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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 222 - Gathering for Cultivation (22)

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Chapter 222: Gathering for Cultivation (22)

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Ming Shu saw Zi Luo was walking not far below, so she planted the Qing Sword into the soil, and then disappeared to hide to one side.

The Qing Sword was very showy, and Zi Luo noticed it as soon as she came up.

The Qing Sword suddenly rang and flew out of the soil by itself, then landed in front of Zi Luo.

Zi Luo was a bit startled. She had tried to pull so many swords along the way, but all in vain. Now suddenly a sword flew to her on its own, she was naturally very surprised.


The vibrations of the Qing Sword made the nearby swords start humming as well.

Zi Luo looked around and pointed at herself. “Me?”


The Qing Sword continued vibrating. Zi Luo carefully reached out to grasp the Qing Sword. It didn’t resist, which seemed a bit different from what the master had told her…

Zi Luo sighed in relief. No matter what, she finally took a sword, and she could report on this mission to the master now.

As soon as Zi Luo left, Ming Shu turned to check on Yun Yao.

Yun Yao was looking for the sword she had met while reading the book, but she didn’t see any sign of that sword.

She remembered that Zi Luo got the sword on Lingjian Peak. Why couldn’t she find it… Had it been taken by Zi Luo?

No, no, she arrived earlier and walked faster than her, that stupid female protagonist should still be lagging behind.

Yun Yao looked up at the mountain that extended into the clouds. Is it at a higher place?

She gritted her teeth and continued to climb.


The sounds of the surrounding swords made Yun Yao halt her steps. She looked around to see all the swords around her were vibrating. Then countless swords broke through the soil and lined up in the air. Their sharp ends turned to Yun Yao at the same time.

Yun Yao stiffened on the spot.

“Run!” a young voice shouted at her.

Yun Yao didn’t have time to think about it, and she quickly turned to run downhill.

The surrounding swords continued to break out of the ground, chasing her and forcing her down the mountain.

Yun Yao ran down to see Ming Shu standing at the foot of the mountain. Now she completely understood what this was about.

“Xuan Ji!” Yun Yao rushed out of Lingjian Peak and went straight to Ming Shu aggressively.

Ah ah ah … What, what, why so fierce, do you want to kill me and grab my snacks?

Yun Yao directly attacked Ming Shu with a magic art, trying to pin Ming Shu on the ground.

Ming Shu lifted the Taiyan Sword to block it, but she was pushed into taking a few steps back nonetheless. Apparently, Yun Yao’s attack was indeed fierce.

Oh my G.o.d! Our fake female protagonist is getting angry!

I’m not prepared yet.

[…] What are you going to prepare?

Yun Yao certainly wouldn’t give Ming Shu the time to prepare. She threw continuous magic art attacks at Ming Shu.

Yun Yao suddenly rushed down the mountain and fought Ming Shu, which attracted curious disciples from each peak to watch.

Jun Qing stood far away, but he could see clearly that Ming Shu was using the Taiyan Sword more like an ordinary sword. She wasn’t relying on the Taiyan Sword…

What was she relying on, then?


Yun Yao was kicked into the stream by Ming Shu, and half of her body sank into the water, which completely drenched her in an instant. The clothes clung tightly to Yun Yao’s body, drawing graceful curves.


The Chihuo peak master shouted and stopped Ming Shu. Yun Yao took the opportunity to stand up from the stream and quickly dried her clothes using magic arts.

Then she looked at Ming Shu with a reddened face, and complained in an ashamed and angry tone, “Master, Xuan Ji deliberately controlled those swords to drive me down the mountain, she didn’t want me to take any swords.”

Just now, many people also saw that there were countless swords appearing at the periphery of Lingjian Peak.

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Hearing this, the peak master of Chihuo Peak was instantly irritated. “Xuan Ji, what on earth do you want to do?”

I’m not that easy to kill!

The Taiyan Sword cooperatively responded to its owner with a humming sound.

An invisible airflow swept over, and the disciples who were not strong enough lost their balance, then fell to the ground one after another.

The Chihuo peak master was a bit surprised. The Taiyan Sword actually protected her…

At this time, the sect master sent a sound transmission message to the Chihuo peak master, telling him not to argue further. The Chihuo peak master didn’t accept it as a final say, and he questioned how the sect master could tolerate this bullying.

The sect master was also very helpless. She had the Taiyan Sword to protect her, what could they do? Just as she said, would they kill her and find another owner for Taiyan Sword? This was simply not realistic!

“Xuan Ji, just wait!” The Chihuo peak master left angrily.

Ming Shu maintained her provoking smiling face. “Okay, okay, I’ll wait, I’m so scared.”

“Master…” Yun Yao widened her eyes. That was it? She drove her down the mountain, how could she not be punished! Couldn’t my master seek justice for me?

Reminded by Yun Yao, the angry Chihuo peak master remembered he had an apprentice waiting beside him. He pacified Yun Yao: “I will find you a better sword.”


“All right, come back with me.”

Yun Yao glared at Ming Shu hatefully while gritting her teeth. Under all kinds of gazes, she had to follow the Chihuo peak master and leave.

Just at this time, Zi Luo stumbled down from Lingjian Peak, holding the Qing Sword in her hand.

Yun Yao was the first one to see Zi Luo—to see the Qing Sword in her hand.

Yun Yao’s face paled immediately. It was taken by her!

Jun Qing was obviously very satisfied with this. He personally went up to adjust Zi Luo’s clothing, then, under the gazes of the public, he took Zi Luo back to their Yanyue Peak.

Ming Shu couldn’t help smiling more happily. Was the fake female protagonist angered to the point of explosion?

My Hatred Points should be almost full, right?

[Not yet.]

Ming Shu: “…”

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