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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 195 - Marrying A Rich Lady (28)

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Chapter 195:Marrying A Rich Lady (28)

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“Aunt He.” Ming Shu stopped Aunt He from continuing. “Your surname is He, too. Did you come to the Qin family along with Qin Che’s mother?”

Aunt He was just getting started when she heard this question. She immediately stopped and looked at Ming Shu strangely.

After a while, she nodded her head and lamented, “Yes, the He family was well known for producing scholars. Although it couldn’t be compared to the really wealthy families, it had quite some a.s.sets too. Since I was young, I was working for the He family and then followed my miss over to the Qin family. Before my miss pa.s.sed away, she asked me to take care of Master and that’s why I continued staying here.”

“Is there something going on? Why are you asking this?”

Ming Shu pulled Aunt He over. “Tell me more about the He family.”

She knew that He Shuguo wanted to target the Qin family, but she didn’t know the reason.

“There is nothing much.” Aunt He thought that Ming Shu was just curious. Although she said there was nothing much, she still told Ming Shu everything she knew.

He Shuguo was Qin Che’s uncle. When Qin Che’s mother married over, He Shuguo was against the marriage. However, Qin Che’s mother cried and threatened He Shuguo with her life and finally managed to marry into the Qin family.

He Shuguo was afraid that his sister would suffer and asked Aunt He to come and take care of her.

The Qin family had a bigger background than the He family. Although some people looked down on Qin Che’s mother, she was well-mannered and knowledgeable and under the protection of Qin Che’s father, so she didn’t suffer much.

After that, Qin Che was born.

Qin Che’s arrival meant that the Qin family had a heir. During that time, the entire Qin family was engulfed in anxiety. Aunt He felt it, too.

There was one time when Qin Che almost died in the nursery and his father did some scary things in a fit of anger. This caused the people in the Qin family to quiet down.

Qin Che’s mother died two years later and left young Qin Che alone. Aunt He promised Qin Che’s mother to take care of him at her deathbed and thus stayed with the Qin family.

After Qin Che’s mother pa.s.sed away, He Shuguo stopped visiting the Qin family. The He family also started to grow stronger during these years.

Aunt He didn’t know the exact details of these events and only offered a summary of everything.

“Thanks, Aunt He.”

“Why are you asking this, Miss? Did… anything happened?” Aunt He felt a bit perturbed.

“I’m just asking for fun.” Ming Shu took her snacks and went upstairs.

Aunt He half-believed her.

Ming Shu hummed and climbed up the stairs. Jiang Duo was lying on the bed and staring at her phone weakly.

“Have you come to a decision?” Ming Shu threw the snacks on the bed.

Jiang Duo was uninterested in the snacks. “Xiao Li, don’t you find this unreal? It’s like a novel.”

How could she be the daughter of the Nan family?

According to the Harmony System, they were part of a novel.

However, Ming Shu couldn’t tell her.“The DNA test has been done. There is nothing unreal about this. You can’t hide from them your whole life.” Ming Shu sat down beside Jiang Duo.

“I feel like I’m s.n.a.t.c.hing Nan Youyou’s things…” Jiang Duo muttered.

“…” Shouldn’t it be Nan Youyou s.n.a.t.c.hing your things for all these years?

The thinking of a female protagonist was indeed different.

“Also, I’m used to living alone. If you suddenly give me two parents, I won’t know how to interact with them.” Jiang Duo sighed. “I think I’ll hide here for a while.”

“You’re rich now!”

“It’s not my money.” Jiang Duo shook her head. She climbed off the bed and looked at Ming Shu. “Xiao Li, what’s your dream?”

“Dream?” Ming Shu thought for a while. “Is saving the world considered a dream?”

“…” When did Xiao Li become so delusional? “Xiao Li, have you thought about what you want to do in the future?”

Heaven is jealous of geniuses. I will die soon. I don’t have to worry about my future at all.

Ming Shu asked back, “Have you thought about it?”

Jiang Duo sat back on the bed. “I want to open a hotel someday and have someone I love… and who loves me, accompanying me every day till the day we die.”

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She stared at Ming Shu. “Xiao Li, don’t you think this kind of life is very beautiful?”

Ming Shu was in charge of appearing whenever Qin Che was angry and gained some Hatred Points for herself.

At this time, the news started guessing Ming Shu and Qin Che’s relationship and Ming Shu’s ident.i.ty was found out.

She was Qin Che’s sister and girlfriend.

Although everyone knew that they were not blood-related, some people still couldn’t accept this and started insulting them.

When Qin Che found out about this news, the entire Internet was already buzzing about him and Ming Shu.

Most of them were negative comments.

Speaking in the soft winds and clouds: Their circle is so messy. They even lay their hands on their own sister.

Face King: They are not blood-related so why can’t they be together? They look good standing together.

Einstein: Disgusting.

Growing up in adversity: Sigh, my perspective was widened today. I didn’t know that a sister can have such uses.

Master of the ominous: The sister doesn’t look like a good person either. She might be after his money. Are the people up top all ghostwriters?

“Boss Qin, what should we do with this news?” The secretary didn’t dare to make a decision and asked Qin Che carefully for instructions.

Qin Che was so angry he almost gave up being irritated. “Where is she?”

The secretary took a while to get who he was referring to. “Who? Oh… Miss is at Heavenly Palace Hotel.”

“What is she doing there?” What is she trying to do now!

The secretary shook his head. How would he know what she wanted to do?

Qin Che grabbed his clothes and left.

“Boss Qin, this…” Can you at least tell me how you want to settle this issue!

In the end, the secretary decided to… put the issue aside.

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