Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 174 - Marrying A Rich Lady (7)

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Chapter 174: Marrying A Rich Lady (7)

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“Mister Qin, what about you?”

Qin Che crossed his arms in front of his chest. He didn’t hide the sneer on his face. “Even my lovely sister is going. As an elder brother, I have to go too. I hope Mister Joseph don’t mind.”

“I don’t, I don’t.” Mister Joseph laughed as he got up. “Mister Qin and Miss Ruan are siblings? It is hard to tell.”

“Yes, he was picked up from outside.” Ming Shu nodded her head.

Qin Che: “…” Who is the one that was picked up?

“Hahaha, Miss Ruan is very humorous. This way, please.”

Mister Joseph really loved Chinese food, especially Sichuan cuisine. The two of them ordered a whole table of dishes and started exchanging thoughts about being a foodie while eating happily.

Qin Che held his red wine from start to finish and never touched a single dish.

“I had a great time eating with Miss Ruan. If there is time, I will want to treat you to a meal in the future. Miss Ruan must accept my offer.”

Joseph unwillingly sent Ming Shu out of the hotel.

“Please call me when there is good food.” Being loyal to food is a must for foodies.

Ming Shu and Qin Che walked out of the hotel.

The street was filled with flickering neon lights. It was dream-like.

“s.n.a.t.c.hing business from your own people. Your ability is good.” Qin Che controlled himself for the entire night, but now he could finally release his anger.

The girl turned around in a background of neon lights. Her gentle voice sounded in the air: “I just casually flaunted at him. Who knew that he was so easy to talk to?”

“Casually?” Qin Che’s ridicule got worse. “You didn’t come prepared?”

He would never believe that she came unprepared.

Ming Shu shrugged and smiled at Qin Che harmlessly. “If I didn’t s.n.a.t.c.h the deal, you might not have sealed it anyway.”

I just don’t want you to get business. Are you angry?

Release your anger on me!

Qin Che said coldly, “You feel that I can’t win over Shen Yuanzhao?”

Ming Shu put making Qin Che angry as her priority. “It’s not a feeling, it’s the truth.”

“Heh, him?” Qin Che sneered.

Qin Che’s car stopped in front of him and he opened the car door. He suddenly turned around and looked at Ming Shu. “Is the dress comfortable?”

Ming Shu lifted her dress. “Yes.”

“Keep the change. One million dollars, remember to transfer it to me.”

Ming Shu blinked.

What did he say?

I didn’t hear properly.

“What did you say?”

“Keep the change. One million dollars, remember to transfer it to me.”

“Before that.”

Qin Che frowned slightly. “Is the dress comfortable?”

Ming Shu grinned. “It’s not.”

Qin Che mocked, “Don’t think that you can run away just because you say it’s not comfortable. Isn’t your Ruan family very rich? They can afford to give away 3% of their profit casually. How can you not afford to give one million?”

“You are extorting me!”

“Yes, I am extorting you.”

He only extorted one million from her after she beat him and s.n.a.t.c.hed his business opportunity. He was already being very kind.

Ming Shu: “…” I want to beat him to death.

Qin Che smiled and sat down in his car. Ming Shu rushed over and sat inside, too.

“You purposely waited for me today, right?” Ming Shu looked Qin Che in the eye. “If not, how could you have prepared the dress beforehand? Even the measurements were correct.”

Don’t tell her that this was a coincidence. She didn’t believe that such a coincidence could occur.

“It just so happened that someone sent me a dress and I didn’t have the time to take it out of the car.” Qin Che looked at Ming Shu. “We can’t afford to let you humiliate the Qin family.”

Ming Shu rested her chin on her hand and muttered, “But the other party didn’t know that I was related to the Qin family.”

If he didn’t appear, who would know that she was related to them?

Qin Che seemed to be mocking her short-sightedness. “Do you think our circle is very big? The people inside will know you one day. Don’t think that they don’t know you just because you haven’t met them.”

“You did it on purpose!” Her instinct told her that there was something fishy going on. The mission told her that it was his fault.

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Qin Che looked at her as though she was an idiot. “Get off the car.”

Her lips were slightly upraised.

The eyebrows were gentle.

Neon lights flashed pa.s.sed occasionally and shone on her face. It was unusually peaceful.

When the scenery got more deserted, Ming Shu sniffed. “This is not the way home.”

Qin Che glanced at her from the side. “I never said I would send you home.”


Qin Che: “…”

That’s it?

Shouldn’t she be worried?

Wait a minute. She doesn’t need to be worried. If anything happens to her, my father will never forgive me…

He needed to think of a solution.

“Master, there seems to be a car following us,” the bodyguard suddenly said.

Qin Che looked in the rearview mirror and saw a car behind them, following them at a distance. The bodyguard purposely slowed down and the car behind followed suit.

“Are they after you?” Qin Che asked Ming Shu.

“Are they not your enemies?”

“I’ve never been followed by anyone before. You just got on my car today and this happens,” Qin Che mocked. “A curse.”

Ming Shu suddenly became affectionate and smiled. “I want to be my brother’s unlucky charm.”

Qin Che was disgusted. You could tell from his face.

He must be holding back his urge to slap her.

“Master, they are accelerating. They probably want to overtake us.”

“Get rid of them.”

Ming Shu hugged her arms. “Why not throw me out of the car and see if they pick me up?”

They were not sure who these people were after.

The only person that I provoked is Nan Youyou, and she wouldn’t buy people to take my life for now.

“Shut up.” Qin Che grabbed her collar and pushed her down into her seat. “Buckle your seatbelt.”

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