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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 224 - Gathering for Cultivation (24)

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Chapter 224: Gathering for Cultivation (24)

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“Eh… what’s this?” It’s alive! A spirit pet? So cute.


Little Beastie suddenly jumped up.

You are a dog!

Your whole family are dogs.

“That includes you.”

Little Beastie: “…”


It was not going to argue with the p.o.o.p-picker, because it was a generous beast.

Little Beastie rolled toward Lin Jin. The latter was thinking what it was amazing, and seeing Little Beastie rolling over, he tried to reach out and touch it. But Little Beastie’s fur immediately rose, and its black onyx-like eyes turned to glare at him ferociously.

Lin Jin was startled.

“Don’t touch it.” Ming Shu warned, “It bites.”

Lin Jin quickly took his hand back. When those soft hairs rose, they looked like countless silver needles which had been soaked in poison.

Little Beastie bounced to one side and shot itself at the roast meat next to Lin Jin.

The grill was knocked over, and Little Beastie precisely caught the meat in its mouth, then ran away quickly.

The size of the roast meat was n times larger than Little Beastie, but was tightly grasped anyway and disappeared somewhere within the blink of an eye.

Lin Jin looked at this incredible scene, dumbfounded.

The leader’s pet was also not common…

Ming Shu didn’t intend to explain anything about Little Beastie.

Lin Jin wanted to ask, but he didn’t dare, so finally he chose to continue cultivating.

Lin Jin had stayed at Lingjian Peak overnight sometimes. He felt it was easier to cultivate here than anywhere else.

Or rather, in the vicinity of Ming Shu, it was easier to cultivate.

The Qi around Ming Shu was like filtered water, rich and pure, putting no burden on the body. One didn’t encounter any obstacles when leveling up.

Lin Jin still ran about between two places. Later, when he could practice independently, he chose to retreat for cultivation. Lin Jin then simply lived on Lingjian Peak with his errand boys.

Yan Yin didn’t come again.

The sect leader once sent someone to check, but Ming Shu clearly refused to cultivate immortality. The sect leader was very angry and didn’t send others again.

One month later…

Yun Yao was going to finish the Foundation Establishment stage.

On that day, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The lightning fell on the Chihuo Peak, which was especially horrible.

Ming Shu touched Little Beastie’s fur and looked at the lightning and thunder in the distance.

There ought to be only three lightning strikes for Foundation Establishment, but now six strikes had come and gone…

The seventh fell.


The purple lightning seemed to want to tear the sky apart, and the deafening sound made people tremble in their hearts.

The eighth strike followed closely…

Just at this time, the eighth lightning strike suddenly turned a corner, flying toward the Yanyue Peak, which was covered in clouds and mist.

The moment the lightning dropped, an arc of light rose from the Yanyue Peak and converged upon it.

It seemed Yun Yao and Zi Luo were building their foundations at the same time…

But this thunderbolt should be Zi Luo’s, as Yun Yao’s supreme-spirit root originally came from an unknown source.

On this day there was only one thunderbolt for one person to build a foundation.

In other words, these two now not only had to endure the strikes but also needed to attract the lightning to strike on their own.

If a disciple couldn’t suffer through the number of lightning strikes required for Foundation Establishment, they would fail.



A sharp blade suddenly whipped through the air. Ming Shu moved her eyes slightly and threw Little Beastie out in a quick move. Little Beastie and the sharp blade slammed into each other, sending out a fierce z heng noise.

The blade was broken and fell to the ground, then dissipated into the air.

Little Beastie jumped to the ground and rolled into the crack in the stone nearby to hide.

I’m so angry!

The p.o.o.p-picker had gone too far these days. She used it as a hidden weapon without telling it first.

Ming Shu looked at somewhere in the void. The air there seemed to be fluctuating, then countless sharp blades shot over at the same time.

Ming Shu waved her sleeves to stop the blades. Her arm was struck and the blades bounced back.

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As they were about to arrive back at their original position, the blades suddenly stopped and floated in the air.

“You’re not here to kill me?” Ming Shu took back her hands. “Why the attack, then! Is there something wrong with you?”

The black-robed man: “…”

Although he was not here to kill her, he was coming to grab her. What was wrong with attacking?

Ming Shu bent over and picked up the Taiyan Sword. She placed the tip of the sword against her own chest, preparing to kill herself.

The black-robed man was shocked. “Stop!”

Ming Shu stared back and said, “Why? You won’t kill me, can’t I kill myself?”

As she was saying this, Ming Shu stabbed into her own chest without hesitation.

The man: “…” WTF!


The thunder and lightning were still continuing. Zi Luo was injured all over her body. At this time, she was held in Jun Qing’s arms, and Jun Qing protected her from the falling lightning.

It was just a Foundation Establishment process, but there were already about ten lightning strikes, which was not normal…


“Don’t be afraid.” Jun Qing touched Zi Luo’s forehead.

The next second, another lightning strike dropped, and it split apart the arc of light over their heads, then hit Jun Qing’s back. He let out a pained sound.

Jun Qing suddenly narrowed his eyes. It’s the breath of a devil…

How was there the breath of a devil here.

While the next lightning strike was on its way, Jun Qing took the chance to look up to somewhere. It’s on Lingjian Peak…

How could there be such a strong breath of devil on Lingjian Peak.

Obviously, not only Jun Qing noticed this, the sect leader and other peak masters also noticed.

Lingjian Peak was shrouded under the breath of a devil.

Soon everyone saw a white and black light shoot from Lingjian Peak. And before anyone could see clearly what it was, the light disappeared into the thunderclouds.


The thunder became louder than before, like a thousand soldiers and horses galloping in war.

Lightning strikes were produced one after another among the thunderclouds, illuminating half the sky. It seemed the thunderclouds were fighting against something and spared no time to strike at the two other people.

No one knew how long had pa.s.sed, and the thunderclouds gradually dispersed, leaving only a thick, dark breath of devil, which shrouded the Lingjian Peak.

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