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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 173 - Marrying A Rich Lady (6)

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Chapter 173: Marrying A Rich Lady (6)

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Many people in the hall inquired about the relationship between Ming Shu and Qin Che, but no one knew anything.

When Father Qin and Mother Ruan got married, they kept it very quiet. And after that, the two had gone to travel around the world and hadn’t come back yet.

These people thought Father Qin was still single.

“Boss Shen, I’ve made an appointment for you. Later, Mr. Joseph will give you an hour. Convince him or not, it’s up to you now.”

Nan Youyou stood by Shen Yuanzhao. She controlled her obsession and dressed up as either a conceited lady or a rich family’s daughter who didn’t seem to care about Shen Yuanzhao.

“Good,” Shen Yuanzhao said.

“Boss Shen, I have a question.” Nan Youyou took the chance to ask.


“What’s the relationship between Ruan Li and Qin Che?” She didn’t know why, but she always felt that Shen Yuanzhao knew what that woman had to do with Qin Che.

This Qin Che…

The young boss of Qinshi Group.

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Shen Yuanzhao glanced at Nan Youyou with indifferent eyes, their meaning unclear; you just couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

Nan Youyou smiled and changed the topic. “If it’s inconvenient to tell me, Boss Shen, just forget it.”

Shen Yuanzhao looked somewhere else and said coldly, “I’m not sure.”

That’s why he brought her here today.

Unexpectedly, Qin Che and she really knew each other.

Nan Youyou was very surprised. He was not sure, so what on earth was the relationship between them?

Shen Yuanzhao came here today for one person. This person was looking for a domestic partner.

Most of the people gathered here today were doing so for this Mr. Joseph.

Nan Youyou somehow knew this Mr. Joseph, and she also won an hour of his time for Shen Yuanzhao. This made Shen Yuanzhao change his opinion on Nan Youyou a lot.

Nan Youyou took Shen Yuanzhao to meet Mr. Joseph.

To her surprise, Qin Che and Ming Shu were already there.

Ming Shu had changed into a white gown. The gauze just covered her knees, revealing the beautiful arc of her calf.

This dress…

Nan Youyou had seen it before. She wanted to buy it for today, but was told that it had already been sold. This dress was one of a kind.

Ming Shu and Qin Che sat separately, and the atmosphere was a bit strange. On the other side was the foreigner with curly hair, and he was welcoming them to sit down.

“Mr. Joseph, I thought that you invited me alone.” Qin Che’s sardonic eyes fell on Shen Yuanzhao.

“Mr. Qin, don’t be angry. You know my time is very precious. Since both of you have intentions, then let’s see who is more proper, won’t that be great?” The foreigner said in broken Chinese.

Nan Youyou didn’t expect this, either. “Mr. Joseph, you promised to give Boss Shen one hour.”

“Miss Nan, I am a businessman.” Joseph looked very sincere and apologetic. “I promised to give Boss Shen an hour. But I didn’t say that it was for him alone. Both of you are young and promising entrepreneurs. It is also my pleasure to meet you two together.”

Joseph’s words were beautiful, and Nan Youyou couldn’t find a proper reb.u.t.tal.

Ming Shu held her chin and suddenly said, “To put it simply, he just wants to see who will offer a higher price and let him earn more. Brother, our family is not short of money, let Boss Shen take the chance.”

Qin Che glared at Ming Shu.

A silent warning to shut up.

Shen Yuanzhao couldn’t understand what Ming Shu meant. She seemed to have a close relationship with Qin Che, but why was she helping him?

Joseph clapped his hands. “Miss Ruan is straightforward, but we’re all businessmen, and businessmen pursue profit. This principle should be common sense, so there is no need to hide.”

Shen Yuanzhao and Qin Che didn’t speak. Joseph looked at one side for a while, then at the other. He suddenly became a little unsure.

Dealing with the Chinese was actually very tiresome; you just didn’t know what they were thinking.

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Ming Shu got closer to Joseph and asked, “Mr. Joseph, do you want some?”

Ming Shu hung up the phone and smiled at Mr. Joseph. “People from the Ruan family will come to pick you up soon, Mr. Joseph, you can talk about the contract with them then.”

“Great, Miss Ruan, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Shen Yuanzhao and Qin Che were experiencing the same fierce storm inside. They hadn’t started talking yet, and you just skipped to sign the contract?

Who the h.e.l.l was here to talk about business today?

Nan Youyou stared at Ming Shu in discontent and indignation. She wanted to impress Shen Yuanzhao today by giving him a business opportunity. But she didn’t expect to set up a bridge for Ming Shu.

“Mr. Joseph, are you really not going to consider it more thoroughly?” Shen Yuanzhao couldn’t help asking. “The price the Ruan family promised, I can offer as well.”

Joseph answered seriously, “I’m sorry, Mr. Shen. But I think it’s more suitable for me to cooperate with the Ruan family.”

Shen Yuanzhao looked at Ming Shu. You couldn’t tell what emotion he held, but it was a bit creepy.

Ming Shu held her chin and glared at him. What are you looking at? Have you never grabbed a business opportunity from someone else?

Harmony System, perhaps I can also collect some Hatred points from the male protagonist?

[You may have a try. When the Hatred Points reach a critical point, I can release the task to you.] The Harmony System agreed without hesitation.

Ming Shu: ” …”

This Harmony System is abnormal.

Mr. Joseph gave a call to his people, then looked at Ming Shu. “Miss Ruan, may I have the honor of dinner with you?”

“Of course.” Snacks, yeah, I’m coming.

Mr. Joseph looked at the other three. “We won’t be doing business this time, but there’s a saying in China goes that business is off while friendship is on. I wonder if you three can join us?”

“No need.” Shen Yuanzhao got up. “See you, then.”

Today’s business, he didn’t know whether it was a trap Qin Che set for him or just a coincidence, but this Ruan Li…

Shen Yuanzhao left.

Nan Youyou secretly glared at Ming Shu, then quickly caught up with her boss and left as well.

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