Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 194 - Marrying A Rich Lady (27)

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Chapter 194: Marrying A Rich Lady (27)

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“Boss He, we have collected the item.”

He Shuguo asked someone to collect the item. He wanted to see what was inside the mailbox.

Half an hour later, the item was delivered to He Shuguo. He glanced at the girl sitting opposite him and opened the exquisitely wrapped envelope.

The minute he opened the envelope, He Shuguo’s face changed drastically.

There were six photos inside the envelope. Although it was not a lot, every single one of them made his heart pump faster.

His expression changed from shock to anger, and from anger to fear.

“Miss Ruan, what is the meaning of this?” He Shuguo threw the photos at Ming Shu angrily. “What did you do to Yuxuan?”

The photos were spread out. There was a man on each of the photos. He was tied to a pillar and seemed to be suffering greatly.

Ming Shu slowly put the photos back together in a pile. “Why are you so angry? Isn’t this the way you invited me, too? I’m just doing the same to your son.”

She tapped the photos with her finger and raised her head. She gave him a smile. “I carry grudges.”

He Shuguo felt a shiver go down his spine. The kidnapping of his son was done before this. Had she predicted that he would kidnap her?

How could it be…

This girl only knew how to spend money and eat. She didn’t look like someone so calculating.

He Shuguo waved to the people outside and they surrounded Ming Shu.

“Miss Ruan, you seemed to have forgotten that this is my home field.” He Shuguo’s face was cloudy. “Get her!”

Ming Shu chuckled and blocked the first attack. She then grabbed a gun from her waist.

The black muzzle pointed straight at them. No one dared to move.


This is against the rules!

He Shuguo angrily screamed, “Didn’t I tell you all to search her?”

The other guys swallowed as cold sweat dripped from their foreheads. They did search her body but she didn’t have any weapons on her. How would they know where she got the gun from?

He Shuguo gritted his teeth. “Get out.”

The guys stared at each other for a while before rushing out of the room. They closed the door behind them.

No matter how good they were at fighting, they could never win against a gun.

“Miss Ruan really has a lot of surprises.” He Shuguo controlled the ball of fire in his heart and pushed the words out of his mouth.

Ming Shu handsomely spun the gun in her hand, sat back on the sofa, and crossed her legs. “Surprises make your life more wonderful.”

Wonderful your head.

He Shuguo calmed down. “Where is Yuxuan? What motive do you have?”

“What does Mister He think about my sincerity?”

“…” What kind of sincerity is this? This is a threat.

He kidnapped her and she kidnapped his son. She was amazing.

He only had one son and he normally couldn’t even bear to scold him…

“Miss Ruan, let’s stop beating around the bush. What do you want?” He Shuguo was concerned about his son and didn’t want to waste any more time. “If you want the Qin company, we can discuss it as long as you let Yuxuan go.”

The direction of their talk had gone in a direction that He Shuguo never expected. It would be hard for him to take back initiative even if he wanted to.

He was outdone by a girl. d.a.m.n.

“I just want to teach Mister He a lesson. There are some people that you can’t kidnap.”

He would remember this lesson for his entire life. He Shuguo breathed in deeply and said, “If you have any conditions, just name them.”

Ming Shu smiled. “Didn’t I say this at the start?”

He Shuguo glared at her. If her objective was the Qin company and Qin Che, why did she need to kidnap his son!

Is she crazy!

“Since our objective is the same, there was no need for you to kidnap Yuxuan.”

“I said that I carry grudges.”

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He Shuguo felt his anger rising to his head. “I didn’t kidnap you before.”

There was a tall figure inside the house. He was preparing to leave the house and b.u.mped into Ming Shu face to face.

Qin Che was stunned for a while. He looked at her with concern. “Where have you been? Do you know…” H ow long I was looking for you?

“Why are you so concerned about me?” Ming Shu guarded her snacks.

Qin Che: “…”

Will I s.n.a.t.c.h your food from you? I have enough money for your entire lifetime supply of food.

Qin Che stared at Ming Shu. This expression when she was guarding her food…

Seems very familiar.

“You’re my girlfriend, why can’t I care for you?” Qin Che pushed away his uneasy feelings. “Did you meet with any situation just now?”

“Brother, are you nervous for me?”

Qin Che frowned. “To other people, you’re my girlfriend. At home, you’re my sister. How can I not be nervous about you?”

What am I nervous about? I am not nervous at all.

“That is not the point, but…” Ming Shu paused. “It doesn’t seem like something you would say.”

Qin Che would definitely mock her and ask if she went out to do something unglamorous. He wouldn’t react like this…

Has he really fallen in love with me?

Qin Che’s body stiffened. Did he violate his character setting?

“If something happens to you, how will I answer to your mother and my father?” Qin Che tried to salvage the situation.

“True.” Ming Shu nodded her head understandingly.

Qin Che heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t dare to ask her any more questions and hastily said goodbye before rushing off.

Ming Shu walked into the house deep in thought. Aunt He pa.s.sed Ming Shu a pair of slippers. “Miss, Master really cares for you. Before you came back, he was very nervous. I have never seen him like that before.”

Aunt He didn’t get a reply from Ming Shu and she continued, “You are not related by blood to Master. If you both get together, there is nothing wrong. Master and Madam are not conservative people. They will be okay with it.”

Ming Shu: “…”

What did Qin Che tell you!

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