Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 211 - Gathering for Cultivation (11)

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Chapter 211: Gathering for Cultivation (11)

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“Normal blue-sea stones are very hard. They can only be broken using the power during the transition period,” Black Coal said. “If you use it for your cultivation, you will be able to progress quicker. Why did you destroy it?”

Those humans outside would fight to the death to get their hands on this item.

Ming Shu looked at the stone in her hand and said faintly, “I don’t want to cultivate immortality.”

“…” I have nothing to say.

Yun Yao was almost exploding from anger. Why did she s.n.a.t.c.h it from her if she didn’t want it? Is she stupid?

Ming Shu thought for a while and kept the stone. If she brought it to the female protagonist, she might be able to exchange it for some food.

Ming Shu bent over and looked at Yun Yao on the floor. Yun Yao was speechless from anger. Ming Shu smiled extra brightly. “Yes be angry. It will be better if you hate me.”

Yun Yao: “…”


Ming Shu tied Yun Yao up.

“What are you doing? Xuan Ji, let go of me. Aren’t you afraid of being found out by the sect?”

“I am so afraid,” Ming Shu said and continued dragging her toward the coffin.

“Let go of me, and I will pretend that nothing happened and we never met each other today.” Yun Yao took the opportunity and made her offer.

Ming Shu threw Yun Yao into the empty coffin and put the lid back.

“That is not possible.” She purposely did all this to gain Hatred Points. How could she take it as nothing had happened?

“Xuan Ji, are you crazy! Let me out!”

“Xuan Ji!”

“Let me out!”

Black Coal looked at the coffin and silently took a few steps back.

“You are not leaving? Are you waiting for people to come and welcome you and then lock you up again?” Ming Shu looked at the wavering Black Coal.

Black Coal hesitated. “Are you really letting me go?”

Ming Shu dusted the sand off her clothes. “Don’t bulls.h.i.t, when did I free you?”


Ming Shu lifted her skirts and left. Black Coal immediately followed her. After following her for some distance, Black Coal returned to the coffin and walked around it for a while before catching up to Ming Shu again.

Yun Yao’s voice got further and further away until it disappeared.

Ming Shu went back to the ground.

“Has your power recovered fully?” Ming Shu held the stone wall and asked Black Coal, who was beside her.

“Not yet.” Black Coal looked at the Seven Peaks in the distance and hastened his pace. “They have discovered it. I need to go.”


“Hope to see you again.” Black Coal slowly sank into the darkness. “You are a good person. I will repay you when I have the chance.”

Black Coal finished his sentence and disappeared into the night.

Ming Shu was given a good person card. “…”

What do you mean by I am a good person?

I don’t want you to have the chance, I want you to give me some food now!

F**k, you ran away so quickly.

Ming Shu searched her body. Her food was all finished just now and she was really hungry!


A soft voice came from above Ming Shu’s head.

She instantly looked up and saw a black shadow right above her, looking down on her like a king looking at his subordinate.

d.a.m.n it! Is he planning to frighten me to death so that he can inherit my snacks?

Luckily I have no snacks on me today.

Ming Shu retracted her gaze calmly and retraced her steps.

So hungry.

I need to go back and have some food.

“…” The black shadow that was ignored was blank.

The black shadow flew down lightly and blocked Ming Shu’s path. “Were you talking to a devil just now?”

It was a man.

The voice was slightly low and the tone was lazy as if the person needed to use much effort to speak.

Ming Shu recognized this voice.

It was the man that appeared last time.

Ming Shu smiled. “Did I talk just now?”

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“I heard it.”

Ming Shu’s tone was light-hearted. “You can be, too. If you change your clothes, you can be the pretty girl.”

Yan Yin: “…”

This little girl was saying that he looked like a girl!

Yan Yin didn’t beat around the bush and said lazily, “If you don’t want to get involved in this matter tomorrow, you need to listen to me from now on. I will teach you how to cultivate immortality and you will come to my Lihun Peak after the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array. I will pretend that I saw nothing tonight. How about that?”

Ming Shu stared at the man opposite her.

Someone suddenly popped out and wanted to teach her how to cultivate?

Is his brain fried?

Or does he have other motives…

But it’s okay.

I will just take on whatever comes my way. If something happens, I can always commit suicide and go on a murder spree.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Yan Yin.] The Harmony System suddenly appeared and gave her a mission.


Was the master harboring evil intentions toward her?

Just great. She was getting a bit irritated by Yan Yin.

Ming Shu smiled. “Then can I bother you to kill someone first?”


“I buried a person inside there and she knew that I was the one behind everything. She is not dead yet. Now… she must have been discovered by the others already. When she comes out, she might identify me as the culprit.”

There was a 50% possibility that Yun Yao would identify her.

She might not identify her, though, since Ming Shu knew some things about her. If Yun Yao was a bit more cowardly and afraid of her vengeance, she would keep quiet.

Yan Yin: “…”

What else did you do behind my back!

Ming Shu continued, “Don’t worry, Master. If I am in trouble, you will not be able to run away either. You must be really tired after finding me in the middle of the night. Take it as compensation. You don’t have to be polite.”

F**k, why are you not cultivating in the middle of the night. Instead, you decided to come here and bulls.h.i.t me? Has your brain been fried from all the cultivation?

Ming Shu finished her sentence and turned around. She was very hungry now and didn’t want to continue talking to Yan Yin.

Yan Yin sneered.

Who wants to be polite with you!

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