Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 197 - Marrying A Rich Lady (30)

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Chapter 197: Marrying A Rich Lady (30)

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Qin Che dusted his clothes and smiled scornfully. “Do you think I’d fall in love with a crazy, violent girl? Am I that desperate?”


Qin Che looked at the empty area. “Also, my memories will be deleted once I leave this world. How will I remember all this?”

The system thought about Lord Nine’s heartless personality and felt that it was thinking too much.

Lord Nine had taken many missions and although he didn’t complete most of them, he had been in contact with many different kinds of people. There were many people who confessed to him, but he never liked them.

The word “love” was never in his dictionary.

This was the reason why he was not kicked out of the game even though his failure rate was so high. Missions that were failed too many times would be pa.s.sed to him in the end.

“Ah, I still have to clean up the mess she made!” Qin Che sighed loudly. “But she actually knew who was threatening me…”

And even teamed up with the person.

I’m so angry.

Ming Shu walked along the streets aimlessly. The sunlight elongated her shadow and people stepped all over it.

She turned around and walked in the shade. Her shadow disappeared.

She tilted her head and looked at the other shadows pa.s.sing by. She seemed to be in a daze.

[Shen Yuanzhao’s Hatred Points are full.]

“Did you watch?”

[Guest, I know how to read the atmosphere.] The Harmony System encouraged Ming Shu seriously: [You can choose to accept his love. Since he likes you, you can make use of this and it will be easier for you to gain Hatred Points.]

Ming Shu looked down at her feet and after a long time, she stepped back into the sunlight. “Harmony System, you should really self-reflect. Please live up to your name and let’s be a bit more harmonious.”


Why should I rely on you!

Ming Shu’s mind was filled with demons fighting each other.

Why are you showing me such things at this timing and location? Are you crazy or sick?

[This proves that I am very harmonious.] The Harmony System smiled.

Ming Shu was speechless. This is harmonious? What gives you such confidence?

[…] The Harmony System closed the image of the demons fighting and retreated.

It needed to be alone for a while.

When Ming Shu reached the Qin family’s house, it was already midnight. She suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked at the door of the house.

Qin Che was half-leaning on the car and standing in front of the door.

A lamppost stood in between them. Ming Shu was standing in the darkness while Qin Che stood in the light.

Qin Che slowly got up and placed the bag he was carrying on the steps. “I bought some snacks from Su’ji Restaurant for you. Rest early.”

He turned around and started the engine of the car.

When the car pa.s.sed by Ming Shu, it slowed down and Qin Che’s voice came from within: “What do you want to eat for breakfast tomorrow? Do you want the porridge from Imperial Cuisine Restaurant? You seemed to like it. Shall I buy it for you tomorrow?”

Ming Shu suddenly raised her hand. Qin Che was just going to accelerate when he saw Ming Shu’s action and his hand shook with fear. He immediately stopped the car.


He looked at the hand that was inside the car with fear.

Just a little bit more and…

“Qin Che, I want to eat something that you made.” Ming Shu leaned against the car window and smiled at the person inside. “Personally.”

Qin Che wanted to say that he didn’t know how to cook.

In the end, he nodded his head. “Okay.”

Ming Shu retracted her hand and grinned. “Good night.”

Qin Che was slightly confused. “Good night.”

The car left the villa and disappeared into the darkness.

[Have you made a decision?] The Harmony System hurriedly popped out.

“Made what decision?”

[To let him woo you and then dump him.]

“… You’re thinking too much. I just want to get Hatred Points.”

[…] Isn’t this getting Hatred Points too?

Qin Che returned home and lay on the sofa, cursing. He started flipping through the books in his study and took a few books to the kitchen.


He didn’t even dare to think about this.

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Qin Che looked at the steps written in the book and felt that it was quite simple. However, when he saw the different pots and pans in the kitchen, he was stunned.

Aunt He immediately replied, “Miss went out this morning and said that she’s not coming back to eat.”

Not coming back to eat…

Not coming back…


What the h.e.l.l does she mean?

So angry!

He had experimented many time the whole night and she just decided to leave him hanging.

I’m going to kill her.

Calm down, calm down.

She was gone. What could Qin Che do?

No matter how angry he was, he could only choose to finish the porridge himself.

The taste…

Was a bit weird, but it was still edible.

This was not bad for the first try.

“Master…” Aunt He looked at Qin Che in fear. Why was mister’s face so scary?

“I’m leaving first.” Qin Che put down his bowl and stood up.

Aunt He looked at Qin Che questioningly as he stepped out of the door. After a while, she walked toward the half-eaten porridge and investigated it.

This porridge…

A daring thought entered Aunt He’s mind.

Ever since Qin Che made the porridge, Ming Shu never bullied him again. She seemed to have given up this mission and was hiding from Qin Che.

She cut off all contact with He Shuguo and returned He Yuxuan safely to him.

He Shuguo didn’t understand what Ming Shu was thinking. Wasn’t she trying to get Qin Che to hate her?

He Shuguo tried contacting Ming Shu in various ways but only got back a few words.

” I’m not doing this anymore. Time to end our cooperation.”

End our cooperation?

What are you ending it so suddenly?

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