Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 200 - Marrying A Rich Lady (Finished)

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Chapter 200: Marrying A Rich Lady (Finished)

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The feeling of suffocation enshrouded him from all directions, and all thoughts in his brain were buried with the fallen figure.

He forgot to breathe and forgot to struggle.

Blood soaked into the ground.

Soaked into his heart, little by little. Something in the heart was being nourished by the blood, and was about take root and sprout.

When everyone was stunned in the spot, the girl on the ground suddenly moved. She staggered up with the umbrella in hand.

The people surrounding her unconsciously retreated.

She was not dead…

Qin Che stared at her standing up. His emotions gradually quieted down when they had been unspeakable a moment before.

“Now, it’s my turn.”

Ming Shu held the umbrella. Her deep voice was strange and changed into one that sounded like an evil spirit from h.e.l.l. Everyone’s blood froze.

A chilly wind swept around them while they all shuddered at the same time.

Tightly packed gunshots overlapped with the heavy rain outside.

The ordinary umbrella became a powerful weapon in her hand, an invincible one.

Screams were covered up by gunshots, and all that could be seen was people falling down in silence. However, those people weren’t dead yet, they still had some breath left.

Shen Yuanzhao was a little scared. As Ming Shu approached, he slowly retreated and finally began to run.


He felt fear.

“Boss Shen, where do you want to go?” The gloomy voice sounded from behind him, as if its owner was whispering in his ear.

Shen Yuanzhao stopped immediately. He wanted to run, but he couldn’t move at all. The next moment, his body flew into the air in a parabola, then fell heavily on the ground.

All his internal organs seemed to have been smashed out.

He Shuguo was probably scared into forgetting everything. He didn’t remember to run until Shen Yuanzhao was beaten into a coma.

But before he could run a few steps, he was surrounded by the people rushing up.

Such noise here didn’t attract his people’s attention, something must have gone wrong.

He Shuguo had to turn back. He saw Ming Shu standing in front of Qin Che, bending over to loosen the ropes for him. Her face was blocked by falling hair, and her expression couldn’t be seen.

But like Shen Yuanzhao, he had a feeling of fear…

Standing there was not a human.

“Brother, be careful next time.” Ming Shu looked up and smiled as usual. “Don’t risk your life to do something. You can’t control all the variables.”

The fear pressing against the air faded.

Qin Che’s dry lips moved. “A variable like you?”

She was not included in his plan.

Ming Shu intended to answer yes, but suddenly she lost control of her body, starting to fall. She couldn’t gather any strength. Qin Che caught her in arms immediately.

“Xiao Li?”

The pain swept over her. Ming Shu subconsciously reached out to touch her own chest…

Her fingers were stained red with warmth.

How could this happen?

The wound didn’t appear.

[The Host’s life is ending, please get ready to leave this body.] The Harmony System gave her a reminder.

Even if the Guest comes with a plug-in, it doesn’t work. When the Host’s life is over, she has to die anyway.


Should I think about that what kind of plug-in the Guest has come with… Whatever, it’s enough to have Hatred Points.

“Xiao Li…” Qin Che didn’t dare to move Ming Shu, and he shouted to the people behind him, “Call an ambulance!”

Knowing that this body was going to die, Ming Shu gave up saving herself. She let the blood flow out freely and dye his clothes red.

She looked at him determinedly. Her eyes were as clear as always, showing no confusion or bitterness. It seemed she didn’t care what she was going to face at all.

“Don’t be afraid, a doctor will come soon, you’ll be all right.” Qin Che covered the wound for Ming Shu. “I won’t let you die.”

“But I am dying.”

“No, you’re not.” Qin Che stared at her with reddened eyes; he sounded so stubborn. “You won’t die.”

Ming Shu suddenly smiled again. Beautiful ripples were spreading around in her clear eyes. She said lightly, “I will.”

Very soon.

I am dying.

Qin Che didn’t say anything to her then. He just shouted at his people to urge the doctor.

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The girl in his arms was getting weaker and weaker.

The reason why He Shuguo targeted the Qin family was a little bit dumbfounding. In those days after Qin Che’s mother died, He Shuguo always suspected that her death was strange.

Later, after his investigation, it was confirmed that Qin Che’s mother was killed over the issue of a heir. But he didn’t know who did it.

Since he didn’t know who did it, he decided to take revenge on all of them. The murderer must be one of them.

He Shuguo probably had also transferred his anger to Qin Che. His birth caused his mother to be killed.

He didn’t intend to kill Qin Che, but just wanted to destroy the Qin family and then send Qin Che abroad. However, the variable was Shen Yuanzhao, who wanted Ming Shu to die.

Such a variable caused that accident.

Qin Che grunted after a long time. “Am I the kind of person with no dream?”

[Right right right, Lord Nine has great dreams. Your dream is as unique as the bright moon in the sky.] The System didn’t dare to provoke Qin Che at this moment, fearing that he might change his mind.


Ming Shu returned to the Cloud Room. After being utterly confused for a while, she yawned. “Next restaurant.”

[Do you need to take a rest?]

“No.” I want to eat.

The Harmony System had to show Ming Shu’s data.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 40000

***: ****

Additional Task: Failed

Ming Shu was a little surprised. “How is it so many? Did you count it wrong?”

Isn’t the additional task not completed?

“And what’s the hidden part?” MMP, is it necessary to cover it with mosaics? Is it X-rated content?!

[A certain amount of Hatred Points are needed to check the hiden items.] The Harmony System explained to her.

“Well, why don’t you tell me how much is that certain amount?”

[One million.]

Ming Shu gave a fake smile.

Okay. You’re the boss.

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