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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 216 - Gathering for Cultivation (16)

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Chapter 216: Gathering for Cultivation (16)

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Outside the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array…

The elders from the external division had arrived and there were some senior brothers from the internal division organizing the crowd.

As for the elders from the internal division, they could only see them after pa.s.sing through the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array.

“… If you can’t handle it anymore, break the jade pendant and there will be people to bring you out. The Nine Zigzag Mountain Array is very dangerous and could be fatal. Please be careful.”

When Ming Shu arrived, the deacon elder was already reading out the precautions.

“The person whose name is read out, please come to collect your pendant.”

“Liao Qiuping.”

“Fang Hong.”

The people whose names were called collected their jade pendants and walked toward the mountain under the lead of the inner sect disciples.

The mountain didn’t seem special in any way.

“Xuan Ji, I will be going first. You be careful,” Lin Jin said to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu nodded her head and watched as Lin Jin left with his jade pendant.

“Hu Yingping.”

“Zi Luo.”

“Yun Yao.”

Yun Yao and Zi Luo took their jade pendants together. Yun Yao had been practicing hard these few days and there seemed to be some results. Some of the deacon elders were nodding their heads in satisfaction.

Yun Yao took her jade pendant. When she turned around, she coincidently saw Ming Shu standing beside her and her expression darkened. She calmly shifted her gaze away and walked off.

“Xuan Ji.”

The deacon elder put down the name list after reading out Xuan Ji’s name. Everyone looked silently toward Ming Shu.

This was the only servant disciple partic.i.p.ating in the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array.

How could anyone not notice her?

“So, she is Xuan Ji?”

The inner sect disciples were very curious.

They had heard about news within the Seven Peaks. She was a prominent figure in the external division and most importantly, she had a three-spirit root.

“I heard that she has a three-spirit root. She will never pa.s.s the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array.”

“There are always exceptions. What if she”

“Besides the two supreme-spirit root owners this year, this three-spirit root is the one that is attracting the most attention. Such a wonder.”

The two supreme-spirit root owners were Zi Luo and Yun Yao.

Among all the spirit roots, the supreme-spirit root was the most powerful. Those with the supreme-spirit root were born with the innate ability to cultivate immortality.

Yun Yao wasn’t a supreme-spirit root owner at the start, but after she came back in time, she became one. This might be the benefits of being a protagonist?

Ming Shu smiled and walked forward under the indifferent gaze of the crowd.

Elder Hong pa.s.sed the jade pendant personally to Ming Shu and just said, “Jiayou.”

Ming Shu nodded and went to the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array with her pendant.

On top of the mountain…

The entire mountain top was flat land. There was a gate at the northern side of the land. That was the exit of the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array.

Standing on the platforms were the elders of the sect. They were wearing the same Taoist robes but in different colors.

Below them stood some disciples. They were either the apprentices of the elders or important disciples within the Sect. The disciples were all in a heated conversation.

The man in the black robe was the leader among the elders standing on the platform. He was the middle-aged man that Ming Shu saw on the mountain that day. He was the sect leader of the Yin Sect.

The sect leader looked at the quiet gate and asked, “Is Junior Brother Yan Yin not here yet?”

The man in the red robe sneered from beside him, “I sent someone to call him just now. He is still sleeping. Sect Master, you are pampering him so much he slacks off at such an important event.”

The sect leader’s expression didn’t change. He said indifferently, “He is the peak master of the Lihun Peak.”

The man in the red robe grunted and appeared unhappy. However, he controlled his emotions and didn’t speak up anymore.

“Sect Master, who do you think will come out first?”

The sect leader pondered for a while. “You all have been watching Yun Yao and Zi Luo for this year. Their abilities are on par and it is hard to say who will come out first.”

“Zi Luo’s power increased exponentially recently. I feel that she might be able to be the first.”

Everyone looked at each other and saw determination in their eyes.

Supreme-spirit root.

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And there were two of them.

Lin Jin strained his neck and looked toward the door. None of the people coming out was the one he was looking for.

“The time is up.”

“There are still a lot of people stuck inside.”

“Don’t worry, there is still some time…”

The conversations around Lin Jin made him even more anxious. He knew that Ming Shu was very good at fighting, but that skill was useless in the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array. She needed to use magic arts to pa.s.s.

Will she be able to pa.s.s?

“Sigh… they most probably failed the test.”

The incense stick was already fully burnt.

“I knew that Xuan Ji would not be able to pa.s.s the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array!”

“Tsk, as a three-spirit root owner, she still wants to enter the internal division. Is she daydreaming?”

The sect leader waved his hand and ordered, “Close the gate.”

The disciples of Wuying Peak went to close the gate. Just as they were about to apply their magic arts, the gate started to move and a shadow walked out.

A strange fragrance dispersed through the air.

There was a sudden moment of silence.


“She managed to pa.s.s…”

The crowd burst into a series of conversations.

Yun Yao looked at the gate with a long face. Ming Shu was holding a piece of meat and munching on it.

” Aiyah , I pa.s.sed in time.” Ming Shu’s tone was relaxed.

Wuying Peak’s disciples: “…”

The sect leader and the people around him looked at the meat in Ming Shu’s hand and fell into deep contemplation.

Ming Shu was too special compared to the other disciples.

It wasn’t just referring to the fact that she was eating. Her image and aura both made her seem as though she had walked through the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array casually.

This is Xuan Ji…

“Sect Master, what is wrong with this Xuan Ji?” She was definitely a three-spirit root owner and had never learned the foundation of cultivation before.

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