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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 205 - Gathering for Cultivation (5)

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Chapter 205: Gathering for Cultivation (5)

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The one Ming Shu was talking to was precisely Yang Wan, whose face had paled.

She remembered that the Host also encountered this plot of being framed. No one acted as her witness and the Host defended herself in vain. At last she was punished to kneel and ponder over her mistakes.

But Ming Shu was very lucky. She had a fight yesterday and changed her clothes. So Yang Wan’s testimony was full of loopholes.

“I didn’t.” Yang Wan was frightened and waved her hands. “I indeed gave you the Dan medicines. If you stole them, just hand them over quickly, Xuan Ji, don’t get me involved.”

Ming Shu wished she could help her. “But you didn’t even describe my clothes right. Is it that you lost your memory, or was I sleepwalking?”

She looked at the servant disciples not far away and asked smilingly, “What I was wearing yesterday, you should remember, right?”

The servant disciples shrank back. They were a little afraid of Ming Shu now.

Elder Hong asked, “What did Xuan Ji wear yesterday?”

Since the deacon elder asked, they had to answer. “A cyan dress. Xuan Ji… brawled yesterday and dirtied the Taoist robe.”

Ming Shu looked at Yang Wan. “Next time remember to do enough work before you frame others.”

Yang Wan didn’t expect that Ming Shu would change her clothes coincidentally, so she changed her excuse in a hurry. “I was wrong, yes, she was wearing a cyan dress.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Oh? Then tell me about the flowers on my dress?”

“I… I don’t remember.”

Facing such an obvious change, Elder Hong was not stupid enough to believe it, so he waved his hand. “That’s enough, Yang Wan, you come to the Discipline Hall with me, I will figure this out.”

“What’s the problem here?”

A slightly hoa.r.s.e voice sounded. A man in a dark blue Taoist robe stood under the wall and was looking this way casually.

He was wearing a half-faced silver mask, in a slightly odd shape, only showing his chin and lips.

His entire body was shrouded in a lazy air. He just leaned against the pillar as if he was really weak.


Elder Hong and Elder Xu bowed to salute at the same time, and their att.i.tude was extremely respectful.

The other disciples didn’t know this man.

But they followed the two elders and said, “Master.”

Ming Shu was not one of them, of course. The man also didn’t seem to care that someone didn’t salute him, and didn’t even look at Ming Shu.

He looked at Elder Hong and asked in a casual tone, “I heard you quarrelling from down the hill, what’s this about?”

Elder Hong and Elder Xu didn’t know why this master who barely showed up suddenly appeared here. They became a bit nervous.

“Master, it’s just a little problem.” Elder Hong explained the matter to the man.

“Oh, I see.” The man’s tone was still casual. The others all wondered what he meant by that.

He put his hand on the mask and seemed to think. Elder Hong and Elder Xu didn’t dare to disturb him, so the court suddenly became extremely quiet.

After quite a while, the man lifted his hand. A faint glow started overflowing from his fingertips, and a beam of thin light soared to the sky, disappearing into the clouds with a long, dragging tail.

Everyone was stunned, unsure of what he was doing.

Then, suddenly, from above the clouds rained countless golden lights. They floated in the sky as if weaving a scene of a meteor shower over their heads, dreamy and beautiful.

Then the lights gradually disappeared.

It was like they had never been real.

“Master, what did you see?” Elder Hong asked carefully.

The others were stunned again. What did he see?

What had happened just now?

The man pointed at several people with his beautiful fingers. “Her, her, him, and him, they all breathe evidence of Dan medicine. As to who did it, you should find it out yourself.”

Among the people he pointed at, in addition to Yang Wan and the disciple who came to report, there was also another boy and a girl. Yun Yao was the girl. She looked a bit wronged, as if she didn’t know why she was mentioned.

“Master, what about Xuan Ji?” Elder Xu asked in an unconvinced tone.

“Xuan Ji?” The man raised his voice in question.

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Elder Xu thought the man didn’t know who Xuan Ji was, so he pointed to Ming Shu immediately.

The blue Taoist robe…

He should be a master from Lihun Peak.

There were a total of seven peaks in the Yin Sect, simply referred to as the Seven Peaks. On the day they went into the Nine Zigzag Mountain Array, it would be decided which peak the internal disciples would enter.

The main peak was Wuying Peak. It was where the sect leader lived and generally wouldn’t take disciples. The resident population on this peak developed in a very stable parallel line.

The second peak was Chihuo Peak, which mainly taught swordsmanship. It was the image amba.s.sador of the Yin Sect and the number of disciples taken in each year rose in a curve.

The third peak was Jinlan Peak, focused on tactical array formation. This world valued array formations very much, so there were also a lot of disciples on Jinlan Peak.

The fourth peak was Xingxiang Peak, mainly teaching deduction, which was also known as fortune-telling. This skill depended on talent, so the disciples were not many, and they could take only one or two disciples each year.

The fifth peak was Lihun Peak, which mainly taught how to refine Dan medicine. The techniques of refining Dan medicine were fading away, so Lihun Peak was now a rare and precious species in the Yin Sect. Each disciple on Lihun Peak was treated like a cherished panda.

The sixth peak was Yanyue Peak, where Jun Qing lived. That’s right, the lord male protagonist.

The seventh peak was Lingjian Peak, where disciples received swords. But this peak had been closed for almost a hundred years. There was no peak leader and also no disciples.

The Taoist robe for each peak was different.

The blue Taoist robe designated Lihun Peak. And that man should be the peak leader of Lihun Peak: Yan Yin.

Ming Shu chewed two mouthfuls of a steamed bun, and she forgot all these immediately.

Soon the truth of the missing Dan medicine issue came to light.

Yang Wan lost the Dan medicines by herself. Fearing that she would be punished, she fabricated a scheme against Ming Shu.

Finally those Dan medicines were seized from Zhao Feng. Yun Yao just happened to have a conversation with Zhao Feng and inadvertently caught the breath of Dan medicine.

Zhao Feng shouted that he was innocent.

But he was just caught with the stolen goods. So it was useless for him to deny it, and he was finally driven out of the sect.

Yang Wan was punished severely.

Ming Shu found that Yun Yao was relieved after Zhao Feng was driven away.

Chut , she was not right in the head.

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