Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 182 - Marrying A Rich Lady (15)

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Chapter 182: Marrying A Rich Lady (15)

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Shen Yuanzhao rested his eyes on Ming Shu, thoughtful and probing.

“What, do you want to have a fight?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and chuckled, then continued in an obvious provocation, “Come on.”

“I don’t fight with women.” As a CEO, even if he didn’t like a person, he would have to maintain the boss-like demeanor. He couldn’t lose his ident.i.ty and let others judge him.

“Then don’t treat me as a woman.”

I don’t mind.


Let’s go!

“Let’s fight.”

The loser must cry.

Shen Yuanzhao: “…”

A weird feeling emerged in the air and it got somewhat stifling.

After quite a while, Shen Yuanzhao opened his mouth again. “For Boss Qin, Miss Ruan is willing to go undercover in my company. I didn’t expect Miss Ruan and Boss Qin to have such a good relationship.”

“Well, you can talk nonsense… No, you can’t talk nonsense. Boss Shen, I worked for your company, but it had nothing to do with Qin Che.” Don’t relate my every action to Qin Che.

Obviously Shen Yuanzhao wouldn’t believe this. “Then let me ask you, Miss Ruan, why did you come to work at my company?”

Ming Shu answered easily, “To work as an intern, of course, what else? To eat your company’s food? Although the food in your canteen is not bad…”

Shen Yuanzhao sneered. “You are the heir of the Ruan family, do you need to come to my company and work as an intern? Miss Ruan, do you believe your own words?”

“Miss Nan is the young lady of the Nan family, isn’t she also an intern in your company?” Ming Shu pointed in the direction of Nan Youyou with her chin. “Can I not do the same?”

Nan Youyou secretly glared at Ming Shu. What does this have to do with her? Psychopath!

Shen Yuanzhao gave a look to Nan Youyou and spoke for her. “Youyou and I knew each other since childhood. Her internship in my company is completely different from yours.”

[Guest, you don’t have to explain it. Just let him think that you were an undercover spy, so that you can collect easy Hatred Points. It’s a good thing to become the scapegoat sometimes.]

Ming Shu: “…”

My system always advises me to be a scapegoat.

Have you ever seen this kind of system?

I have never seen one, either…

Scapegoat Ming Shu was online. “Well, okay, as you like. I was spying at your company. What do you want to do about it?”

A spy, so what? Which company doesn’t have that? One, she didn’t betray the company on anything; two, she didn’t steal anything from the company. What could Shen Yuanzhao do to her when he had no evidence? So what?

The worst thing he could do was hire some people to beat her in secret.

But I’m fearless!

Shen Yuanzhao: “…”

She really dared to admit it.

Who gave her the courage.

“Miss Ruan, we will have a chance to compete later.” He wouldn’t forget the matter of Mr. Joseph, and he would also remember this time.

“Sorry, I’ve been walking ahead of you all this time. Boss Shen, perhaps you should catch up with me first and then we’ll talk about compet.i.tion.” Ming Shu smiled arrogantly.

Shen Yuanzhao was almost angered into laughing. He had encountered many different people in the business industry after so many years. Even those who stood at the top of the pyramid didn’t dare to say such arrogant things.

“Miss Ruan, if a person is too arrogant and conceited, they will suffer.”

“Well, suffering is a blessing.”


I really can’t continue this stupid conversation anymore.

Shen Yuanzhao snorted. “Let’s wait and see.”

He pulled Nan Youyou over and strode away.

Ming Shu waved at them. “Be careful, Boss Shen, watch your steps.”

Nan Youyou was a bit dumbfounded. They were leaving now? Wouldn’t he do something?

Shen Yuanzhao was almost angry enough to stab himself. He had already forgotten his original purpose.

Nan Youyou was afraid that the image she had worked hard to build up would collapse, so naturally, she wouldn’t dare to strongly ask Ming Shu for an apology. She was pulled away by Shen Yuanzhao like this, but in her heart was cursing Ming Shu from head to toe.

When the two left, the atmosphere in the shop got less tense.

The young lady who betrayed Ming Shu stood on the spot with a flushed face. She didn’t know what to do and just watched Ming Shu cautiously.

Ming Shu’s gaze landed on her lightly and she maintained a smiling face. “Young lady, remember to pay the bill.”

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Cold sweat ran down the lady’s back, and she just couldn’t speak out the word “no.”

She and Nan Youyou? Or Nan Youyou and that woman?

Qin Che was a bit suspicious. “Who is the first wife?”

Ming Shu shoved a snack into her mouth. “How would I know…”

Before Ming Shuo could finish her sentence, she saw Jiang Duo and Nan Youyou into each other at the mall exit.

The milk tea in the hands of Jiang Duo spilled accidentally on Nan Youyou.

Well well well.

Ming Shu prepared herself to watch a show. This must be an interesting one.

It looked like Shen Yuanzhao didn’t recognize it was Jiang Duo at the beginning. He pushed Jiang Duo aside, then quickly took off his coat and put it on Nan Youyou, hiding the clothes soaked by milk tea.

Jiang Duo was pushed and lost her balance. She fell to the ground, the milk tea spilling everywhere.

“Jiang Duo?” Shen Yuanzhao looked down to see Jiang Duo and frowned. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it.” Jiang Duo didn’t dare to look at Shen Yuanzhao.

“Didn’t mean it, you don’t mean it every time. Can’t you be careful?” Shen Yuanzhao was a little angry.

He couldn’t understand why he felt that her way of doing things was cute before.

Now, thinking back, every time she made a mistake, he had to clean up the mess.

“I’m sorry…”

“Boss Shen, I’ll go back and change clothes first.” Nan Youyou didn’t intend to complain. She whispered to Shen Yuanzhao and was ready to leave.

Shen Yuanzhao grabbed her around her waist with one hand. “I’ll send you home.”

Nan Youyou seemed to want to say something, but in the end, she bit her lips and said nothing. When she lowered her eyes, she gave Jiang Duo a proud look.

Jiang Duo watched Shen Yuanzhao and Nan Youyou leave together. She couldn’t tell whether it was sadness or something else, her heart just twisted into a tight knot. She tried hard not to let tears stream out.

People pa.s.sing by all pointed at her and had discussions. Jiang Duo began to feel chilled, as if she had been abandoned by the whole world.

“Hey, how are you?” A person squatted in front of her. “Where did you get hurt?”

Jiang Duo looked up. Her eyes became red immediately. “Xiao Li…”

“Don’t cry.” Ming Shu helped her up. “It’s not a big deal, come on, let’s go have some fine food.”

The gloomy clouds cleared up right away.

Without knowing why, when Jiang Duo saw Xiao Li’s shining eyes as she talked about food, she always felt warm in her heart.

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