Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 210 - Gathering for Cultivation (10)

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Chapter 210: Gathering for Cultivation (10)

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Yun Yao dug into the soil while thinking about what to do now.

She didn’t know why, but the spiritual power in her body felt like it was sealed. She could feel it, but couldn’t use it.

She didn’t expect that it would be different for her here compared with the female protagonist. When the female protagonist came in, she didn’t encounter such a strange thing and just got the treasure directly.

But she came in only to meet such a strange thing and… a psychopath-like Xuan Ji.

Yun Yao felt it was a little bit unfair. This treatment was far worse.

“What’s the situation outside now?” Black Coal asked Ming Shu about the news of outside world.

“Regardless, if you get out, you’ll be chased and beaten by people.”

“What are you looking at!” Black Coal shouted at Yun Yao, and the latter immediately lowered her head and continued digging. The mist around the Black Coal floated closer to Ming Shu. “You are a human. If you let me out, are you not afraid of being encircled by them?”

Ming Shu looked down on Black Coal. “Hey, be reasonable, what did I do?”

Black Coal silently glanced at Yun Yao, who was digging into the soil. After quite a while it uttered, “Insidious human.”

Ming Shu didn’t say anything then. She ate her food while watching Yun Yao excavating.


A large pit gradually appeared in the ground, and Ming Shu walked closer to it. The Black Coal retreated backward, seemingly afraid of being attacked by Ming Shu. But also fearing that she might trick it and save Yun Yao, it didn’t dare to retreat too far.

“Xuan Ji…” Seeing Ming Shu coming over, Yun Yao lowered her voice and said, “That is a devil. You want to help the devil?”

Ming Shu looked up at her and grinned. “You’re thinking too much, I just came to s.n.a.t.c.h something.”

Yun Yao’s expression was somewhat cracked.

She’s here to s.n.a.t.c.h something?

How did she know that she was looking for something?


Before Yun Yao thought about it clearly, she hit a hard object. Ming Shu glanced inside, then ordered Yun Yao, “Go on, please continue.”

Yun Yao: “…” What does the “please” mean?


Yun Yao glared at Ming Shu. But she continued to dig anyway, as she knew it was not the right time to take action.

The object gradually emerged—it was a stone coffin. Many strange patterns were engraved on it, looking complicated and primitive, much like some kind of formation.

As the stone coffin appeared, Black Coal got a little excited. After so many years, it finally saw the thing that suppressed it.

It was going to whip the human inside a hundred times!

Black Coal howled in a broken voice, “Destroy it, destroy it!”

“Open it.”

Yun Yao looked at Ming Shu as if asking, Are you sure?

Ming Shu smiled. I’m very sure.

Now Yun Yao was trapped between the unpredictable psychopath and the crazy devil, what else could she do?

Yun Yao tried to pry open the stone coffin.

Suddenly, the pattern on the stone coffin seemed to come alive. Lights started emerging from the carved lines. Yun Yao felt her sealed spiritual power circulating immediately…

She was so excited and almost shouted out. But seeing the person next to her, she quickly suppressed her excitement.

Only when Ming Shu was not prepared could she succeed in a sneak attack.

Yun Yao acted like she was very scared, and her face looked pale. She looked at Black Coal and Ming Shu fearfully, stopping her movement.

Black Coal exclaimed to order Yun Yao to continue.

Ming Shu only looked at her, as if through her body she had seen her inner thoughts.

Yun Yao’s palm was sticky with cold sweat. Did she see through my act?

“Stop yelling, what a crude voice.” Ming Shu looked away from Yun Yao and turned to Black Coal.

“Ahhhh, I’m so excited. I have been locked up here for so long, now I can finally get out.”

“If you don’t stop, you will alert the people outside,” Ming Shu reminded it casually. “If you are not afraid, just continue.”

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“Right right right, keep it low.” Black Coal was suddenly convinced by Ming Shu.


The chains disappeared, and the Black Coal was freed. As it was laughing wildly, Yun Yao ran back with a very weird and terrified face.

The black mist around the Black Coal got thicker, and quickly spread into the distance and swallowed the white mist.

Ming Shu stood in the dark mist, the fog flowing around her, and her figure gradually blurred. She seemed to be the devil here, scary and terrifying.

Yun Yao’s whole person seemed to have dropped into an ice cellar. She looked at the figure surrounded by black mist approaching her step by step, then reached out her fair hand. “Give it to me.”

“Xuan Ji… who on earth are you?” Yun Yao’s voice shivered.

Yun Yao didn’t get an answer. She only felt her hand was caught by another warm hand, which controlled her wrist, and then it was a headturner.

Yun Yao didn’t remember to counterattack until she was smashed into the ground.

She fought against Ming Shu using everything she had. But no matter what magic arts she used, the other party could handle them with just one wave.


Yun Yao was turned over and pinned to the ground by Ming Shu. Her hands were trapped behind her, and she could no longer form any magic arts.

Ming Shu searched out the stone on her.

“That’s mine!” Yun Yao yelled.

“Yours?” Ming Shu held the stone and smiled. “You also stole it. And I’m robbing you. We are no different.”

Ming Shu tried to pinch the stone but found it was hard to break. It seemed to contain a very powerful kind of force.

“That is blue-sea stone, produced in the depths of the South China Sea. Only one blue-sea creature can be born in ten thousand years. If human beings cultivate immortality with a Bihai Stone, it will save half the effort. There are also some other uses I’m not very clear about, but this is indeed a rare treasure in your human world.”

Black Coal calmed itself down from the extreme happiness of being free. It was now standing not far away from Ming Shu and gave her a kind explanation.

“How can I crush it?”

“Crush?” Black Coal seemed to hear something incredible. “Why do you want to crush it? Aren’t here for it?”

Ming Shu nodded seriously. “Yes, to destroy it.”

Black Coal: “…”

I haven’t been in contact with humans for a long time. Are humans all so strange now?

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