Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 189 - Marrying A Rich Lady (22)

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Chapter 189: Marrying A Rich Lady (22)

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Shen Yuanzhao tried to cover up his news with other articles, but the entire circle knew about it already.

Nan Youyou’s ident.i.ty was found out, too. According to the information Ming Shu received, this news was leaked by Nan Youyou herself.

Shen Yuanzhao had no choice but to announce their relationship.

The two of them had similar backgrounds and grew up together. The two families agreed to this relationship and let the two of them get engaged first. They could get married after their relationship had settled down.

The engagement meant that the Shen family and the Nan family would be tied together. This was no longer a family matter.

The entire business world was paying close attention.

Ming Shu and Qin Che both received the invitation for their engagement party. On that day, they met each other outside the hotel hosting the party.

Ming Shu was dressed casually. She got off from the taxi and waved at the driver with a smile. They looked as though they had a good time talking to each other.

If other people give her a smile, she can light up their entire world.



Qin Che instinctively thought of this word.

He couldn’t understand why he would use such a word to describe her.

During this period of time, Ming Shu seldom appeared in front of Qin Che. The only information Qin Che could get about her was from the different messages from the banks telling him that his card had exceeded its limit.

She was really on a mission to make him bankrupt.

“Hey, Brother, it’s been a while since I saw you,” Ming Shu greeted Qin Che.

Her grin was very irritating.

The two of them were still pretending to be a couple. Also, some people still thought that he hadn’t recovered from his amnesia. Hence, Qin Che didn’t dare to scold her. “Why are you dressed like this?”

Actress Ming Shu immediately got into character. “You didn’t accompany me to buy clothes recently. I have no more clothes to wear.”

“I brought something for you.” Qin Che patted Ming Shu’s head. “Let me take you to change first.”

Ming Shu held Qin Che’s hand as he reached out to her and smiled even brighter. “Brother, you always seem to be carrying female clothing around. You must be a fan of crossdressing.”

Qin Che’s veins started popping out on his forehead. He wanted to push the heads of those beside him into the ground.

To h.e.l.l with crossdressing.

I am so angry I could die!

“It’s okay. Everyone has a fetish. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this.” Ming Shu continued to provoke Qin Che.

[Guest, you are really lucky that he hasn’t beaten you to death yet.] The Harmony System couldn’t help but make fun of her.

Isn’t that my mission?

[…] That seemed to make some sense. Should it encourage its Guest to get hit more often?

Ming Shu held Qin Che’s arm and entered the venue. She changed into the dress he brought. It was a pretty purple dress and the accessories and shoes came together as a complete set.

The dress was really fitting. Ming Shu knew that Qin Che specially prepared this for her.

Ming Shu walked out while lifting her dress and grinned at Qin Che. “Brother, what are you scheming?”

Why does he have a dress in his car all the time? Why is it so strange?

Qin Che looked at Ming Shu and seemed satisfied. When faced with Ming Shu’s question, he replied with the same answer as before. “I can’t let you lose the face of the Qin family. Since you’re part of the Qin family now, you represent the family.”

“Don’t tell me that you really fell in love with me.” Ming Shu closed in on him. Her eyes were filled with curiosity.

Qin Che almost denied it.

Who would like her?

However, he swallowed back the words and gave a smile. He put a hand on the wall behind her and half-enclosed her in his arms. “What if I say yes?”

“Erm…” Ming Shu’s back was against the cold wall and her face was filled with surprise. “You will be struck by lightning.”

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What the h.e.l.l!

All stories were written like this.

Boss Qin, control your wife. If she continues to steal people’s scenes, she will be beaten!

“I’ll wait for you downstairs,” Qin Che said to Ming Shu and walked down the stairs.

He brought the subordinate male protagonist with him.

Jiang Duo let go of Ming Shu after a long time. “Xiao Li, am I very useless?”

She hated him for last time, so why was she still feeling so sad?

“No, you make really delicious food.” I feel hungry just thinking about it.

Jiang Duo was stunned. She then laughed aloud. “Xiao Li, don’t tell me you became my friend so that you can eat the food that I make.”

Ming Shu nodded her head truthfully.

Jiang Duo didn’t feel any discomfort with this answer. Instead, she was amused. It also made her feel better and made her realize that she was not that useless.

Actually, it might not even be such a serious issue. She was just lying to herself. Boss Shen might not even like her.

“Have you applied any cream?” Ming Shu held Jiang Duo’s hand. “If you leave a scar on such a pretty hand, it will become ugly.”

“No worries, it’s just a small burn. It’ll heal after a while.” Jiang Duo shook her head.

Ming Shu insisted and brought her to get some medication.

Although her intention was to make sure that Jiang Duo’s hand would heal and she could continue to make more food, Jiang Duo still felt much better to have someone accompanying her at such a time.

“Xiao Li, you’re not Boss Qin’s real sister, right?” Jiang Duo suddenly asked while Ming Shu was attending to her burn.

They didn’t have the same surname.

“No, my mother married his father.”

Jiang Duo understood and glanced at Ming Shu. She asked carefully, “Do you like Boss Qin?”

Ming Shu looked at her curiously. “Why do you ask?”

“I felt there was something weird going on between you and Boss Qin.”

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