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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 198 - Marrying A Rich Lady (31)

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Chapter 198: Marrying A Rich Lady (31)

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Jiang Duo didn’t want to go back to the Nan family. She hid from the Nan couple and even if she encountered them, she would just say a few words and refuse to go back with them.

The Nan couple had no other way and decided to buy a new house for Jiang Duo. The daughter that they loved for all these years was not theirs and even tried to kill their real daughter.

They were not kind people. They would definitely love their own children more.

Jiang Duo failed to dissuade the Nan couple. She was also afraid that they would continue disturbing her and she didn’t know how to interact with them. Hence, she had no choice but to accept the new house.

The Nan couple understood Jiang Duo. They weren’t by her side all these years and it would be impossible for her to be close to them suddenly.

However, Jiang Duo didn’t move into the new house and chose to stay where she was.

“This house was left behind by my adoptive father. He didn’t have any children and left this house to me after he pa.s.sed away.” Jiang Duo cooked and spoke to Ming Shu, who was stealing the food. “You can stop eating. I still need these ingredients later.”

“Delicious.” Ming Shu stole another bite and muttered, “Was he very good to you?”

“Yes.” Jiang Duo’s face was filled with yearning. “He was really good to me. His ancestors were all chefs and I even heard that they worked in the royal palace in the past. My cooking skills were all taught by my adoptive father.”

Jiang Duo was proud when she said this.

Then, she sighed. If her adoptive father were not so stubborn, he would have been able to live more comfortably. However, she respected him because of his stubbornness.

Ming Shu suddenly realized something. “What about your adoptive mother?” Delicious food needs to be pa.s.sed down, too.

“She…” Jiang Duo sighed. “She left my adoptive father because he was poor and she was also unable to bear him any children. After that, my adoptive father never remarried and raised me up alone.

“She came to my adoptive father’s funeral. She seems to be having a good life and even has her own children…” Jiang Duo shook her head. “Xiao Li, what about your parents?”

She never heard her talk about them before.

“My mother married Qin Che’s father.”

“What about your father?”

Ming Shu thought for a while. “He died when I was very young.”

She heard that it was because of an accident. The He family needed an heir then and hence, she took on her mother’s surname.

“Ah, Xiao Li, you ate finish everything!” Jiang Duo’s scream ended the conversation.

Ming Shu ran out of the kitchen and left Jiang Duo alone talking to herself.

Ming Shu didn’t want to go back to the Qin family’s house and decided to stay with Jiang Duo.

She could eat the food made by Jiang Duo everyday and it made her feel like a winner in life.

Jiang Duo stopped working at Shen Yuanzhao’s company, too. She didn’t know what to do and started worrying when she had no money.

Although Ming Shu gave a sizable sum for her living expenses as well as “salary” and “rent,” she couldn’t rely on this to make a living. She needed to find a job.

However, she didn’t manage to find any.

“Be a food streamer.” Ming Shu pointed to the camera on her cellphone with a bright gaze. “Contribute for the sake of food, my girl!”

Jiang Duo’s mouth twitched. “That’s not a good idea.”

“Why not? You look so cute and you make such delicious food. I rarely compliment any food,” Ming Shu said with a serious face.

Most of the time, she just ate to fill her stomach and didn’t bother about the taste at all. However, Jiang Duo’s food… was really addictive!

This is what heaven will taste like.

“Do it!”

Jiang Duo shook her head. “No, I can’t do this.”

“Come on!”

“No, no…”

“Do it!”

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Ming Shu encouraged Jiang Duo for a long time before she finally agreed to try it out. The main reason was that she hadn’t found any jobs at all and it would be a waste of time if she just stayed at home and did nothing.

She remembered this person. He was Qin Che’s secretary. Qin Che would sometimes send him to give them some stuff.

She didn’t know what happened between Qin Che and Ming Shu, but she could tell that Ming Shu was hiding from Qin Che.

“Is Miss Ruan here?” he asked.

“Yes…” Jiang Duo looked outside. It was pouring and raindrops splattered on the ground loudly. “What’s the matter?”

“I have something urgent to tell her,” the man said.

“Xiao Li…” Jiang Duo called.

Ming Shu looked up from the sofa. Her gaze fell on the secretary and she asked without any emotions in her voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Miss Ruan, Boss Qin is in trouble.” The secretary’s tone was anxious.

“Oh.” Ming Shu heard it and looked down.

This was not the first time the secretary felt that Ming Shu was going overboard. Boss Qin treated her so well, but she was always like that. Just as he was about to fume, she said, “Everyone has their own fate. It’s not my business if he’s in trouble. Please go.”

“Miss Ruan, you should know how Boss Qin treats you.” The secretary held in his anger.

“How can I survive if I have to reciprocate all the feelings that people have for me?” Ming Shu looked up again and continued smiling. “If love is not accepted, it will just be a burden.”

“Miss Ruan…” The secretary didn’t know what to say. His cellphone rang and he took a look at it.

He didn’t pick it up. He looked at Ming Shu and emphasized, “Miss Ruan, you are so cold-blooded.”

“Yes, you’re not the first person to say this to me.”

The secretary was so angry he was speechless. He answered the phone and turned around. “Boss Qin had been kidnapped by He Shuguo. Hold them. We must ensure Boss Qin’s safety.

The first part was for Ming Shu to hear. The last part was for the person on the phone.

Jiang Duo stood by the door for a while before closing it.

“Xiao Li…”

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