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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 203 - Gathering for Cultivation (3)

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Chapter 203: Gathering for Cultivation (3)

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Ming Shu went back to the room for servant disciples. This was a room for five people, and the s.p.a.ce was limited.

The environment was tough, but Ming Shu felt quite tired, so she didn’t mind it and fell asleep very soon.

The light in the room gradually weakened.

The faint sound of footsteps came from nearby. Someone came into the room, then went back out in a minute.

After about a quarter of an hour, the noise sounded again.

The footsteps came closer to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu turned over slightly and opened her eyes. She swiftly reached out to block a wooden basin that was about to pour water over her head, and pushed it aside. The basin broke away from its holder’s hand and was smashed to the ground.


Water spilled all over the ground.

Ming Shu rolled over to sit up and covered her legs with her skirt. She sorted out her messy hair, then looked up slowly, staring at the girl who was standing in front of her with a surprised look.

Ming Shu yawned. “You really work hard to prepare me for such a big surprise in the middle of the night.”

The girl was somewhat startled, but she immediately remembered what she came for. She scolded in a harsh voice, “You haven’t done your work tonight, but dare to sleep here! Do you think you’re a n.o.ble rich family’s lady? Get up, don’t be daydreaming. Go to work!”


“No?” The girl’s voice became even sharper. “Xuan Ji, you’re bold now. Do you think you’re an outer sect disciple? Get up now!”

As she was talking, the girl was about to pull at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu seized the momentum to catch her hand, then tossed her to the bed in a backhand move.


The girl’s shrill cries rang out and attracted disciples from nearby rooms. Someone rushed in while rebuking Ming Shu, “What are you doing, Xuan Ji? Let go of Sister Xiang Lan.”

“Let go?” Ming Shu smiled at the person. “Okay.”

She pulled Xiang Lan up and then released her hand. Xiang Lan suddenly lost her balance and was left hanging in the air. The next minute she directly fell into the water stain on the ground.

Xiang Lan gasped fiercely. She felt like she was almost suffocated.

“Sister Xiang Lan!”

“Sister Xiang Lan, are you all right? Come on, I got you.”

Xiang Lan stood up with the help of others. She glared at Ming Shu with a black face while clenching her teeth. “Teach this b.i.t.c.h a lesson. She was not beaten for one day and and then forgets who’s the leader here.”

Ming Shu smiled slightly.

Among the servant disciples, this Xiang Lan was the head. She bullied the Host before very often. In the beginning, the Host once resisted, but there were too many of them, and the Host couldn’t do anything to them at all.

She was either forced to do other people’s work, or was robbed of her very little food. Being drenched in cold water during sleep like tonight was also frequent.

The Host never did anything excessive, just always wore a poker face and was unwilling to talk to others. But these people somehow loved to bully her.

Perhaps it was because the Host looked like fair game, or she never admitted defeat, which made them uncomfortable.



“It hurts, hurts, help!”

Screams kept ringing in the narrow room, and many disciples were scattered around on the ground, moaning in pain. The onlookers outside all looked at Ming Shu with complicated expressions and a bit of fear.

How didn’t they find out that this Xuan Ji was so powerful in punching and kicking…

The reason why Xiang Lan could be the head here was naturally because she was powerful, but now she was stepped on by Ming Shu.

It was so weird.

Ming Shu looked down at the girl under her feet. “Do you still want to teach me a lesson?”

Xiang Lan was beaten so hard and she felt very dizzy in the head. She shook her head. “No, no… I don’t dare.”

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Ming Shu laughed, and her tone was as tender as if she was saying some sweet words. “Whoever wants to p.i.s.s me off in the future, I can guarantee that I won’t kill them, but I can’t promise that they would not miss an arm or leg. If you don’t mind becoming disabled, then come to me at any time.”

“I can teach you if you want to learn.” Lin Jin just ignored Ming Shu’s words.

Servant disciples like her were not allowed to have with outer sect disciples. Lin Jin caught her sitting here several times and thought she wanted to learn, so he recommended himself excitedly.

“Although the three-spirit root is poor, if you could get the Xiling Dan (spirit washing medicine) in the future, there is still a chance to set foot on the best path.”

Ming Shu looked at him with a faint smile. “Xiling Dan is a level-seven Dan medicine, do you think you can just pick one like picking a stone on the mountain?”

Xiling Dan could wash away a one-spirit root. It could make a three-spirit root become a two-spirit root and make a two-spirit root become a single-spirit root.

One could use it once in a lifetime, which had no obstacles to cultivation. But it would make it harder for the user to level up and ascend.

Lin Jin scratched his head and was a bit embarra.s.sed. “Really?”

He heard it from the errand boys and he just didn’t remember to ask what the level of the Dan medicine was.

Level seven…

Even an inner sect disciple may not be able to get it.

“Elder Hong, Xuan Ji is stealing again.”

Zhu Xiaoyu suddenly reported this in a loud voice.

Everyone practicing in the court looked in the direction of Ming Shu.

Yun Yao stood at the outermost edge of the array and also followed everyone to look over. Ming Shu had been sitting there everyday recently.

The middle-aged man called Elder Hong came out from the nearby building. He looked this way and saw Lin Jin at first glance. “Lin Jin, what are you doing sitting there, come down!” he shouted.

Lin Jin gave a wink to Ming Shu before he jumped down swiftly and went back to his position, followed by his trembling followers.

“Xuan Ji, have you finished your work?” Elder Hong looked at Ming Shu, showing no signs of emotion on his face.

He had heard some news about her recent behaviors among the servant disciples. He also remembered when this kid first came up the mountain, he was quite optimistic about her talent. Who knew she had a three-spirit root, and…

“I’m not here to work,” Ming Shu replied softly.

Elder Hong thought she was indicating that she wanted to cultivate, so he sighed. “Your spirit root is doomed, it’s an unchangeable fact. If you want to stay in the sect, you can only serve as a servant disciple. Don’t come here again, do your job. Go back now.”

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