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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 208 - Gathering for Cultivation (8)

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Chapter 208: Gathering for Cultivation (8)

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Lin Jin wasn’t sure if it was illusion or not. He had been absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon according to Ming Shu’s method, and he felt the spiritual power stored in his body get much thicker than before.

“When you can see your own spiritual sea, you will be not far from building a foundation.”

Spiritual sea?

Lin Jin didn’t know what it was. No one in the sect had used this term, but he worked hard to practice according to what Ming Shu told him.

Since she could name it, there must be such a thing.

Lin Jin also found another thing. When sitting next to Ming Shu, even if she was just in a daze, the Qi around her was purer and thicker than other places, like it had been purified. When the Qi entered into your body, you would feel very comfortable.

Three-spirit root…

For the first time, Lin Jin suspected that the three-spirit root might not really be a waste of a foundation.

Why did he feel that three-spirit root seemed to be very powerful?

In the blink of an eye, half a year pa.s.sed.

Ming Shu didn’t show up in the external division, and people down the mountain also seemed to have forgotten her.

Lin Jin ran about between the practice court and the mountain every day.

Even ordinary disciples could see that Lin Jin’s movement was getting lighter and lighter.

This situation caught the attention of Elder Hong.

One day, he stopped Lin Jin, who was preparing to go up the mountain.

“Elder Hong, what’s the matter?”

Elder Hong looked around and lowered his voice. “Who have you been with recently? Xuan Ji? Is she in the back mountain?”

Lin Jin kept silent as he didn’t know what to answer.

Ming Shu didn’t mean to conceal anything from others. But when others went up the mountain, she would avoid running into those people. He didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Do you wonder why no one went up the mountain recently?” Elder Hong grunted as he saw through Lin Jin’s thoughts. “Your progress is far faster than other people’s, and the way of your cultivation is not the same as that in the sect. Ordinary disciples can see it, do you think I can’t?”

“Elder Hong…”

Elder Hong waved his hands. “I don’t want to blame you. Send a message to the girl for me. There are still a few months to enter the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array, I hope she can enter the internal division.”

“Elder Hong… you seem to care about Xuan Ji very much?”

There was something flashing across the eyes of Elder Hong, but finally he sighed and waved. “Go.”

Lin Jin felt a bit strange. He told of the encounter to Ming Shu, but Ming Shu just thought about it for a moment before forgetting it completely.

Lin Jin took the opportunity to ask Ming Shu tentatively if he could let his errand-boy followers also join the cultivation. Ming Shu didn’t object, just took the opportunity to raise her price, asking for more snacks each day.

In this way, this group of people gathered there to cultivate immortality. People who didn’t understand the situation might think that they were some kind of evil organization.

Occasionally, Elder Hong would sneak up the mountain to check. But every time he saw a group of people eating together and talking of everything under the sun, which was quite lively.

He was a little speechless.

But he got used to it after a few more times.

This group of people gathered here cultivating immortality, and they consumed a great many foods, but their progress was also fast.

Maybe this year…

The situation would be very interesting.

Elder Hong thought like this and quietly went down the mountain.

Shortly after he left, a blue figure slowly emerged from the air.

He leaned against a tree trunk lazily and looked up at the people who were gathering nearby for cultivation.

After a long time, the man murmured, “This development… is a bit wrong.”

The forest in the night was very quiet.

Ming Shu lay on her exclusive throne—a stone—and was looking at the stars.

Some other people were sitting separately not far away, who had been in the state of cultivation.

Ming Shu reached out. Rays of Qi started emerging from her fingertips, entangling in the air to form a variety of patterns.

“So weak.” Ming Shu sighed.

Be content with it!

You are not using your own body, and you want to get the power to destroy the world in one move?

Little Beastie jumped on the stone and approached the snacks in Ming Shu’s hands, biting and chewing happily.

Ming Shu pushed it down without any hesitation.

Little Beastie fell in the crack of the stone, complaining in roars and with upraised hair.

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p.o.o.p-picker, I’ll fight it out with you. I am so cute, if you treat me like this, you will lose me.

Ming Shu squatted there, staring at the black shadow moving up little by little.

At this time…

Well, let me think about it.

It’s almost like the plot of the fake female protagonist coming here to grab the coincidence of the real female protagonist.

Well well well.

Hatred Points.

I’m coming.

Ming Shu didn’t know where the lucky coincidence was, and didn’t know what it was. What she received were all those kinds of outline summary plots which were particularly concise.

So she could only follow after the fake female protagonist.


The leaves not far away suddenly rustled. Ming Shu saw Yun Yao hiding behind the tree. Something unknown made noises over there for a long while.

But there was nothing there, and Yun Yao continued to move forward. After walking for a while, she stopped at one place. Judging from her behaviors, she was not sure about the specific location, and was just looking for something indiscriminately.

Ming Shu just squatted on the ground and watched from the side.

Can I rush out and give her a beating right now?

[Wait, wait until she finds the thing and then grab it, the Hatred Points will be more plentiful.] The Harmony System suggested this.

It’s nothing edible, which seems unworthy of grabbing.

Ming Shu was very disdainful about this.

The Harmony System could tell from her tone, a tone that despised everything other than snacks… which was very confusing.

Ming Shu felt so bored as they waited for far too long. She asked the Harmony System to play the prequel of the origin of life for her.

The Harmony System was very happy to serve Ming Shu, and it even explained in detail to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu: “…” I really want to have a talk about life with the people who developed the Harmony System.

Just as Ming Shu was about to lose all her patience and get ready to go up to collect one round of Hatred Points, Yun Yao suddenly disappeared.

She just disappeared in front of her.

Ming Shu stopped the Harmony System quickly. She ran to the place where Yun Yao was standing to check, but there was nothing. The Qi fluctuations were normal, and was no strange sign…

Then it must be…

An array formation!

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