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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 226 - Gathering for Cultivation (26)

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Chapter 226: Gathering for Cultivation (26)

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The sect leader burst out with a stern voice, “Shut up.”

Ming Shu stood up and took a fruit out of her pocket, and continued to ask while nibbling, “How did you know that I’m still alive?”

The evil clansman was a bit reluctant to answer.

Ming Shu slightly closed and opened her fingers, and the evil clansman was tortured until he was twitching. He had to answer. “The blood of the dead is useless, it must be the blood of the living, and it needs to be the direct descendant of the Xuan family. We thoroughly searched the entire Xuan family estate, and found that only your body was not present, so we knew that you must be still alive.”

Hearing this, blue veins suddenly appeared and twitched on the back of the sect leader’s hand. He turned to order the disciples, “Send people to investigate.”

The Xuan family was killed, but the Yin Sect didn’t receive any news. How was this possible!

Jun Qing suddenly waved his hand and stopped the disciple who was about to leave.

He lifted his hands to draw something in the air, and the air fluctuated like a tunnel through time and s.p.a.ce. For a moment, a scene appeared in the air.

It was a building where people walked around. Two large words, Xuan Mountain, were engraved on the mountain wall behind the building.

The building looked normal, and there were people moving around, not like something bad had happened.

“You talked nonsense…” One of the peak masters questioned the evil clansman.

Jun Qing frowned then waved his hand again. This time, the air seemed to pierce through a wave of water, and after a moment it showed an incredible scene.

The building was still the same building, but there was no one walking around. There were only corpses that had been turned into white bones everywhere, and black stains were presented all over the ground.

The atmosphere quieted down in an instant.

The evil clan, the Xuan family, both were serious matters. The sect leader ordered to prison the evil clansman as he had to deal with the turmoil in the sect.

Both Yun Yao and Zi Luo failed to build a foundation, but at this time not many people would be concerned about it.

Jun Qing took the opportunity to go back and check on Zi Luo. He comforted her with several words then left hurriedly again.

In contrast, Yun Yao’s situation looked more miserable. It would be difficult for a disciple who had failed to build a foundation to successfully build a foundation on the second try. Therefore, people who didn’t like her before began to kick her while she was down.

The devil’s breath on Lingjian Peak had almost vanished. Some of the disciples who practiced at Lingjian Peak were slightly affected by the breath, but it didn’t cause any big problems.

The sect leader dismissed these disciples who gathered in Lingjian Peak for cultivation.

Then the entire Lingjian Peak was closed again.

Ming Shu was sitting outside the hall at this time, surrounded by elite disciples sent by the peak masters, who were here to guard the devil that had been suppressed in Lingjian Peak.

“Master Xuan Ji, is that really a devil?” Because of his close relationship with Ming Shu, Lin Jin stayed at Lingjian Peak, and at this time he was curiously watching somewhere in the hall.

He hadn’t seen an evil clansman before, and he wondered how it looked different from them.

“Yeah,” Ming Shu answered absent-mindedly.

“Xuan Ji, come in!”

Standing at the door of the main hall, the sect leader raised his voice and shouted at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu had just finished a steamed bun in her hand, so she patted Lin Jin’s shoulder and said to him, “You should cultivate more and build a foundation as soon as possible.”

Lin Jin: “…”

Last time both Yun Yao and Zi Luo failed in building a foundation, now who dared to talk about building a foundation again.

In the hall…

In addition to Yan Yin of the Lihun Peak and Jun Qing of the Yanyue Peak, the rest of the peak masters were all present. The atmosphere was a bit suffocating. Even the Chihuo peak master who had a conflict with Ming Shu was now just sitting there with a poker face, making no sound.

Ming Shu found a place to sit down by herself and sorted out her hair. “What’s the matter?”

“You are a descendant of the Xuan family?” The sect leader went straight to the point. “Why are you only a three-spirit root owner?”

The surname of Xuan Ji was indeed Xuan, but the descendants of the Xuan family were unlikely to have a three-spirit root, so they simply didn’t think that Ming Shu would be related to the Xuan family.

“Yeah.” Ming Shu nodded.

As for the three-spirit root…

Ming Shu was not very clear on it. In the memory of the Host, when the whole Xuan family was killed, she fainted for a while. When she woke up again, she had already become a three-spirit root owner.

Perhaps someone in the Xuan family deliberately changed her spirit root in order to cover her ident.i.ty.

However, things like changing spirit roots… were very difficult.

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The sect leader sighed. “Since you came to our Yin Sect, why didn’t you tell us the Xuan family was killed?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Good morning at this late evening? Senior Brother, did you forget to take medicine again?”

Yan Yin wasn’t angry at all and he lazily changed his words. “Good evening, Junior Sister.”

Everyone: “…” It’s still the middle of the day, how is it late evening? Two psychopaths!

Yan Yin lifted his robes and sat next to Ming Shu, then his eyes fell to the sect leader casually. “What’s the matter, Senior Brother Sect Master?”

“…” Hoh-hoh, finally he saw me. The sect leader cleared his throat. “You should be clear about the evil clansman? Just now Junior Sister Xuan Ji said…”

Yan Yin sighed at the bottom of the heart, and a bad feeling came at him from all directions.

What did this psychopath do!

The sect leader slowly said, “Do you know who killed the entire Xuan family?”

What the h.e.l.l!

Yan Yin began to curse crazily in his mind.

He was so violently angry that he wanted to hack people.

Just calm down.

The character setting was not allowed to be violated.

Those who want to break my character setting are all reactionaries!

“Senior Brother Sect Master, how can I know that?” Yan Yin maintained a lazy look and denied it. “I heard you caught an evil clansman? Wasn’t it the evil clansman who did it?”

The sect leader narrowed his eyes. “You don’t know? Why did Junior Sister Xuan Ji say you know?”

Yan Yin melted his whole body into the chair. “She framed me.”

Ming Shu looked sideways at him. “Didn’t you tell me in person last time? You said whenever I want to know, I can ask you. Now I want to know, so just tell me.”

Yan Yin continued to deny it. “I’m afraid you misremembered, Junior Sister, I have never said anything like that.”


The sect leader suddenly pounded the table and stood up. “Yan Yin, Xuan Ji, now that things are serious, you are still acting up!”

The sect leader got very angry, and Ming Shu and Yan Yin stopped their quarreling.

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