Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 191 - Marrying A Rich Lady (24)

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Chapter 191: Marrying A Rich Lady (24)

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Jiang Duo held her arms with both hands and looked at the people in the room, who were all tied up. She was a little scared, with a blank mind, and couldn’t think.

Not long after Ming Shu left, she met these people. They forced her to this room.

If Ming Shu hadn’t arrived in time, she didn’t know what would have happened…

“No one sent us. We saw she was alone so we just wanted to play with her.” A man who could talk insisted that no one was behind this.

Ming Shu squatted down beside him, smiling. “Really?”

The light in the room was weak, and Ming Shu was with her back to the light, which made the smile on her face seem a bit gruesome.

The fine hair all over his body stood up, and the man had the impression of being stared at by a devil right then.

“It’s true,” the man insisted further, gritting his teeth, then gave a black look to Ming Shu. “What do you want?”

“I want to play with you as well.” Ming Shu pulled the man up and threw him into the chair. “When you think of something, just call “stop” at any time.”

The man got nervous and unsure. What did she want to do?

Ming Shu began to do some warm-up exercises. Twisting the neck and pinching the wrist, all ma.s.sage techniques, and she learned them well.


The man felt his arm was about to break. Cold sweat appeared all over his forehead, streaming down in big drops.

It hurts like h.e.l.l.

He had done this to many people’s arms and was subjected to this by others once, but he never felt so pained, as if it was enlarged several times…

Jiang Duo had never seen Ming Shu like this. She was a little numb at this moment, and shivered with the rest of the tied-up people.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Seeing Ming Shu was going to pull his legs, the man couldn’t help but growl, “I’ll tell you.”

Ming Shu clapped her hands. “That’s great.”

You could’ve just told me from the beginning, which would’ve saved my life bar a lot.

She turned and sat down on the sofa, taking out some snacks and eating. “Okay, speak now.”

The man gasped for breath. The pain was still lingering in his body, reminding him of what he had just experienced.

He didn’t want a repeat.

“It’s…” The man gritted his teeth and finally made up his mind. “It’s Miss Nan, she told us to rape her, then take a photo.”

Ming Shu was not surprised at all.

Nan Youyou was afraid of Jiang Duo appearing at the banquet and being recognized by the Nan family, so she came up with such a solution.

A solution that could stop Jiang Duo from appearing, and could also destroy Jiang Duo.

Even if Jiang Duo was recognized by the Nan family, what would people in the circle say then?

Just kill two birds with one stone.

Being a female protagonist was really tiring.

She had to cope with the male protagonist and male supporting role, and deal with all female supporting roles and female villains.

Ming Shu looked at Jiang Duo, whose face was all pale now. “What do you want to do about this?”

Jiang Duo looked back at Ming Shu blankly. Countless doubts, questions, sadness, and anger intertwined in her heart. She didn’t make any sound for a long while. Then she asked slowly, “Nan Youyou… Why did she do this to me?”

“Jealousy, of course.”

“Jealousy?” Jiang Duo was even more confused. “What do I have that is worthy of her jealousy? She has a good family, a beautiful face, and she is talented. She… and Boss Shen have been engaged, why does she need to envy me?”

“There is something that she doesn’t have.” Ming Shu said something cryptic and Jiang Duo couldn’t understand.

Nan Youyou indeed had the halo of a protagonist, but it was stolen. There was only one real female protagonist and that was Jiang Duo. As long as Jiang Duo was there, Nan Youyou would not be at ease.

After another long while, Jiang Duo said to Ming Shu in a low voice, “Xiao Li, can you help me call the police?”

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“Are you sure?” Ming Shu glared at her. “The Nan family may use their power and financial resources to hide this matter.”

Father Nan’s face became even darker. “You bought off these people to frame Youyou, of course he will say what you tell him. Police officer, you must not listen to her. My daughter would never do this kind of thing.”

Mother Nan echoed him.

They knew very well about their daughter. She had everything she wanted, and now was engaged with Shen Yuanzhao. Why would she do such things?

“We have evidence.” The man was somewhat afraid of Ming Shu and he added this hurriedly.

These people had a video in their hands. It was a video of Nan Youyou disguising herself to meet them, but it was soundless, and what they were discussing couldn’t be heard. The video showed that Nan Youyou gave cash to these people.

This video proved that Nan Youyou indeed had something to do with them.

Father and Mother Nan’s faces changed a lot. “This… this must be fake.”

“I may have to take all of you to the police station first.” They needed professional tools to check whether the video was real or not.


“Mr. and Mrs. Nan, you can rest a.s.sured. We will not wrong a good person, nor will we let go of a bad person. I believe the truth will soon come to light.”

“Our daughter would never do this kind of thing. This woman must harbor some bad intentions…”

“Yeah, I am planning on something.” Ming Shu picked up Mother Nan’s words. “But do you have any evidence?”

“Officer, you see, she admitted it.”

“Admitted what?” What happened to bad intentions? Does this prove that she framed Nan Youyou? Does the law say something like this?

Mother Nan: “…”

Of course, the police officers could see that Ming Shu was deliberately angering the Nan couple.

Father Nan stopped Mother Nan with a gloomy face. He talked to the police officers: “Please wait, Officer, you see that we have so many guests here today. They are important figures from all walks of life. Could you allow us to make some arrangements first?”

Considering the social influence of public figures, the police officer agreed.

“You two come with us first.”

Ming Shu helped the frightened Jiang Duo up from the bed. She put a coat on Jiang Duo casually and then walked out with her in her arms.

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