Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 185 - Marrying A Rich Lady (18)

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Chapter 185: Marrying A Rich Lady (18)

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Qin Che was not interested in being the charity amba.s.sador. When the host invited him to give a speech, he just said a few words and went off the stage.

There was a c.o.c.ktail party after the auction. Qin Che sent away all the people that wanted to get information from him and looked at Ming Shu with a sneer.

“You spent so much money to get this useless t.i.tle of charity amba.s.sador?” Qin Che knew that this t.i.tle was really important in the future, but his character didn’t know. Hence, he had to pretend that he was oblivious, too.

The character setting was not allowed to be violated.

“I didn’t know that there would be such a thing.” Ming Shu looked at him innocently.

That was not a lie, she really forgot about it.

After he was found out, Qin Che could no longer treat Ming Shu like he did before and could only put on his “looking down upon and mocking the entire human race” face.

“Are you very happy spending my money?”

“Of course.” Ming Shu supported her chin with her hand and smiled. “My aim is to make you bankrupt.”

Qin Che’s mouth twitched. Is she crazy?

“If the Qin family goes bankrupt, what benefits will you have?” Why was she speaking as though she wasn’t part of the Qin family?

“As long as it doesn’t benefit you, I’m happy.”

Qin Che frowned and started pondering. He didn’t spend much time with his sister and they had almost no interactions at all. Why did she hate him so much…

“Aunt Ruan and my father’s marriage was their own decision. If you’re not happy, why take it out on me? Do you think that my father and I want your inheritance?”

Qin Che’s question was very impolite. Although he didn’t want to say such things, this character of his would say it, so he had no choice.

“If you think it is, then it is. As long as you’re happy.” Ming Shu smiled gently. She couldn’t be bothered with this issue.

Did I guess wrong?

Then why is she always targeting me?

What did this character do to provoke her?

Or is she pretending?

“Miss Ruan, Boss Qin, congratulations.” Nan Youyou smiled elegantly and walked toward them.

Shen Yuanzhao was interacting with other people and didn’t seem to have noticed what was happening here.

Ming Shu glanced at Nan Youyou. She was furious at her but still came over to greet them. There was definitely something wrong.

Nan Youyou called the waiter over and personally, pa.s.sed Ming Shu and Qin Che a gla.s.s of red wine each. “Do you mind having a drink?”

“If I do?” Ming Shu didn’t answer.

I’m not eating or drinking anything the fake protagonist gives me.

Qin Che wanted to take the gla.s.s, but retracted his hand after he heard Ming Shu.

Nan Youyou’s hand paused in midair and she said after a while, “I just want to congratulate you and Boss Qin. Are you going to reject me?”

“I’m afraid that you put something inside the drink.”

Ming Shu’s words were very direct and the atmosphere immediately became awkward.

Nan Youyou hand shook and her face darkened. “Miss Ruan if you don’t want to accept my drink, you can just refuse. You don’t have to accuse me.”

“Oh, what are you scared of? Did you really put something inside?” Ming Shu stopped her from putting the drinks back and said softly, “If you dare to finish this red wine, I’ll apologize to you.”


Nan Youyou didn’t dare to drink the red wine. It was drugged.

“You don’t dare? Seems like you really drugged the red wine.” I was just testing you. Who knew you really did something.

But I just don’t know what drug you put inside.

Based on common sense, it’s definitely not something good. Highly likely that it’s that kind of drug.

“You don’t have any evidence. Miss Ruan, don’t you think you’re being unreasonable?” Nan Youyou tried to change the topic.

“I don’t.” I f someone offers you a toast right after you all had an argument, it is definitely a trap. I’m not that stupid.

“Drink it. Drink it and you’ll know if I framed you.”

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“Why must I listen to you?”

“The entire city recognizes your car. Are you hoping that they’ll find out you’re following them?” Ming Shu smiled and retaliated, “Brother, remember to replenish your IQ.”

Qin Che: “…” He felt that she was scolding him, but he couldn’t say anything in return.

The driver was an experienced one and followed Shen Yuanzhao closely despite the heavy traffic.

The surroundings started to quiet down and the driver stopped in front of a villa. “Miss, I can’t drive in here.”

Ming Shu took out her money and gave it to the driver. She then got off the car.

High-cla.s.s villa districts had tight security. It was impossible to break in through the main gate.

“Beg me and I will bring you in.” Qin Che looked at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu replied without any hesitation, “Please, Brother.”

Qin Che: “…” Where the h.e.l.l is your ego?


I don’t have such a thing.

Qin Che told himself that he could not ruin his character setting and brought Ming Shu into the district.

The security guard felt weird when he saw Qin Che walking in. Everyone living here had cars.

He saw Qin Che swipe his card and a name flashed on the screen. The security guard shut up.

Maybe the guy wanted to do something with the pretty girl along the road?

Poor people like us can never understand what rich people are thinking.

“You bought a house here and become neighbors with your enemy?”

Qin Che mocked, “This house was prepared for you. Aunt Ruan was worried about you staying alone so no one told you about this place.”

When she moved to live with the Qin family, Qin Che started living here.

“Oh, so you took my house.”

Qin Che almost fell to the ground and gritted his teeth. “I bought this house under my name.”

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