Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 187 - Marrying A Rich Lady (20)

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Chapter 187: Marrying A Rich Lady (20)

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“Are you not afraid that I’ll fall in love with him and decide to stay here and forget about my mission?”

The other systems were all afraid of their guests developing feelings for other characters as it would affect the mission.

Her system, on the other hand, was urging her to get in a relationship.

It had this intention right from the start.

She must have met a fake system.

[Would you stay in here for the sake of someone?] The Harmony System didn’t reply to her, but asked something else.

Ming Shu kept quiet.

Her chuckle broke the silence. “Harmony System, do you really understand me?”

[I don’t.] The Harmony System was very truthful. [But you are different from others.]

Although it didn’t know the reason, the Harmony System felt that she wouldn’t fall in love with someone so easily.

Or rather…

It hadn’t seen her develop any feelings for anyone before.

“Different…” Ming Shu muttered, “Yes I am different.”

How could she be the same as others?

She was so pretty.

A ball of fur suddenly appeared on her palm. Little Beastie patted her palm with its paw.


I want to eat!

Ming Shu took the blanket and pressed it down. “Go on a diet.”

Little Beastie fumed.

If you don’t give me any food, I will run away from home.

“Up to you.” Ming Shu threw it to the ground. “Leave and don’t ever return. I can’t afford to raise you.”

Little Beastie jumped on the floor. Ming Shu didn’t look at it and it jumped onto the bed.

Trash picker, you still owe me a complete Manchu-Han banquet. Don’t try to run away from it.

“…” Ming Shu was silent. “What did you call me?”

Trash picker!

Little Beastie shouted without fear. Its fur exploded and it looked like a ball of colorful flowers.

That is what they say on the Internet.

Ming Shu picked Little Beastie up from the bed and rolled it into a ball. Then, she threw it out of the window.

Little Beastie disappeared into the night sky.

Ahhhhhh! Trash picker, just you wait! This beast also has an ego! I will be back!

Little Beastie’s scream started fading away./v ipnovel. com

Ming Shu closed the window. After this incident, she was too tired to think about anything else and just fell asleep.

Qin Che had a dream. He dreamt that Ming Shu spent everything the Qin family had and triumphantly sold him away to pay her debts.

He sat up in fear and immediately saw a pair of bright eyes in front of him.


Qin Che screamed instinctively.

Ming Shu found a new night-robe and wrapped it around her body. She probably wore clothes inside and there was nothing to be seen.

The morning sunlight shone in from the window and engulfed her in its gentle rays. She looked like an angel from heaven, pure and beautiful.

“Why are you sitting on my bed bright and early in the morning?” Qin Che shifted his gaze and asked irritatedly.

Scared me to death.

If I woke up a bit later, would she really sell me away like what happened in my dream?

Scary woman.

“Brother, our conversation from yesterday isn’t finished yet.”

Ming Shu pushed against the blanket and Qin Che was unable to pull it away. He took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions. He sneered, “What conversation? Do you expect me to answer to you just because I kissed you? You were the one who chased me away. Are you regretting it?”

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Ming Shu looked at his smile.

The memory of a human is not an object. You can’t just throw it away when you don’t need it and take it back whenever you want.

You can try to make a person lose their memory, but you can’t control when they will remember again.

Qin Che glanced at her. “I don’t know what they’ll do, but if it were me… I would find a way to make the person lose his memory again or be even more unscrupulous.”

What was the even more unscrupulous method? Ming Shu didn’t ask and Qin Che didn’t say.

“So after the accident, you used me as a shield?”

Qin Che nodded his head.

That was part of the reason. The other reason was for the mission.

Achieving two goals in one go. Why not?

Ming Shu expression didn’t change and she asked calmly, “Have you found out who it is?”

Qin Che shook his head.

If he knew who did this, he wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble.

Ming Shu was slightly disappointed. If she knew who it was, she could team up with the person and gain Hatred Points from Qin Che.

If Qin Che knew of her intentions, he would probably strangle her on the spot.

“One more important question.”


“How do you know that someone is scheming against you?” And he knew so many details, too.

Qin Che was stunned and he pushed his hair away from his face. He grunted and said elegantly, “I have my own ways.”

He suddenly leaned over. “So, my dear sister, in front of other people, you are still my girlfriend.”

Ming Shu tilted her head. “They don’t know that I’m your sister?”

“They know.”

“Then what’s the point of doing this?”

“To prevent them from putting a random girl into my life.” Qin Che caressed Ming Shu’s hair. “You’re the safer option, right?”

No, not safe at all.

I just want to find the person who’s trying to kill you and make a deal with them.

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