Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 179 - Marrying A Rich Lady (12)

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Chapter 179: Marrying A Rich Lady (12)

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“I want some water.” Qin Che interrupted the conversation between Ming Shu and Jiang Duo.

Ming Shu turned her head and glanced at him. “Pour it yourself.”

Qin Che pointed to the IV drip. “I can’t get off the bed.”

“Don’t drink, then.”

Qin Che started sneering unconsciously again. “Is this how you treat your boyfriend?”

Ming Shu suggested in goodwill, “Why not you change to someone else?”

Qin Che: “…”

He took out his cellphone and called his bodyguard indignantly to help him get some water.

“Xiao Li, how can you treat a patient…”

“Think about yourself first.”

Jiang Duo’s expression darkened. What should she do? She didn’t even know who framed her.

Nan Youyou was injured. If anything happened to her, how could she bear responsibility?

Jiang Duo wanted to look for Nan Youyou after Shen Yuanzhao left. However, Shen Yuanzhao stayed behind and accompanied Nan Youyou. Jiang Duo’s heart was tormented and she left in despair.

Ming Shu leaned against the window and updated information onto her new cellphone using the cloud system. Qin Che glanced at her a few times and couldn’t resist calling her. “Come here for a while.”

“I’m busy.”

“I have something to tell you.”

“I don’t want to listen.”

“I’m calling the doctor.”

Ming Shu put down her phone. She was smiling, but had a hint of displeasure in her eyes. She put her cellphone in her pocket and walked over, glaring at Qin Che from above.

“Tell me about our relationship before my accident.” Qin Che asked Ming Shu to sit down.

There isn’t any “before.”

We really aren’t close.

Although that was the truth, Ming Shu still replied without hesitating, “Before, I was a really bad girl. I smoked, got drunk all the time, and got into fights. I gambled too much and made you a cuckold several times…”

Qin Che’s expression got weird. He looked as though he didn’t believe what she said and was speechless.

“I’m sc.u.m. You hated me before. Please continue hating me now. We don’t have a future together.”

Qin Che grabbed her hand the minute she finished speaking and said, “Don’t lie to me, you’re not that kind of person. I can feel it.”

Feel your head!

“I am that kind of person.” I am already speaking badly about myself, can you please hate me?

“I must have angered you. You are doing this in a fit of pique.” Qin Che promised, “I will not make you angry ever again. I will listen to whatever you say.”

“…” If I ask you to die, will you do it?

Is there something wrong with the way I’m trying to get my Hatred Points?

I am skeptical about life.

Should I beat him first?

Maybe he would hate me after I beat him a few times.

A call came in and prevented Qin Che from being beaten. Ming Shu took out her cellphone and answered.

Joseph spoke relentlessly about signing the contract with the Ruan family today and wanted to confirm the timing for their next meal.

By the time Ming Shu finished the call, Qin Che had fallen asleep while leaning against her.

He held her hand tightly.

Strands of hair fell on his cheeks, exposing his handsome facial features. A gentle ray of light shone on his eyelashes and caused a fan-shaped shadow to appear underneath his eyes.

There were no hints of a sneer on his face, making him extra comfortable to look at.

Good looks can’t be eaten as snacks.

I shall go eat some snacks.

Ming Shu pulled her hand away and left the ward without any hesitation.

Shen Yuanzhao waited for Nan Youyou to fall asleep before leaving the ward.

Secretary Zhou was already waiting outside and immediately went to fetch him when he saw his boss coming out.

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“Boss Shen, Qin Che is here, too.”

He didn’t understand what his boss meant.

Is he letting Jiang Duo bear the consequences, or…

Ming Shu heard the next day that Jiang Duo took all the blame and was moved to the logistics department. Although she was not fired, there was no future for her in the logistics department.

Nan Youyou did all this to prevent the female protagonist from going back to the Nan family.

There was still some time before the female protagonist got back together with the Nan family.

Ming Shu stood up and walked out.

Qin Che’s voice sounded instantly: “Where are you going?”

“To fight.”

“Fight…” F ight what? You’re a girl, can’t you be more ladylike. “Do you need bodyguards?”



Qin Che felt that he was a model boyfriend.

When she needed money, he gave it to her. When she wanted to fight, he sent her bodyguards.

He never treated anyone so well in his entire life.

Ming Shu walked directly into Nan Youyou’s ward. Shen Yuanzhao was not here and only Nan Youyou was in the room.

Nan Youyou was surprised when Ming Shu suddenly b.u.t.ted in and was on her guard. “What are you doing here?”

“Does your hand hurt?” Ming Shu closed the door and asked gently.

Nan Youyou heard no concern in her voice.

“What do you want?” Her instincts told her there was something wrong.

“You really went all out. In order to frame Jiang Duo, you put yourself at risk. Aren’t you afraid the blade will cut your face?” Ming Shu asked curiously.

Nan Youyou’s heart pumped faster. She clutched her clothes tightly under the blanket. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“You hurt your arm, not your brain.”

“Ruan Li, what exactly do you want?” Nan Youyou got angry. “If you’re here just to say these sarcastic remarks, you’re not welcome.”

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