Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 217 - Gathering for Cultivation (17)

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Chapter 217: Gathering for Cultivation (17)

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Although she was the last, the attention on Ming Shu was the greatest.

Everyone was thinking the same thing: You are still eating when you walked past the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array. Are you on holiday?

The sect leader and the people around him were thinking: Does she have secret weapons?

“Don’t look at me like this, I will be embarra.s.sed.” There were too many people looking at her. Ming Shu finished her meat in a few bites and shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I have finished my meat. If you want some, go get it yourself.”

Everyone: “…” Who wants your food!

The sect leader cleared his throat. The person beside him understood his intention. “Congratulations to everyone on pa.s.sing the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array… Can the disciple whose name is called come forward.”

It was starting, it was starting.

This would decide which peak they would be going to.

If they were lucky, they could even become an apprentice of one of the peak leaders.

However, Yun Yao and Zi Luo were not the first to be called. They were not the third, either. The names seemed to be called randomly.

“Sect Master, Junior Brother Yan Yin is not here yet…”

The sect leader looked at the disciple representing Lihun Peak and sighed. “Lihun Peak has a hard time gaining disciples. Keep a lookout for them. If there is anyone suitable, send them to him directly.”

The person seemed unhappy with the decision, but didn’t dare to talk back to the sect leader. He unwillingly agreed.

“You chose an array that needed sword skills in the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array. Are you willing to be part of Chihuo Peak?”

Normal disciples were chosen by the elders of the Seven Peaks.

“Yes yes.” The disciple below was very excited.


Ming Shu felt that she should be the last one. There was still plenty of time. She found a place to sit down and continued eating her meat.

The person closest to her stared at her with a strange look.

Didn’t she say that there was none left?

Ming Shu looked at the person with vigilance. “What are you looking at?”

“…” I can’t even look at you?

The person thought back about Ming Shu’s fighting history and decided not to argue with her. He turned around and looked at the front again.

Most of the people went into Chihuo Peak. Jinlan Peak also chose quite a few disciples. Xingxiang Peak followed closely behind.

As for Lihun Peak…

Their peak master had not appeared and the disciples of Lihun Peak appeared indifferent too. They didn’t make any moves.

“Next, Yun Yao.”

When her name was read, she took a deep breath and walked to the center with her head high as she accepted everyone’s scrutiny.

Everyone was excited when Yun Yao went up.

She was the much-antic.i.p.ated partic.i.p.ant this year.

“Yun Yao, are you willing to be my apprentice?” Jinlan Peak’s leader opened his mouth first. “If you become my apprentice, you will be the last one.”

The crowd flared. The last disciple…

As expected of a supreme-spirit root owner.

Yan Yao didn’t want to accept the offer. She wanted to be the disciple of the male protagonist, Yanyue Peak’s master.

However, the male protagonist hadn’t appeared. She could only smile.

Jinlan Peak wasn’t angry at all. As a supreme-spirit root owner, she had the right to choose.

After Jinlan Peak, Chihuo Peak also said their conditions and it caused another commotion within the crowd.

The rest of the peaks all showed their interest, but Yun Yao continued to smile.

“Yun Yao, are you willing to be my apprentice?” The sect leader didn’t say much and just gave her a sentence.

Yun Yao was very agitated. The male protagonist still hadn’t appeared…

If she didn’t choose now, it would cause displeasure among everyone.

“Have you finished considering?”

Yun Yao gritted her teeth and gathered her courage. “Yes, Sect Master, I want to enter Yanyue Peak.”

Everyone instantly quieted down.

Most of the disciples from the external division weren’t sure of Yanyue Peak.

But the inner sect disciples knew.

There was only one person living on Yanyue Peak, Master Jun Qing.

And he didn’t have any disciples.

He was the most powerful person in the Yin Sect.

Even if she had a supreme-spirit root, this request was too outrageous.

“Just because she has a supreme-spirit root, she wants to become a disciple of Yanyue Peak? Who does she think she is?”

“Master Jun Qing would never take her in.”

The female inner sect disciples were more irritated. They could not afford to let anyone lay their hands on Master Jun Qing.

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The external disciples now knew what Yanyue Peak was and looked at Yun Yao with a different expression.

Everyone flared up again.

“Bulls.h.i.t, Master Jun Qing would never take in any disciple!” Before the sect leader could speak, the female disciples shouted out first.

“We don’t believe this, Master Jun Qing would never take in disciples.”


“Don’t believe it, don’t believe it.”

Zi Luo was frightened by these female disciples and her face turned pale.

The sect leader was angry and shouted, “Quiet!”

However, his shout didn’t shut people up. Everyone let out a huge sigh together.

A person in white flew in on a sword.

He landed on the platform with his hands behind his back and scanned the crowd with his cold eyes. Everyone looked down. His aura was overbearing.

“Uncle Master.”

The sect leader regained his composure and paid his respects too.

Jun Qing acknowledged them and looked toward Zi Luo.

Zi Luo called in a small voice, “Master.”

Jun Qing nodded. “Come here.”

Zi Luo swallowed and walked over from the side.

Jun Qing raised his hand and touched Zi Luo’s forehead. A mark the shape of a snowflake appeared briefly on her skin.

He didn’t say anything, but his actions showed everyone that Zi Luo was his disciple and she was part of Yanyue Peak.

Yun Yao looked at Zi Luo and Jun Qing. Hatred almost shot out of her eyes.

Jun Qing seemed to have realized this and glanced at her. Yun Yao immediately retracted her gaze and stood there obediently.

Jun Qing pulled Zi Luo to his side.


Jun Qing spoke out of the blue.

“Uncle Master, there are still a few more people left.”


The sect leader looked at Jun Qing and pondered for a while. He wanted to stand here and watch!

“Next…” The voice of the person who was shouting started to tremble.

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