Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 20 - Gossip Queen (20)

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Chapter 20: Gossip Queen (20)

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Ning Keqing was not qualified to be Ming Shu’s enemy, so she was beaten thoroughly by Ming Shu.

If it wasn’t for the staff coming in time, probably things would have gotten worse. Ning Keqing was shouting and yelling in a hysterical voice, her clothes a mess and temperament unstable. She totally looked like a psychopath.

Even if Ming Shu hit her, it could probably be a justifiable defense, so no one questioned her.

Ning Keqing was forcibly removed from the restaurant. At first she resisted with loud yelling and shouting, but when she was almost out of Ming Shu’s line of sight, she suddenly became quiet.

Her eyes filling with hatred, she stared at Ming Shu like an evil, poisonous snake.

Ming Shu curved her lips, waving her hands excitedly at Ning Keqing.

“Ah—” Ning Keqing couldn’t stand the provocation anymore and screamed recklessly.

[Hatred Points are maxed out, task completed.] The Harmony System notified after Ning Keqing disappeared from this world.[You can choose to stay in this world until the body you are living in expires. Or you can choose to return to the system s.p.a.ce and move on to your next task.]


For what?

I haven’t eaten enough!

I’m not going back!

Ming Shu refused to return, and the Harmony System didn’t say anything to interfere.

After looking for Jiang Xun all around the restroom, Ming Shu didn’t find him, so she had to return to her family’s room alone.

“Where’s your brother?” Mother Jiang asked when she saw Ming Shu coming in by herself.

“I don’t know. I didn’t find him.” Ming Shu shrugged, sitting down to continue eating.

Mother Jiang shook her head. She was going to look for Jiang Xun herself when the door was pushed open suddenly. Jiang Xun entered, one hand in his pocket, and looked straight at Mother Jiang.

“Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you.”

Mother and Father Jiang looked at each other over and over again, and finally Father Jiang nodded. “What is it?”

Turning to Ming Shu, who was still absorbed in her food and didn’t look up, Jiang Xun said, “Niannian.”

Ming Shu raised her head with a bit of confusion in her eyes. Why do you call my name when talking to our parents?

Jiang Xun’s cold face showed a kind of soft color. He looked deep into Ming Shu’s eyes. “Niannian, I like you.”

Hearing this, Ming Shu wasn’t surprised at all, but Mother and Father Jiang were frightened. They were shocked, wearing the same disbelieving looks on their faces.


“Mom, Dad, I know you are not my biological parents, so it doesn’t matter if I like Niannian.” Jiang Xun continued, “Niannian and I grew up together, it’ll be better for me to look after her rather than others, won’t it?”

Under the gazes of Mother and Father Jiang, Jiang Xun walked toward Ming Shu. Pulling his hand from his pocket, he held out a small and exquisite box to Ming Shu. The box was open; a ring sat quietly inside.

Jiang Xun was determined to do this and got down on one knee, stern eyes filled with eager affection. “Niannian, would you like to be my girlfriend?”

“Jiang Xun!” Father Jiang slammed the table and stood up. “You are her brother! What are you doing!”

Before it was Jiang Nian that always rebelled against him. Now, finally, the daughter gave up being an actress, yet the son began to stir trouble.

“You want to p.i.s.s me off, don’t you?” Father Jiang was really angry. “Don’t say such things again! Stand up!”

“Darling, actually…” Mother Jiang was a little embarra.s.sed. She took turns looking at her son and husband for a while, then said, “If Niannian also likes Xun’er… it doesn’t seem that bad. They are not really brother and sister anyway, there’s no need to get too angry about this.”

Mother Jiang was satisfied with Jiang Xun. She would support them if they really were fond of each other.

“Nonsense!” Father Jiang cried out with a black face. “Jiang Xun, if you still want to be my son, get off the floor!”

“Niannian.” Ignoring Father Jiang, Jiang Xun kept his deep and eager eyes on Ming Shu.

He had grown tired of seeing her around yet not being able to show his love.

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He had to get an answer today.

Ming Shu thought Jiang Xun would stay away for a long time. But he showed up right in the evening, looking just the same as usual.

“Mom, I’m sorry to have worried you.” Jiang Xun apologized to his parents first.

“I’m fine as long as you are home,” Mother Jiang said with wet eyes.

Father Jiang kept silent, face dark. But seeing Jiang Xun home, he must be relieved as well.

Jiang Xun walked to Ming Shu and carefully chose his words. “Niannian, I’m sorry I troubled you. But I just wanted you to know my feelings. I can’t control it.”

“Okay, okay.” I know that now.

But what’s the point of my knowing it!

Your treasured sister is already gone.

In the following days, Jiang Xun seemed just as before. He went to work, keeping a distance from Ming Shu. Mother and Father Jiang thought he had let it go, so they began to introduce new girls to him again.

Jiang Xun never rejected, but each attempt ended in vain.

Ming Shu had been busy lately, so busy that she barely had time to eat. Thus she was very irritable, and the more irritable she was, the brighter her smile became, which looked a little creepy, scaring the staff away.

“Miss Jiang, Jinyu Entertainment happened to be scheduled on the same day as us. They absolutely did this on purpose,” the a.s.sistant reported in a trembling voice. “And their broadcast TV is better than ours, I’m afraid the audience rating would…”

“Don’t worry, we are the dark horse.”

“…” Who gave you the confidence to say that you’re the dark horse?

With her chin in hand, Ming Shu said gently, “Contact the Ethereal Heights crew and ask if they need free publicity. Then tell Tian Yuan to buy me some food.”


Always with food in mind. Miss Jiang, do you have some disease to make you eat or die? Is it incurable?

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