Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 196 - Marrying A Rich Lady (29)

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Chapter 196: Marrying A Rich Lady (29)

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Ming Shu was beating someone at the Heavenly Palace Hotel.

Who was she beating?

Who else but Shen Yuanzhao.

After Nan Youyou’s issue, there were many comments on the internet and Shen Yuanzhao disappeared from the public view for a long time.

He came to see a client today, but instead saw Ming Shu, who was crossing her legs and eating ice cream.

Shen Yuanzhao stepped out of the room and looked at the number. The room number was correct…

“Ruan Li, why are you here?”

Shen Yuanzhao didn’t think that it was a coincidence after the experience with Mister Joseph.

Also, after what happened with Nan Youyou. Shen Yuanzhao would definitely treat Ming Shu badly.

“Waiting for you.” Ming Shu finished her ice cream and smiled cunningly. “Oh right, your client told me that the business deal is called off. He would not work with people that are late.”

Shen Yuanzhao glanced at his watch instinctively. The timing was correct…

They planned to meet at this time.

“What did you do?”

“Is it hard to change the time?” Ming Shu didn’t deny anything.

Shen Yuanzhao knew that it was easy to change the time, but the other party would realize that they were tricked and he only needed to explain slightly before resuming the business deal.

Why did she use so much energy to play with him?

“Ruan Li, do you have to target me?”

“I don’t have a choice.” Ming Shu felt helpless. I’m just carrying out my mission, too.

Shen Yuanzhao was so angry he almost vomited blood.

No choice… Was someone holding her head down and forcing her to target him?

[Guest, do you want to undress Shen Yuanzhao, throw him outside, and then call a few reporters? Your Hatred Points would skyrocket.] It might be because the Hatred Points were almost full, but the Harmony System kept coming up with bad ideas.

Ming Shu jeered at it silently. “Why don’t you suggest finding a few girls for him and then taking some photos?”

[That’s okay, too.] The Harmony System accepted the suggestion readily.

Ming Shu mouth twitched. Okay your head!

[…] She’s giving me the cold shoulders again.

“What do you want?” Shen Yuanzhao saw Ming Shu walking toward him and immediately was on guard.

“Boss Shen, let’s do something fun!” Ming Shu gave a sinister smile.

This was the sentence that Qin Che heard when he arrived.

He stood outside without moving for a long while. His expression changed constantly and the air around him got colder and colder.

There was a big commotion coming from the room and he could even hear Shen Yuanzhao grunting.

Did she target Nan Youyou because of Shen Yuanzhao?

If she liked Shen Yuanzhao, then what about him?

Should he remind them to close the door or grab a knife and rush inside?

[Calm down, Lord Nine, let go of your knife!]

The system’s warning didn’t stop Qin Che and he strode toward the door. He raised his hand to open the door. However, before he could touch it, it flew open by itself.


Ming Shu stepped back and looked at the shiny knife in Qin Che’s hand. “What do you want to do? Shut people up?”

Qin Che looked behind Ming Shu. Shen Yuanzhao was lying on the floor. His clothes were a mess, but they were still on him. The scene that he imagined didn’t happen.

Qin Che: “…” Was it still possible for him to say that he was sleep-walking?

Just calm down.

The character setting is not allowed to be violated.

I am not angry at all.

Qin Che calmly put away his knife and grabbed Ming Shu’s arm, dragging her out.

“What are you doing!” Ming Shu tried breaking away, but Qin Che held her tightly and didn’t give her any quarter.

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Qin Che chose an empty room and pulled Ming Shu inside.

“I don’t like you…” Ming Shu rejected him helplessly.

“I know that you saved me during that accident. If it wasn’t for you, I would have died.” Qin Che didn’t listen to Ming Shu and continued his speech. “I wanted to talk to you properly, but every time, you…”

Qin Che let go of Ming Shu and held her shoulder. He looked at her sincerely. “Xiao Li, give me a chance and I will take very good care of you.”


Please, mister, don’t take care of me.

I just want some Hatred Points.

Ming Shu took a deep breath and smiled. “Are you not angry? I know who’s threatening you and even teamed up with him to bring you down. All the losses that you had recently are my doing.”

Qin Che kept quiet for a while and then said sincerely again, “I’m not sure how I provoked you, but if doing this makes you feel better, I have nothing to say.”

Ming Shu: “…” You win.

“Are you crazy!” Ming Shu waved him away. “Stop pestering me. If not, I’ll commit suicide.”

Qin Che stopped in his tracks.

Ming Shu immediately turned and wanted to leave. However, she felt that something was wrong and turned back.

Qin Che was happy for a moment. “You…”

Ming Shu gave Qin Che a beating. When Qin Che was not resisting, he was quite easy to hit.

Ming Shu stared at her hand in deep thought and left the room quickly as though there was something chasing her.

Qin Che grabbed the thing beside him and held himself up.

His life was so miserable that he was beaten because he confessed.

[Lord Nine… just now…] The system was a bit hesitant.

Qin Che smiled proudly and showed off to the system. “Was my acting good just now? Was it amazing? The Oscars this year will be mine for sure.”

The system gave a rare silent moment.

[Lord Nine, you must not fall in love.]

It couldn’t be sure if Lord Nine was acting just now or showing his true feelings. However, it had the responsibility to warn him.

[The people in this world are all just pa.s.sers-by in your life.]

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