Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 209 - Gathering for Cultivation (9)

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Chapter 209: Gathering for Cultivation (9)

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It was already an hour after Ming Shu broke the array formation. She was brought to a very strange s.p.a.ce.

It was filled with floating mist, and nothing could be seen. But she could feel that her feet were stepping on rock.

Maybe it’s inside the mountain.

There were noises coming from the depths of the mist. Ming Shu went forward following the sound. Then the mist gradually disappeared and a broad view showed up ahead.

It was indeed a place formed in the rock. On the smooth rock surface were wrist-sized iron chains connected with each other.

Trapped by the iron chains was a dark figure, which could barely be identified as a human shape.

At this time, Yun Yao was fainted on the ground, and there was black Qi lingering around her. The flowing Qi seemed to try to enter her body, but didn’t succeed.

Because of the sudden appearance of Ming Shu, that lump of chained Black Coal got a little vigilant, the black mist getting richer in the air.

“A human broke in, haha, what a lucky day.” A weird voice sounded in the s.p.a.ce, with a bit of excitement.

Ming Shu gave two casual looks to Black Coal while taking out a bag from her waist. She took out two fruits from the bag and began to eat opposite Black Coal. Then she started some small talk in a casual tone. “Are you a devil?”

“Are you not afraid of me?” Black Coal felt this was somewhat novel.

The black mist tried to extend to Ming Shu’s side.

But Ming Shu didn’t seem to notice the black mist, and her tone was accompanied by a smile. “I haven’t seen a devil like this… You’re distinctive.”


Black Coal got more interested in this human being, and it put away its weird tone. “Have you seen other devils?”

“It’s nothing rare, why do you think I haven’t seen one?”

Black Coal felt she must be bragging, but… it hadn’t heard any news from outside for a long time.

The black mist gradually reached the place where Ming Shu was squatting. It touched Ming Shu tentatively at first, but as they weren’t stopped, they immediately flooded to surround Ming Shu.


Stop these disgusting things! Ahhhh! I’m going to vomit!

Little Beastie complained, roaring. Ming Shu waved her hand, and a beam of Qi flew out from her sleeve, spreading in the air and forming a thin layer of Qi around her, which blocked the black mist surging toward her.

Black Coal was shocked. This human did not even reach the level of Foundation Establishment…

How could she just wave her hand and block its attack?

The soft voice of the girl slowly flowed out: “I was chatting with you and you just attacked me, can’t you be a little civilized and friendly?”

Black Coal: “…”

Chatting with me?

I’m afraid this human is a fool.

Black Coal commanded the black mist to continue attacking Ming Shu, but it seemed to be in vain. The black mist couldn’t reach Ming Shu completely.

Ming Shu nibbled the fruit, ignoring the dancing black mist. She swept another look at Black Coal and asked sympathetically, “Were you practicing wrong techniques when you cultivated? How did you make yourself like this?”

This evil clan… negative comment again.

So ugly that I can’t bear to look.

Sigh, I need more food to get over the shock.

“It’s the good thing you humans did!” The question seemed to have shot Black Coal in the heart, and it suddenly got agitated. “If it weren’t for you humans, how would I be like this?”

“Oh.” Ming Shu finished one fruit and took out a second one. “It must be that you are too stupid. Others were not caught, only you.”

Black Coal: “…”

Is she specially here to mock me?

“If you humans didn’t chase me around, how would I be caught?”

“You were just too weak to win the fight, how can you blame others?”


[Guest, it’s useless to collect its Hatred Points.]

Honestly, I was just chatting with it and didn’t want to collect Hatred Points.

[You are about to drive it crazy.] Is this what you call chatting? Don’t you see the small boss is going to get mad?

“Ahhh, hateful human, I’m going to take your life!” Black Coal gathered all the black mist around Ming Shu. “When I get out, all of you humans must go to h.e.l.l.”

“Wow! You are so powerful.” Ming Shu praised very insincerely, then she asked in a very casual tone, “Do you have treasure here?”

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“Treasure? What treasure?” It seemed Black Coal indeed had a poor IQ, and it was led to another topic by Ming Shu in the blink of an eye.

Ming Shu gave a very justified reason: “I’m eating.”

Black Coal: “…”

I’ve been a devil for many years, and today I’m completely convinced.

This human being is not the same as the s.e.xy b.i.t.c.hes outside.

Perhaps because Ming Shu’s smile was too sincere, Black Coal actually agreed with her plan.

It removed the black mist around Yun Yao.

Yun Yao woke up slowly. The first scene she saw was Ming Shu squatted not far away, eating fruits and smiling at her.


She let out a short scream.

Yun Yao wondered chaotically, Where am I? How is Xuan Ji here? Is the treasure still there? What’s that next to her…

“Ah—!” Yun Yao screamed again. She rolled and got away from the spot.

She fainted when she got here, and she didn’t see what was attacking her.

Now seeing such a lump of a black thing, as well as a smiling Ming Shu…

Yun Yao was shrouded in a huge psychological shadow.

Ming Shu said to Black Coal, “You scared her.”

Black Coal was not convinced. “Why don’t you say that you scared her? Don’t think that I didn’t notice her frightened face as she saw you.”

“At least I’m more good-looking than you.”

“…” I was also very good-looking before being trapped here! Black Coal was very angry, it turned its “head” and looked at Yun Yao, fiercely shouting, “Dig here!”

Black Coal marked a piece of land under its feet with the mist.

Yun Yao calmed her emotions a little. Being shouted at suddenly, she was a little dumbfounded. “Ah?”

“Ah? Stop talking and get to work, or I’ll eat you!”

Yun Yao: “…”

Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

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