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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 201 - Gathering for Cultivation (1)

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Chapter 201: Gathering for Cultivation (1)

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#Sect Headlines: Xuan Ji refuses to cultivate immortality whenever unhappy#

“With a beautiful face, she thinks she can be self-righteous. But it turned out she has a three-spirit root, what’s the difference between that and a waste.”

“Of course there is a difference, she looks better than a waste.”

“Hahahaha…” The laughter flooded out.

“I disliked her long before. She always looked like all the world owes her. Beat her now.”

With this order, Ming Shu felt pain in an instant. The punches and kicks fell on her body like rain.

MMP, this welcome ceremony is far too special!

She had no strength, limbs weak, and she was pressed tightly to the ground. Ming Shu barely opened her eyes to see what the people who were beating her looked like.

They were several young boys, about 13 or 14 years old.

There were three who were beating her, and one was standing next to her. He had a regular face. He was probably the one who gave the order just now.

“What are you staring at?” The boy saw Ming Shu looking at him, so he waved to stop the three. “Are you convinced now? Hoh, you are a waste! If you’re not convinced, just come up and fight!”

Ming Shu took a breath and gritted her teeth. “If you dare, kill me.”

The boy came forward. “Don’t you think I dare?”

Ming Shu burst into a slight smile. “Do you dare?” I’m giving you the honor to kill me, just do it.

The boy may have felt that he was being provoked, so his wrist turned over, and a sword appeared in his hand, with the blade pointing to Ming Shu’s chest. He said to Ming Shu scornfully, “Even if I kill you today, no one will know.”

“Then you may be disappointed.” Don’t talk nonsense, you should do it right now!

The boy was ready to ridicule Ming Shu some more but his eyes suddenly widened and he subconsciously stepped back. His several followers were also acting like they saw something scary, and they retreated to one side successively.

Ming Shu impaled herself on the blade. The tip of the sword pierced her chest, and the blood flowed out along the blade.

“You… you’re crazy…”

The boy became incoherent—he was just scaring her. They were at the Yin Sect, and it was a grave crime to kill disciples of the same sect. He didn’t dare kill her for real.

Ming Shu slowly curled the edge of her mouth in a slight smile.

You all wait.

I’ll beat you to death!

“Lord… She—is she dead?” Seeing Ming Shu lie there unmoving, an errand boy began to fear.

“You, go check her.” The boy pushed an errand boy next to him forward. He was after all only a teenager, and his callow face couldn’t hide any emotion.

The errand boy pulled a long face but didn’t dare to refute the other boy. He went forward, trembling. “Lord… she—she is not breathing.”

The boy’s face became pale, but he said with difficulty, “No one saw us bring her here. As long as we don’t admit it, no one will know…”


The girl’s slightly tender voice interrupted the boy’s words.




Birds in the forest flew to the sky, and dead leaves scattered in the air, falling to the ground.

This was a world of immortal cultivation, and all major sects stood with or against each other. There were only two ways for ordinary people to cultivate immortality—either join a sect, or have a strong family with successful immortal ancestors who pa.s.sed down their cultivation skills to later generations.

The fake female protagonist of this world was called Yun Yao, who came here through crossing novel worlds.

Yun Yao was originally the female supporting role. In the original story, she looked for all kinds of trouble. She sowed dissention between the male protagonist and female protagonist, had an ambiguous relationship with the senior brother in the sect, and used the senior brother to deal with others. But in the end, her conspiracy was revealed, she was then disliked and avoided by the sects, and almost everyone spat on and cursed her.

However, the fake female protagonist who came here through crossing novel worlds was very dissatisfied with this ending, because she became Yun Yao now.

She had read the whole story. Hence the fake female protagonist had a superiority complex and believed she was the protagonist. Then, under the justification of seeking justice for the Host, she began to constantly rob the female protagonist of her lucky coincidences.

In the end, the female protagonist died an unnatural death, while the fake female protagonist and the male protagonist were deeply attached to each other and became immortals.

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A typical counterattack path of the female supporting role.

The Host lost her entire family and buried the blood feud deep inside. She kept a straight face all day long, not caring much about the sect’s people or affairs. All she wanted to do was practice hard, find out the truth as soon as possible, and avenge her clansmen.

In the beginning, her beautiful looks saved her a lot of troubles from other disciples. But after the sect tested every new disciple’s talent, she was found to have a three-spirit root. Then those people began to show their real faces.

Cultivation was better when one had a single-spirit root. Even a two-spirit root would be discriminated against, let alone her with a three-spirit root.

Why was the single-spirit root best?

For example, two people go to fetch water. One only needs to fill up one bucket, the other needs to fill up two or three. Which one will be faster?

A single-spirit root was one bucket; the owner could level up when they filled it up. But the two-spirit root owner had to fill up two buckets, and the three-spirit root owner had to fill up three buckets.

Naturally, the single-spirit root would be the best.

Today’s thing was the drama of being bullied.

The Host’s becoming a big villain was not an overnight event, but was forced by these people day after day.

Ming Shu rubbed her forehead and looked at the “corpses” lying on the ground. She kicked one of them. “Hey, don’t pretend to be dead.”

The boy who was kicked continued to pretend. “…” I’m so scared.

This wicked girl was just pretending to be weak, she’s so powerful…


Ming Shu leaned over him and smiled. “If you don’t get up, I’ll kill you.”

“What do you want to do!” The boy couldn’t pretend further. He opened his eyes and looked at Ming Shu while yelling. It seemed he had prepared to welcome his heroic death. “To kill or not to kill, whatever!”

“Rest a.s.sured, I don’t kill humans.” Ming Shu smiled and said, “Go get me some food.”

Looking at the smiling face of Ming Shu, the boy felt a bit dumbfounded. He almost never saw this wicked girl with any expression on her face. She always kept a straight face all day, as if the whole world owed her.

But he didn’t expect that she would look so beautiful when she smiled.

Her eyes were as clear as a spring day, and her body was surrounded by some invisible spirit aura. Although you could still see some childishness in her soft cheeks, she was already exuding an extreme beauty.

They were in the same white robes meant for outer sect disciples, but she looked so holy and pure in it. As if she had become an immortal that could ferry all living creatures at any moment.

Is she really… Xuan Ji?

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