then suddenly reached out to catch her wrist. “You really want to know who killed the Xuan family?”

“No.” Ming Shu shook him off and bent over to look down at him. She said word by word, “I’m just going down the mountain to change up the menu.”

“Are you a pig?” Yan Yin blurted out. Then he regretted it a little, but the words couldn’t be taken back, so he had to look at Ming Shu uneasily.

Yan Yin thought he would be beaten again.

Who knew that Ming Shu would just keep smiling and say, “Even so, I’m at least a golden pig.”

Golden pig…


Does she dare to be more narcissistic?

I’ll give way to let you take the throne of the most narcissistic of the universe.

Ming Shu turned and left, feeling a little depressed.

This fool is also like this…

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He didn’t get angry even if she beat him fiercely.

“Senior Brother Yang Qi, how about you go to talk to Master Xuan Ji? We have been delaying for so many days…”

The man who was called Senior Brother Yang Qi wore a black robe, and he was a disciple of Wuying Peak.

He was also helpless. “I talked to Master Xuan Ji yesterday but she ignored me.”

“Senior Sister Yun Yao, would you like to talk to her?” Someone looked at Yun Yao. Anyhow, she was the disciple of Chihuo peak master, and she was of much more importance than them.

“No, I won’t.” Yun Yao didn’t want to provoke Ming Shu. She came out this time for other purposes, and she didn’t want anyone to interfere with her again.

Hence when these people asked her, she refused directly. “She is not worried, so what are you afraid of? If anything goes wrong, you will not be responsible for it.”

Everyone looked at each other in speechless despair.

In the end, they could only sigh and change the topic to discuss other things.


The wind was getting louder.

Dark clouds suddenly drifted overhead, and the sun hid behind the clouds, the light dimming.

“Something is not right…” Yang Qi stood up alertly.

Hearing this, everyone present stood up as well and looked in different directions.

They were surrounded by forest. It was easy for others to hide in the woods quietly.



Something shot over from the thick forest. At first they only heard the sound, then they saw dense black spots coming toward them, faster and closer.


Yang Qi yelled.

Countless arrows rained from all directions. They didn’t have any chance to avoid, but could only meet them head-on.

Although Yun Yao failed to build a foundation, her strength was not little. These arrows couldn’t hurt her.

Yang Qi blocked the arrows and kept looking for spots where the arrows were fewer. He shouted, “Rush out from there!”

“Stay close.”

Human voices were covered by the whistles of the arrows puncturing the air.

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