Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 22 - Gossip Queen (22)

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Chapter 22: Gossip Queen (22)

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Looking at the handcuffs around her wrists, Ming Shu released a sigh. Rich people truly are different. Of course he’d have such realistic props!

The pa.s.sing scenery outside the window became more and more desolate. She didn’t know where Jiang Xun was going to take her.

That incense was spiked with some kind of overpowering drug, which would cause loss of strength.

Ming Shu felt nothing in her heart, and even had the desire to eat something.

“Niannian, give me a chance, all right?” With an imploring voice, Jiang Xun looked straight ahead. He didn’t want to do this, but devastated by Ming Shu’s refusal, he couldn’t help it…

With a drowsy feeling creeping over her, Ming Shu curled up in the pa.s.senger seat. She turned her head when she heard Jiang Xun’s voice and said, “Dear brother, there are so many beautiful women in the world, why do you have to like me?”

I’m really not a person you should like!

Blue veins were spreading all over the back of Jiang Xun’s hand, which showed he was strongly restraining his body’s desire. His gaze drifted away, seemingly trapped in memories. “I remember when you were a little girl, you looked like a snow white fluffy ball and always called me brother in a crisp and sweet voice…”

Most of what Jiang Xun said couldn’t be found in the Host’s memory anymore. Probably the Host was too young to remember it.

But Jiang Xun remembered everything clearly.


I need a whole bunch of snacks to calm down.

“I don’t know why, but you began to alienate me starting in middle school, and even quarreled with me as you grew older…” Jiang Xun’s face was full of pain. “I didn’t want to fight with you. But every time you saw me you were filled with impatience. Niannian, did you know how anguished I was at that time?”

Ming Shu was fiddling with the handcuffs and her face was covered by dangling hair. Her faint voice emerged: “Because you were too controlling.”

Since the Host attended middle school, Jiang Xun started to control her in almost every way. What kind of friends she was going to make, where to hang out and what to eat, all of these he required to know.

Teenagers were at a rebellious age and not even their parents restricted her as tightly as him, plus she incidentally knew that Jiang Xun was not her biological brother then, so how could she not feel annoyed?

Jiang Xun felt his lips twitch. “I just don’t want you to be hurt by others.”

Ming Shu sneered. “That’s why you lost your dear sister.”

Squeak —

The car suddenly stopped. With its tires rubbing against the ground, a harsh sound was produced. Ming Shu was thrown forward suddenly and then was violently pulled back by the seatbelt. The hit made her feel dizzy in the head.

Then a pair of hands pushed on her shoulders, and a familiar breath came near. “Niannian, I won’t lose you.”

“You have lost me.” Ming Shu shook her head. So faint.

“No! I won’t!” Jiang Xun looked at Ming Shu with his determined eyes. That hidden madness appeared again.

He released Ming Shu and started the car. He would never lose her.

Ming Shu was still affected by the drug and could do nothing but nest in the pa.s.senger seat, feeling Jiang Xun’s mad and evil thoughts.

She was taken to a villa in the neighboring city, where the layout seemed to follow what the Host preferred. But all the windows and doors of the villa used a high-tech system that needed a fingerprint to unlock.

“Niannian, my good girl, you will live here and no one else can bother us.” A bit of joy emerged on Jiang Xun’s face. “I arranged all of this for you, personally. Do you like it?”

He would live here forever with his Niannian.

His Niannian would always belong to him.

He believed that one day Niannian would like him, and accept him.

“I’m hungry.” Ming Shu took things as they came.

Jiang Xun’s eyes lit up. “I’ll cook some food for you. Niannian, stay here waiting for me. Don’t try to run away or I’ll be angry.”

Ming Shu smiled, then fell on the sofa, pretending to rest.

Come on, you have to feed me thoroughly first!

With an empty stomach, how can I have the strength to escape!

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Ming Shu’s obedience made Jiang Xun feel soft inside. His eyes were full of love, and he didn’t need to hide his affection anymore.

“Niannian…” Jiang Xun suddenly bent over, his hands next to Ming Shu’s ears, his eyes was filled with a crazy desire to possess. “You are mine, you can’t leave me.”

The illumination from the bulb over Jiang Xun’s head fell into Ming Shu’s eyes, breaking into countless shimmering lights. With her glittering smile, it was extremely intoxicating. “If I want to leave, no one can stop me.”

Ming Shu suddenly bent her legs. Jiang Xun subconsciously seized them tighter but failed. Ming Shu curled her body swiftly under Jiang Xun and successfully grabbed one of his hands. The handcuff was transferred from Ming Shu’s wrist to Jiang Xun’s.

Jiang Xun then quickly used another hand to grab Ming Shu, yet Ming Shu moved to the bedside, ruining his confidence and hitting his hand with her head. The other hand was also handcuffed now.

Ming Shu jumped out of bed, watching Jiang Xun floundering in irritation.

Jiang Xun didn’t expect that he would be caught by Ming Shu.

“Niannian…” Jiang Xun pulled the handcuffs hard. But they were designed by himself, so they definitely couldn’t be broken out of so easily. “Niannian, where are you going?”

“Downstairs to eat something,” Ming Shu answered without turning back.

Physical activity was really tiring.


Jiang Xun opened the handcuffs using the key and ran downstairs. The door was open. The sound of the car’s engine starting came from outside.

He ran out of the villa. Ming Shu had propped her arms on the car window, waiting for him leisurely.

She waved to Jiang Xun and smiled. “Jiang Xun, we will never meet again!”

The car slipped out of the villa.

Jiang Xun shouted in despair, “Jiang Nian!”

Through the rearview mirror, Ming Shu saw him standing motionlessly where he was. The lights on the front lawn sketched out his tall, thin figure.

Ming Shu tapped the window with her fingertips and her lips slightly curled.

The car drove further and further away, disappearing into the dark.

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