Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 225 - : Gathering for Cultivation (25)

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Chapter 225: Gathering for Cultivation (25)

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“Go to Lingjian Peak!”

“Notify all the disciples, we’re on full alert.”

The sect leader quickly gave orders and led people to go to Lingjian Peak for the first time.

Jun Qing fed two elixirs to Zi Luo and placed her in a room, then also went in the direction of Lingjian Peak.

The entirety of Lingjian Mountain was full of devil’s breath. Trees and vegetation began to wither at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The girl stood in front of the hall, which was already overwhelmed by the devil’s breath. She was wiping blood off the Taiyan Sword, eyes lowered, and her expressions couldn’t be seen.

The black-robed man lying at her feet was moaning in pain, and he looked at the girl in fright.

The sect leader and his people arrived first. Then they saw that the girl held the Taiyan Sword pointed between the eyebrows of the black-robed man. The tip of the sword had pierced the skin and black blood was seeping out.

“Xuan Ji!” There was a bit of coldness in the voice of the sect leader.

She stood in the devil’s breath and looked more like a demon than the person on the ground.

Ming Shu looked up and smiled. “Senior Brother Sect Master, if you come a little later, I would have been bullied.”

As she spoke, the devil’s breath around her seemed to fade a bit, and the gloomy feeling around her also disappeared.

The sect leader was relieved. It ought to have been his imagination just now.

The black-robed man shivered and thought, Who is bullying whom!

“Why is an evil clansman here?” The sect leader looked at the black-robed man on the ground, “how did he come in?”

There were so many people in the Yin Sect, but no one even noticed.

Ming Shu kicked the devil on the ground. “He said he came for me.”

Jun Qing also arrived at this time, and everyone quickly made way for him.

“How can an evil clansman appear here?”

No one could answer his question, though.

Because no one knew how this evil clansman came in.

The evil clan and them didn’t interfered with each other since long ago. That devil suppressed in the Yin Sect was there ever since the establishment of the sect. Except for the predecessors of that era, no one knew what crime the devil had committed.

But for the rest of the evil clansmen, as long as they didn’t provoke humans or cause some great trouble, both sides could live in peace. It could be said that everyone was unwilling to provoke one another.

There was no expression on Jun Qing’s face. But there seemed to be cold ice hidden in his eyes, making people shudder.

Ming Shu didn’t seem to feel anything. She took out the fruit that hadn’t been finished that morning and nibbled twice. She was so hungry that she had to regain some physical strength.

There was still blood on her body, and her purple robe was darker. Jun Qing swept his gaze over Ming Shu, and just like the sect leader, he also felt that this girl was like an evil clansman at first glance.

But if you took a closer look, she was surrounded by Qi, and her breath was gentle and harmless.

The sect leader stepped forward. “Junior Sister Xuan Ji, you said he came for you, what is this about?”

Ming Shu continued nibbling the fruit. “How would I know, you should ask him. Maybe he thinks I’m a beauty and couldn’t help loving me?”

The sect leader was speechless. Can you not be so narcissistic?

You are indeed beautiful, but you are still little!

An evil clansman as a pedophile?!

” Cough cough… I failed today. To cut or to kill, it’s up to you. But if you want to get information from me, give up already.”

The evil clansman spoke with great integrity.

Today he underestimated the child of the Xuan family… no, not underestimated, it was that he had never seen such a descendant of the Xuan family.

Ming Shu felt a little tired as she’d stood all this time. So she squatted.

“Junior Sister Xuan Ji, be careful…” the peak master of Xingxiang Peak reminded her. Getting too close to an evil clansman was not safe.

Ming Shu smiled at the kind peak master, then poked the chest of the evil clansman with her Taiyan Sword. “Let’s talk.”

The evil clansman glared at her with eyes wide open.

Ming Shu disliked this. “Don’t be so fierce, you’re too ugly, you affect my appet.i.te.”

The evil clansman: “…”

The sect leader wanted to go forward, but was stopped by Jun Qing. A group of people had to stand by and watch Ming Shu “talking” to the evil clansman.

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“Let me ask you…”

“Ahhhh… stop…” The evil clansman screamed, “Kill me, just kill me!”

Ming Shu was very patient. “I still have some questions, so sorry, but I won’t kill you.”

The evil clansman huddled into a ball due to pain, and he roared at Ming Shu weakly, “Who are you, the Xuan family has no such evil magic arts!”

“Xuan family?”

“Is the Xuan family he said that Xuan family?”

All the peak masters’ expressions changed a bit.

Indeed, the last name of Xuan Ji was Xuan…

Ming Shu poked the evil clansman. “What do you want to catch me for?”

“No comment!”

The next second came the evil clansman’s scary screaming again. Everyone sensed that the devil breath around them was getting richer and richer, and the source was the body of the evil clansman.

After about the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the screams finally faded, and the evil clansman’s voice became hoa.r.s.e. “The blood of the Xuan family, we want the blood of the Xuan family, stop!”

The evil clansman couldn’t stand the torture of leaking devil breath from his body.

He said that the evil clan had a plan.

The evil clansmen’s world, the human world, and the immortal world were divided, and each time the evil clansmen wanted to travel across the worlds, there were certain limitations.

They wanted to break the limitations and send the evil clan to the human world in large numbers so as to attack and occupy the human world.

Among the people who set this limit at the beginning, the Xuan family made the array formation with their blood. Hence, if you wanted to break this array formation, you must use the blood of the descendants of the Xuan family.

In the original plot, the Host was indeed a.s.sociated with the evil clan after she became a villain…

Ming Shu tilted her head and asked, “Who killed the Xuan family?”

The evil clansman shook his head and gasped, “I don’t know. When we arrived, the whole Xuan family had already been killed in a blood river.” I won’t tell you even if I know it!

“The Xuan family was all killed?” The sect leader seemed to come back to himself just now. He walked over directly and pulled up the evil clansman from the ground. “Why didn’t we receive this news?”

The evil clansman was pulled up by the sect leader like a broken toy.

“How would I know. But the Xuan family was killed so violently, and there wasn’t even a person to collect the bodies, hahahahahaha…”

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