Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 213 - Gathering for Cultivation (13)

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Chapter 213: Gathering for Cultivation (13)

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The normal disciples didn’t know about the escape of the evil clan devil.

Hence, it was very peaceful below the mountain. However, Ming Shu’s appearance broke the peaceful atmosphere.

“Xuan Ji, aren’t you dead?” Xiang Lan brought some people along and blocked her way. Her face was filled with anger. “Why did you come back?”

Who the h.e.l.l spread the rumor about me dying!

Ming Shu smiled. “I came back from the dead. Are you scared?”

Xiang Lan didn’t believe her. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

There was no such thing as coming back from the dead in this world.

Ming Shu continued smiling. “You said I was dead and then said I was talking nonsense when I explained I came back from the dead. Why are you so unreasonable?”


The second Ming Shu finished her sentence, Xiang Lan was thrown to the ground by Ming Shu.

Xiang Lan’s sidekicks wanted to help her up, naturally. Ming Shu’s smiling eyes scanned them and they froze on the spot.

Everyone: “…” Is this how reasonable you are?

Ming Shu looked down and stared into the angry eyes of Xiang Lan, which were almost bursting with fire. “Be more reasonable next time, okay?”

Ming Shu beat Xiang Lan the moment she came back and caused a commotion among everyone. Some people were curious as to where Ming Shu went in this period of time while others commented on how powerful she was.

Elder Xu, who was not on good terms with Ming Shu, heard the commotion and came over.

“Xuan Ji! Where did you go?” Elder Xu immediately released his imposing aura and wanted to challenge Ming Shu.

However, Ming Shu firmly stood her ground. Only her clothes swayed slightly. She ignored Elder Xu’s aura.

“To cultivate immortality.” Ming Shu looked at Elder Xu’s long face and smiled slowly. “What else can I do? Save the world?”

“You have a three-spirit root. No matter how much you cultivate, you will still be useless. What is the use of cultivating?” Elder Xu slammed the table and felt that Ming Shu was lying. “What do you take this place as? You disappear whenever you want and appear as you like?”

“Why can’t a three-spirit root owner cultivate? Are you looking down on three-spirit root owners?”

“For a three-spirit root owner, even the foundation would be hard for them to cultivate. It is the same as a useless spirit root. Who are you lying to when you say you went to cultivate immortality?”

“To you.”


When Elder Hong entered, the two of them were already in a heated argument.

Of course, most of the time it was Elder Xu who was shouting angrily. Ming Shu smiled and answered him and Elder Xu easily became angrier. The cycle continued.

When Ming Shu calmly left with a gentle smile, Elder Xu was already smashing tables inside and wanted to kick Ming Shu out of the Yin Sect.

“Xuan Ji, why do you have to provoke him? You should know his temper. He didn’t like you from the start.” Elder Hong pulled Ming Shu to a corner.

“He started it.” Ming Shu didn’t know what motive Elder Hong had, but he didn’t do what Elder Xu did so Ming Shu gave him a better att.i.tude.

Elder Hong sighed. “He is still the deacon elder. If you can tolerate him, just tolerate him. Once you enter the internal division, you can find him for trouble then.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “How do you know I will enter the internal division?”

Elder Hong sighed. “I can see that you are not a normal person.”

The aura in her body was very pure. Although he couldn’t see her mental state, he felt that it should be very stable too.

This kind of person, even if they had the three-spirit root, would rise to the top.

Elder Hong said a few more words and left.

Ming Shu was not curious about Elder Hong’s intentions at all.

Elder Xu really went to report her and claimed that she was disrespectful and didn’t abide by the rules of the sect. He wanted to kick her out of the Yin Sect.

Many people were waiting to laugh at Ming Shu.

Even if no one dared to provoke her now, it didn’t mean that there were people who liked her.

Elder Hong tried to fight for her, but the result was given out.

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However, this result didn’t reach Ming Shu’s hand. The disciple who was supposed to bring the news over was called back and this issue died.

The young man was still worried, but Zi Luo stood firm to her decision. In the end, he said, “Be careful, then. This person doesn’t have a good reputation. If anything happens, just shout and I will bring people over. I don’t think she will dare bully you.”

Zi Luo nodded.

She walked out of the practice area with a heavy heart.

Ming Shu sat on the stone lion outside the practice area and looked up at the sky. Everyone stood far away from her and pointed at her.

Zi Luo looked at her stance and suddenly didn’t dare to approach her.

She gritted her teeth and finally walked toward the stone lion under the gazes of the crowd. “h.e.l.lo, what are you looking for me for?”

Ming Shu looked down at the female protagonist. Her aura was different from the fake female protagonist’s aura. Zi Luo’s entire body was covered in Qi like a pure precious stone.

Ming Shu came to find the female protagonist with the blue-sea stone in hand.

She sized the female protagonist up.

There were a few practice areas in the external division. The female protagonist was not in the same practice area as Yun Yao so Ming Shu only watched her from afar before.

The female protagonist was very lowkey. This might be because her journey only started after the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array when she found her teacher.

Zi Luo felt awkward under Ming Shu’s gaze. “Excuse me, what business do you have with me?”

Ming Shu asked, “Do you know how to cook?”

Zi Luo was stunned. Cook?

Zi Luo didn’t know what Ming Shu wanted to do, but she felt that Ming Shu was a bit scary. She stammered, “Yes… a little bit.”

Ming Shu jumped down the stone lion and smiled. “Cook something for me and I will give you something good.”

“W… what?”

Cook for her?

What kind of request is this?

Zi Luo looked around her. There were more and more people surrounding them. She considered for a while and said, “Follow me, then. But I only know how to cook a little…”

Ming Shu followed Zi Luo with antic.i.p.ation.

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