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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 186 - Marrying A Rich Lady (19)

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Chapter 186: Marrying A Rich Lady (19)

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Qin Che knew exactly where Shen Yuanzhao lived since he lived here, too.

He brought Ming Shu to Shen Yuanzhao’s house.

The district was very quiet. The lamps shone on the two of them and formed two long shadows.

Ming Shu didn’t walk properly and would occasionally skip around, full of energy. She was smiling like a little girl.


If he hadn’t seen the other side of her before…

When they reached Shen Yuanzhao’s house, his car was still parked outside. They were really lucky.

The villa was still dark. Some commotion came from the car. They hadn’t gotten out of the car yet.

Ming Shu got nearer and squatted among the bushes.

The sound-proofing of the car must have been bad and it allowed them to hear the noises that were coming from inside the car.

Qin Che looked at his cellphone. His face was serious.

Ming Shu looked over and saw a few photos on his screen. The photos were of Qin Che and her and from the angle of the photos, they looked very close in the photo.

It was taken in secret.

Not only that, but there was also a headline and an article.

Headline: #Dating scandal between the Prince of the Qin family and his sister. Is this morally acceptable?#

The article didn’t specifically state her ident.i.ty and just mentioned that she was the daughter of the Qin family and was Qin Che’s sister.

The article used ambiguous words to influence people to think the wrong way.

What would those people who didn’t know the truth think?

As a businessman, scandals were not scary. However, scandals which touched on moral issues could bring a lot of harm to their companies or worse, destroy their companies.

This seemed to be the headline for tomorrow, but Qin Che managed to find out before it was published.

“There are paparazzi following you?” Ming Shu asked softly.

Qin Che looked at her. Her expression was normal and calm. There were no signs of unhappiness. It was as though the article had nothing to do with her.

“What do you think?” Normally, paparazzi followed celebrities, but there were also those who had nothing better to do and followed bosses like him.

It was normal for bosses that were handsome and capable to be followed by paparazzi.

Qin Che typed a message and asked his secretary to stop the article from being published.

Ming Shu placed her hand on him when he was about to send the message and asked, “Who do you think did this?”

Her hand was soft and warm. Qin Che felt his skin turning hot.

Ming Shu continued, “Tomorrow, the news that you have become the charity amba.s.sador will be out. If these two pieces of news appeared at the same time, what would happen?”

This was either done by Nan Youyou or Shen Yuanzhao.

However, she felt that Shen Yuanzhao was the prime suspect. Nan Youyou had tried to drug her just now, but this news was prepared for a while. Even the article was written.

“What do you want to do?” Qin Che asked.

Ming Shu directed his attention to Shen Yuanzhao’s car. “You know what I want to do.”

Qin Che didn’t care about the methods used, but it wouldn’t be a good thing to anger Shen Yuanzhao now.

He still had other missions.


Qin Che deleted the message he typed and wrote a new one.

It was already late and Ming Shu was too lazy to move. Therefore, she decided to stay in Qin Che’s villa for the night.

Compared to the grand Qin family’s house, Qin Che’s villa was more gloomy.

“Is there anything to eat?” Ming Shu asked the minute she went in.

Qin Che pointed at the refrigerator. “Talk a look yourself. There might be some food inside.”

He didn’t have his meals here. His helper would come every three days so he was not sure if there was any food left.

Ming Shu opened the fridge and realized that there were only raw ingredients. There were no snacks.

Let’s order delivery.

Ming Shu ordered an entire table of food. When Qin Che showered and came out, he saw Ming Shu swinging her legs and eating happily.

Honestly, he was a bit hungry, too.

Qin Che came over and sat down. Before he could lift his hand, Ming Shu pulled all the food to her side.

“What?” She was ready to protect her food.

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Qin Che mouth twitched. “Hungry”

Qin Che cursed and swore as he picked himself up from the floor and scoffed. “Aren’t you the one that asked me to sleep with you? Why did you kick me after I kissed you?”


“My leg was cramping. I’m sorry.” Ming Shu smiled. “Get out.”

Qin Che fumed.

I will endure this!

[Lord Nine, you should strike while the iron is hot. Do it and talk about the rest later.]

Qin Che left the room and closed the door.

When he was out of Ming Shu’s sight, he patted his clothes, which had no dust on them.

“If I did something to her, she’d make sure I have no offspring.” Don’t ask him why he was so sure about this. He didn’t know the reason, either.

[Lord Nine… are you scared?]

“Who’s scared?”

[Me.] The system immediately kissed his a.s.s. [Lord Nine, you are mighty and handsome, well-liked and full of talent. How can you be scared? I am sure Lord Nine has a better plan.]

Qin Che didn’t reply to the system. He touched his chest and walked to the other room.

He seemed to have imagined it all just now. His heart was beating normally.

He shook his head. It was his imagination.

In the bedroom, Ming Shu sat on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

She couldn’t get the scene just now out of her mind.

She wasn’t touched and didn’t feel any b.u.t.terflies in her stomach.

Instead, she felt an attraction.

Very strange…

[Guest, an adequate amount of dating is good for your health.]

Ming Shu tossed her body onto the bed and covered half her face with the blanket. “Are you urging me to fall in love? With the person, I’m supposed to gain Hatred Points from?”

[You can get together with him and dump him after that.] the Harmony System urged. [After all, even if you really fell in love with him, you can create an accident before you leave and easily gain Hatred Points like that.]

Everything revolved around Hatred Points.

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