Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 183 - Marrying A Rich Lady (16)

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Chapter 183: Marrying A Rich Lady (16)

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In a dessert shop…

Qin Che and his bodyguard sat in a corner, staring at the table next to them. They were all doubting their lives in their hearts now.

“You tell me, does she really like men?” Qin Che asked the system in his mind.

[Lord Nine, even if she doesn’t like men, you have to make her like men.]

“I can’t kill her?”

[…] The system kept silent for a while. [Lord Nine, good luck.]

Qin Che sensed the system’s contempt, and he was even more irritated.

“I don’t believe that I can’t kill her.”

I’ll win her trust first, then find a chance to…

Right. I’m such a genius.


[…] Is Lord Nine out of his mind?

The bodyguard: “…” Young Boss looks so weird.

Ming Shu sent Jiang Duo back. Probably because Ming Shu had a good time eating with her, Jiang Duo didn’t look as sad as earlier.

“Sure enough, food is the healing cure, I’m feeling quite better now.” Jiang Duo stretched out. “Thank you, Xiao Li.”

“No problem. When you’re free next time, please cook for me~”

Jiang Duo got it immediately, as she was also a foodie like Ming Shu. “Come to my house on the weekend.”

“Okay. Go home now.”

Jiang Duo looked at the car in the distance. She didn’t know much about cars, but she saw Shen Yuanzhao also had a car of this brand. The color and style were slightly different.

She heard that this brand of cars cost at least three million…

Xiao Li’s family is so rich.

Jiang Duo shook her head and exhaled a breath. “Okay, bye.”

Ming Shu waved at her.

After Jiang Duo disappeared, Ming Shu slowly walked back to the car and got in.

Qin Che was on the phone and gestured at the bodyguard to drive directly.

Ming Shu yawned, resting against her seat.

“I’m so tired.” Qin Che hung up the phone. He leaned his head on Ming Shu. “Can I borrow your shoulder.”

Ming Shu immediately stopped him. “Get away.”

“I’m still a patient, how can you tell me to get away?” Qin Che quickly hugged Ming Shu. “And furthermore, this is my car.”

“Do you believe that I can’t beat you into a cripple?” Ming Shu turned her head and revealed a kind smile.

“I do. Go on, go ahead, in that case you’ll have to take care of me for a lifetime.” Qin Che lifted his head and got even closer.

Qin Che thought, according to the routine plot, something unexpected should happen this time, and then they would have a kiss.

Then, she might have a crush on him.

But obviously, he was just thinking too much.

Qin Che was ruthlessly kicked to one side by Ming Shu. The bright knife didn’t give him any chance to get any closer.

Taking advantage of Ming Shu’s distraction, Qin Che gave her a fierce look and then rearranged his clothes and sat back calmly.

The rascal just now was definitely not him.

“Young Master, Miss, we’re here.”

The bodyguard opened the door. Qin Che got off the car first, then he replaced the bodyguard and personally opened the door for Ming Shu. He lifted his hand in the air like a gentleman.

At a glance, Ming Shu saw the magnificent hotel not far away. Noisy and bustling.

She sat still and didn’t move.

Qin Che’s arm grew sore. He lowered his gaze. “Get off.”

“I want to go home.”

“We will later.” Qin Che felt some people started. “Get off the car now.”

“No.” Who gave him the right to bring me to this baffling banquet?

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Qin Che’s tone changed slightly, no longer hiding his sarcasm. “Shen Yuanzhao is also here, you really don’t want to go in?”

A few people successively came over and greeted Qin Che—which were all mocked away by the latter. These people perhaps had heard about the news and just came to see if it was true.

“Boss Qin, who is this…” Someone turned their attention to Ming Shu.


“Girlfriend,” Qin Che interrupted Ming Shu and answered firmly, in a slight warning tone. “You’re making her uncomfortable.”

Ming Shu thought of the two million she had taken and didn’t correct Qin Che.

The man showed an incredulous look on his face. When did Qin Che get a girlfriend?

Is the sun rising in the west today?

He quickly moved his gaze away and complimented with a smile, “Congratulations, Boss Qin, you and your little girlfriend are perfectly created by nature. Perhaps we can we hear your good news soon?”

Even if Ming Shu was an ugly thing, they would still boast that she looked beautiful.

These people were born to say compliments against their will.

“You’ll see.”

“Right, right…”

After these people dispersed, Qin Che took a seat with Ming Shu.

“Boss Shen, Miss Nan, we meet again, are you happy to see me?” Ming Shu challengingly said to the mission targets.

“Hoh…” Nan Youyou chuckled and didn’t answer the question.

She was definitely not happy to see her.

But on this occasion, she didn’t want to be laughed at because of her.

Shen Yuanzhao was as calm as a silent mountain. He instead commented in a meaningful tone, “It turns out Miss Ruan and Boss Qin are in this kind of relationship.”

Ming Shu was cool about this sudden “biting,’ though. Shen Yuanzhao knew what relationship she had with the Qin family.

It was nothing strange, after all; he was the all-powerful male protagonist who could of course learn everything he wanted to know.

Ming Shu got ready to sit down next to Shen Yuanzhao. But Qin Che, after hearing Shen Yuanzhao’s words, held Ming Shu’s waist and turned her to the other side. “Boss Shen, mind your att.i.tude toward my girl.”

“Your girl?” Shen Yuanzhao raised his eyebrows. “Boss Qin, your taste is very unique.”

A stern countenance flashed across Qin Che’s eyes. “It’s none of your business. As long as I like her.”

An invisible collision between Shen Yuanzhao and Qin Che was fiercely ongoing. The surrounding people were almost scared enough to stop breathing.

They really wanted to change seats.

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