Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 206 - Gathering for Cultivation (6)

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Chapter 206: Gathering for Cultivation (6)

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At nightfall…

Ming Shu avoided those disciples and sneaked into Yun Yao’s room.

Yun Yao seemed to be taking a shower. The sound of falling water filled the whole room.

Yun Yao’s vague voice came from inside: “You can’t do this next time. It really scared me. They almost found it out. If it’s discovered, it’ll be me who will be driven away.”

“I know. If it weren’t for that man suddenly appearing, you wouldn’t have been exposed,” a young voice answered, sounding a bit wronged.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. It was really related to the fake female protagonist?

“Who was that man?”

“I don’t know. I have been away from the Yin Sect for a long time.” The young voice sounded very steady, which was somewhat twisted. “I made great efforts to get those elixirs, and now I lost them so easily. When will you find some elixirs?”

“No, behave yourself, don’t steal elixirs again.” Yun Yao warned, “You will kill me. I will find a way to get you elixirs.”

Was it the golden finger of the fake female protagonist?

So… the Host was framed of stealing the elixirs, which in fact was because of the fake female protagonist?

Ming Shu opened the curtain and went in.

“Who’s there!”

The young voice was full of vigilance and alarm.

Hulala! Yun Yao covered her body and turned to look in the direction of Ming Shu. She was very surprised. “Xuan Ji, how are you here?”

When did she come in?

She didn’t even sense it at all…

Ming Shu swept her gaze over the whole place yet found nothing strange. She saw Yun Yao was holding a bracelet in her hand, one which looked quite primitive.

Perhaps Ming Shu’s gaze was too straightforward. Yun Yao subconsciously covered the bracelet and asked, “Xuan Ji, what are you doing in my room?”

The steam rose around them, blurring the girl’s smiling face. “I’m here to have a private conversation with you.”

“What?” Yun Yao was confused, and she frowned. “If you want to tell me something, you need to wait for me to put my clothes on. Just leave first.”

Although Yun Yao didn’t know how she came in so quietly, at this time she wasn’t wearing anything. Even though they were both girls, Yun Yao felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Ming Shu didn’t listen to her, and instead approached the tub.

“Stop right there!”

“Xuan Ji, stop right there, if you come any closer, I will take action.”

But Ming Shu didn’t seem to have heard her. Yun Yao immediately wrapped herself in the clothes beside her.

She raised her hand and attacked Ming Shu with a magic art, trying to trap Ming Shu.

Ming Shu moved aside a little and successfully avoided the attack. She was so swift that Yun Yao didn’t react in time.

So fast…

Yun Yao was shocked. “You…”

Wasn’t she a three-spirit root owner? Why did she have such quick movements? Did she learn any powerful magic arts?


Yun Yao’s wrist was suddenly caught, and she was startled to let out a scream. Then her whole person was pushed back into the tub.

Yun Yao was pushed into the water, her wrists trapped, and she couldn’t form any magic art to attack Ming Shu.

“Did you steal the elixirs?” The clear voice came from over the top of her head.

“Wuwuwu…” Yun Yao struggled.

Ming Shu loosened her hand a little and let her breathe. “Did you steal the elixirs?” she asked again.

Since Yun Yao came to this world, she had never met such a terrible situation. She shook her head with a pale face. “No… no.”

“I heard you talking just now.” Ming Shu slid her fingertips to Yun Yao’s wrist. “Was it this? What’s inside this bracelet? An ancient divine beast? Or…”

“This is just a bracelet, there’s nothing in it.” Yun Yao screamed, “You let go of me, Xuan Ji! We had nothing against each other, why are you doing this to me?”

“You’re right.” Ming Shu once again pushed her down. “We had nothing against each other. But you stole the elixirs and just watched others frame me?”

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This thing should be weak now, so it could only make one bit of trouble.

Poor thing.

The person in the tub was in a white coat. He seemed to be hurt and grunted, a painful sound. The water in the tub instantly turned red.

Yun Yao seemed to recognize the fallen person. She wanted to go forward, but because Ming Shu was present, she didn’t dare to move. Hence, she tightly clutched her clothes and just watched the man in the tub.

The man was caught in dizziness for a while. Yun Yao and Ming Shu didn’t move, so he could only climb up himself.

Before he could climb out of the tub, his body was suddenly lifted in the air. His breathing became harsh, but he didn’t have the strength to attack.

Then he felt like he was propped on one’s shoulder, and…

He was thrown out.

Ming Shu closed the window behind him without any hesitation. “Okay now, come, let’s continue.”

Yun Yao looked at the closed window with a dumbfounded face.

She just… threw him out!

Did she know who that was?

Yun Yao continued trembling against the wall. She couldn’t protect herself, and it was even more impossible to ask someone outside for help. She could do nothing but shout, “Help!”

Everyone went to evening practices. No matter how loud Yun Yao shouted, no one came.

Ming Shu gave her a fierce beating. “Are you angry? You should be angry,” she said.

Yun Yao’s eyes were red and swollen, and her lips were bitten b.l.o.o.d.y. But she didn’t answer anything, trembling all the time.

The person thrown out by Ming Shu was none other than the male protagonist.

Yun Yao was deliberately taking a shower in the room at that time, waiting for the male protagonist who would fall from the sky.

But now he was thrown out by Ming Shu.

And she also got herself beaten up, so would Yun Yao not be angry?

However, Yun Yao didn’t dare to tell anyone that she was beaten by Ming Shu. Because Ming Shu knew that it was she who stole the elixirs and knew the secret of her bracelet…

d.a.m.n it.

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