Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 184 - Marrying A Rich Lady (17)

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Chapter 184: Marrying A Rich Lady (17)

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The invisible battle ended with the organizer going up on stage and saying his speech.

“Don’t you feel that he had bad intentions?” Ming Shu asked Qin Che.

Shen Yuanzhao must have had other intentions when he said those words.

“You s.n.a.t.c.hed his chance of working with Joseph. He now thinks that you are a spy sent by me. Do you think he’ll have any good intentions?” Qin Che mocked as he looked forward.

“How do you think he will take his revenge on us?” Both of them had provoked the male protagonist and were now on the same side.

Qin Che thought for a while. “He can’t touch the Ruan family. They are not within his control and the Ruan family is not so easy to deal with. There is a higher possibility that he would hire people to kill us or create an accident.”

Ming Shu: “…” He’s the male protagonist. He won’t do such things.

“Do you always do that kind of thing?” He said it so naturally. Must have done it a lot of times.

“Do I need to hire people to do that?” Qin Che replied.

The random person behind them: “…” Hey, I heard everything.

Who do you want to kill!

“Hard to say.” Ming Shu smiled mysteriously. “Are you really not planning to explain the accident at that time to me?”

Qin Che’s body went stiff.

Ming Shu closed in on him and grinned with confidence. “You didn’t lose your memory.”

Qin Che reached out and grabbed Ming Shu’s waist tightly to prevent her from moving. He ridiculed her in a low voice, “Should I be killed then, my dear sister?”

“That’s not necessary. I don’t really care if you have amnesia or not.” I just care about my Hatred Points.

You just have to hate me.

Qin Che looked down at her. She was very close to him. Her hands were crossed in front of her and her posture was relaxed. She didn’t guard against him.

The area where his hand was at started to feel hot.

He let go of Ming Shu. “Let’s talk when we get home.”

Ming Shu took a bag of sweets out of his bag and popped two into her mouth.

Qin Che: “…” When did she put that in?

This foodie…

Qin Che was lost in thought. He could still feel her body temperature against his hand.


Her love for food gave him a familiar feeling.


The 35000 woke Qin Che up and he instinctively looked up at the stage. There was a painting and the description said that it was done by a famous artist.

He then followed the gaze of the auctioneer and realized it was beside him.

“What are you buying this for?”Qin Che t.i.tled his head and was speechless. She didn’t look like someone who would appreciate these things.

“To spend your money.” Spend all your money away.

What was the link between spending his money and buying this…

Qin Che had a sudden realization. She was raising his number plate… Qin Che’s lips started twitching. What the h.e.l.l! He started his ranting.


Do you know how hard I work to earn this money? How dare you spend it just like that?

I am so angry I could die.


Nan Youyou raised her number plate and said her price. She looked past Shen Yuanzhao and stared at Ming Shu, provoking her.

Ming Shu chewed her sweets and continued raising her number plate.





Nan Youyou seemed to be targeting Ming Shu and raised her number plate whenever Ming Shu did. Ming Shu wanted to spend all of Qin Che’s money and was happy to have Nan Youyou help her.

In the end, the painting that was originally worth RMB30000 was sold at RMB50000.

After that, whenever Nan Youyou raised her number plate, the final bid would always exceed the original price of the item by a lot.

Nan Youyou was exasperated. However, she didn’t have as much money as Ming Shu and couldn’t afford to be as willful as her.

Ming Shu noticed Nan Youyou’s anger and started spending even more money.

Qin Che held his forehead. He didn’t want to look at Ming Shu.

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If she continued to spend like this, the Qin family would go bankrupt soon.

Ming Shu looked at Shen Yuanzhao. Shen Yuanzhao was looking this way, too. He seemed to want to play with her.

The lighting in the auction room was dark and Ming Shu’s face was a bit blurred. However, Shen Yuanzhao still caught the smile in her eyes.

It was so bright that he couldn’t move his eyes away.

Yet, it was eerie, too.

“Five million!”

Qin Che: “…”

Kill him now.

Let me die.

Shen Yuanzhao frowned. “Boss Qin, are you going to let her fool around like this?”

Qin Che’s heart had burst a few times, but he gnashed his teeth and said dotingly, “As long as she likes it.”

Nan Youyou pulled at Shen Yuanzhao and seemed a bit agitated. “Boss Shen…”

Shen Yuanzhao patted Nan Youyou’s hand and made a “please” gesture toward Qin Che. He didn’t want to continue this fight.

“Five million, closed. Congratulations to this mister.” The auctioneer called out three times and after no one added any bids, he sealed the deal.

The auctioneer was grinning widely. This year’s charity auction’s total sum collected was much higher than last year’s. This meant that their salary would increase, too.

Qin Che couldn’t smile at all. He just wanted to find somewhere to strangle his dear sister.

The people onstage got down and the lights came on. The host swayed his way up to the stage. “This year’s auction will be a bit different. The person who donates the most amount of money will be the amba.s.sador for our auction next year.”

The host paused for a while and a spotlight shone on Qin Che. The host announced with high spirits, “Congratulations, Mister Qin, for being next year’s charity amba.s.sador.”

The crowd immediately started talking.

The charity amba.s.sador was not just any position.

ZF would prioritize the company of the charity amba.s.sador whenever there were suitable projects available.

Ming Shu finally understood why Nan Youyou was agitated. In the second half of the year, there was a big project which all the big companies fought over. This included Shen Yuanzhao’s company.

If he got the position of the charity amba.s.sador this time, the deal would more or less be sealed. The project would be his.

If she had helped Shen Yuanzhao get this offer, Shen Yuanzhao would definitely be grateful to her.

Even if Shen Yuanzhao didn’t want it, the Nan family could rise in status, too.

Sigh, this was an excellent round of gaining Hatred Points.

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